Social media usage is on the rise for Australian consumers and businesses in 2015. This report demonstrates exactly how, why and when social media is being utilised. Is your brand positioned correctly to effectively connect consumers to your products and services?

Brands are now starting to realise the true value in social media marketing and are quickly trying to stay abreast with how to use social media effectively.

It is understood that if a consumer likes a brands’ product or service, then the consumer is more likely to share that information with other consumers. It is this sharing which brands see true value in, because statistics show that consumers will purchase goods on the advice given from their friends, and this is why we as marketers, strive to tell brands stories through social media.

However, with increases in social media consumption also comes changes in consumer habits in how and when they access content via social media. However how many brands are really taking advantage of these increases?

This report has been summarised specifically for brands to see the potential of social media marketing in Australia and also provides an indication of where brands and their competitors fair in the market place.

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