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By Kayla Croser

LinkedIn Announces Removal Of Native Carousels – What It Means For You

Do you enjoy using LinkedIn and believe in the effectiveness of visuals to stand out professionally? Well, brace yourself for some big news! 

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, recently dropped a bombshell announcement that has left users buzzing with curiosity. 

On June 26th, LinkedIn made a bold move by removing native carousels from its platform. 

What does this mean for you and your personal brand? How will this change affect the way you engage with your connections? Let’s dive deeper into this decision and explore how it might shape your LinkedIn experience going forward.

The Background Of LinkedIn’s Native Carousels

Native carousels on LinkedIn have been a powerful tool for sharing dynamic content, captivating audiences, and boosting engagement. They allowed users to showcase a series of images or videos, highlighting company updates, product features, or professional journeys through visual stories.

LinkedIn native carousel example

LinkedIn initially introduced native carousels to empower individuals and companies, allowing them to tell compelling narratives and make lasting impressions. This feature offered a visually appealing way to communicate complex ideas and showcase portfolios of work.

Companies and individuals embraced native carousels as a creative outlet, leveraging them for thought leadership, case studies, inspiring quotes, personal branding, career development, and marketing strategies. Carousels fostered deeper connections by providing a visually engaging format for sharing expertise and experiences.

The Reason For The Removal

According to LinkedIn’s official explanation, this decision was aimed at enhancing the user experience and to streamline content consumption. LinkedIn believes that by focusing on single-image posts, they can better showcase professional stories and promote meaningful connections among users.

LinkedIn announcement

However, behind the scenes, there are speculations about other reasons for this move. Some experts suggest that removing carousels could be a strategic step to combat content overload and improve platform performance. Others argue that it might be a response to concerns about carousel posts being misused for spam or low-quality content. Regardless of the true motive, this change reflects LinkedIn’s ongoing efforts to refine its features and prioritise quality interactions.

The Impact On Users

LinkedIn’s recent decision to remove native carousels has left both individual users and businesses contemplating the impact. This change not only affects companies’ marketing strategies but also has implications for how individual users engage and share content on the platform.

For individual users, the removal of carousels means reevaluating their content approach. They can no longer rely on the convenience of sharing multiple images in a single post. Instead, users must now focus on maximising the impact of single images or explore alternative formats. This shift calls for a fresh and creative approach, urging users to adapt their content creation strategies to capture attention and drive engagement.

Businesses, too, must adapt to this change. Native carousels were a powerful tool for conveying brand stories and capturing audience interest. With their removal, companies must find new ways to engage their target market effectively. This may involve exploring different visual formats or employing creative tactics to maintain brand visibility and encourage user interaction.

Adaptation Strategies

Revert To The PDF Attachment Option

Individuals can adapt their profiles by reverting to the PDF attachment option. By sharing PDFs, you can still create carousel posts, with each page serving as a scrollable frame. Leverage this opportunity to showcase your expertise and thought leadership by creating visually appealing and informative PDFs. Consider breaking down complex ideas into bite-sized sections, allowing viewers to engage with your content seamlessly.

LinkedIn PDF Attachment Option example

Adjust Your LinkedIn Strategy

For businesses, adjusting LinkedIn strategies is essential. Explore alternative visual formats, such as captivating images or videos, to capture attention and convey your message effectively. Utilise the power of storytelling to engage your audience and differentiate yourself from competitors. Incorporate compelling visuals that align with your brand and accompany them with concise and compelling captions to make a lasting impression.

Stay Informed About Future Changes

The LinkedIn platform continuously evolves, introducing new features and updates. Stay proactive by keeping up with LinkedIn’s official announcements, blogs, and user forums. Engage in discussions and seek insights from industry leaders to anticipate upcoming trends and adjust your LinkedIn strategy accordingly. Be open to experimenting with emerging formats and features, ensuring you remain relevant and visible in the ever-changing professional landscape.

Unlock Your Potential On LinkedIn!

As we wrap up, it’s clear that LinkedIn’s decision to remove native carousels will have a significant impact on users. The move is designed to simplify content sharing and focus more on quality. 

In this new era, it’s crucial for us to adjust our strategies, experiment with different formats, and make the most of LinkedIn’s evolving toolkit. The departure of native carousels might temporarily shake up what we’re used to, but it also opens the door for fresh, creative ways to engage. As we navigate this shifting landscape, let’s seize the chance for growth and engagement on this continually changing platform.

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