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Capitalise on the potential of your online footprint with top-quality SEO solutions by RGC. Our diversely skilled team improve each aspect of your website, from its structure, content and user experience to cement your business as a trusted leader in its field.

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Have you found yourself constantly staring at the phone and wishing it would ring?

Are you beginning to wonder where your marketing budget is going each month?

Is it starting to become infuriating seeing your competitors dominate your industry?

Well, it’s a good job you’ve found us!

We’re RGC Digital Marketing, Brisbane’s favourite SEO agency that’s been consistent in maximising client sales and profits for over 25 years! Backed by a talented team of SEO specialists with a range of expertise and countless years of combined experience, we’re your go-to company for a personalised SEO campaign that’s sure to help you achieve your objectives and make your vision for tomorrow your reality!

As a business that’s been in operation for longer than some of our staff have been alive, we’ve truly been around the block more than a few times, seeing some digital marketing trends come and go whilst other strategies have stood the test of time. We’ve picked up a wealth of knowledge along the way, and this has helped us consistently deliver premium-quality content and optimisation programs for each of our valued clients.

We make sure that the content we offer is engaging and assists your customers, and we always follow Google’s latest recommendations to ensure your website is among those that their algorithm will want to rank highly. If you’re looking for an SEO solution backed by data-driven strategies that will generate meaningful web traffic and increase your ranking, RGC is the ultimate SEO agency for businesses in Brisbane.

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Our SEO Services

Local SEO

Favoured by smaller businesses, Local SEO generates high-quality website traffic that is instigated by local customers, helping you generate real results.


E Commerce SEO

Fit for leading-edge online businesses, E Commerce SEO optimises your website to translate increased clicks into a drastic rise in sales and profits.


Enterprise SEO

Harmonising each of your many website pages, Enterprise SEO helps customers become familiar with your business and develop greater purchase intentions.


Lead Generation SEO

Lead Generation SEO generates a sustainable and consistent flow of inquiries, vastly reducing your customer acquisition costs and increasing your sales.

Lead Generation

We know that the service we provide is of huge importance in the modern day, and there are many SEO agencies in Brisbane that are vying for your business, and that’s why we work hard each day to improve each of the SEO services we offer. With more than 1.75 billion websites currently active on the web, we’re never short of content to compare our own with, and our client’s websites are never short of competitors to rank against.

Add to this the fact 8.5 billion searches are lodged online each day and that more than 75% of people fail to scroll beyond the first search results page, and you have a recipe for disaster that only our SEO solutions for the Brisbane market can resolve! With so many competitors and such little room for sub-par rankings, it’s vital that your website operates in accordance with Google’s latest optimisation advice, which is subject to updates up to 600 times annually.

There are a lot of numbers and trends to ponder, and that can be daunting, but that’s why RGC are here to help!

For our services to be implemented successfully, there are a lot of factors that need to be considered, and to help our clients navigate the maze that is SEO, we’ve simplified the process to focus on only its most important elements. An approach focusing on satisfying two goals is always the most effective, with these joint aims being to satisfy the informational and transactional needs of your customers whilst simultaneously adhering to Google’s guidelines. This ensures the algorithm will work in your favour, and the consistent interaction and traffic your website generates will naturally work to improve your search engine ranking.

Striking this fine balance and bridging the gap between algorithmic and informational requirements is made possible by using our time-honoured strategies and selecting the right services from our range that continue to prove effective. It’s very rare that we get this wrong, as we constantly assess the effectiveness of our strategies and those applied by our competitors. Crucially, our team also ensures that the content we create is 100% unique and tailored to the needs of our client’s customers. These factors have been integral in helping us become the number one SEO agency for businesses in Brisbane and why so many of our clients return to us consistently for all their SEO needs.

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Local SEO

With tactics that are largely similar to that of common SEO campaigns, Local SEO holds the notable difference of including location-specific terms and keywords. Ensuring only the most relevant and high-potential customers are attracted to your business, Local SEO helps you generate real results from within your community. These customers will often rely upon the information that localised searches provide them, with crucial considerations of location, operating hours, and the products or services you offer, with all this information being displayed within the Google My Business listings that our team can develop.

With more than half of the searches lodged on search engines being geared toward a specified location, the importance of Local SEO services cannot be overstated for small, community-focused businesses. It’s imperative that your business implements a strong Local SEO campaign to ensure you capture the demand of those within your community, helping develop them into loyal repeat customers.

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E Commerce SEO

Focusing on improving the user experience on your website, E Commerce SEO campaigns centre around the distinctive features of your products and services, attracting customers that are most interested in what you’ve got to offer. When it comes to businesses that have a physical presence, the location of the bricks and mortar facility is often one of the most crucial considerations for its owners. They want a location that will be visible and easily accessible for those searching specifically for their products or services. This is no different for businesses that operate online, as securing a prime position within search engines will offer your business these same benefits that will support your bottom line.

A cutting-edge SEO service, E Commerce SEO has been undertaken extensively by RGC’s professional team. It’s vital that the search bots working to rank websites are able to easily understand the nature of your business and the products or services you offer, and our team undertakes a number of specialised tasks to aid this process. Centring around the creation of high-quality images and the elimination of any duplicate information and content, E Commerce SEO services are crucial in eradicating any factors that will detract from providing a high-quality and streamlined user experience on your website.

To ensure your customers are able to easily locate the information they need and purchase the products they desire with ease, contact RGC Digital Marketing today to deliver your business their first class E Commerce SEO services.

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Enterprise SEO

A suitable choice for businesses that operate on a significant scale, Enterprise SEO works to create a uniform approach to each of your many website pages, helping you offer a consistent service across each of the languages and nations that you service. Most effective when our team of specialists collaborate and collectively offer their expertise from their various fields, Enterprise SEO ensures your business’s best features and unique characteristics are displayed at every opportunity.

Regardless of which web page your customers visit, your customers can easily see what makes your business unique, view the helpful content you have provided them, and more importantly, browse the range of high-quality solutions you can offer them. This is often difficult for you to deliver on each of your web pages when your business operates on a large scale. However, RGC’s talented team has the knowledge, expertise, and time to craft a web presence unique to your business and translate this into each of the pages on your website.

By harmonising each of your online platforms, customers will become familiar with your business and its distinctive features, supporting an increase in purchase intentions and ultimately supporting a rise in your profitability.

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Lead Generation SEO

Working to improve your search rankings initially, Lead Generation SEO campaigns are crucial in helping your business generate a sustainable and consistent flow of inquiries following an increase in your website traffic. Taking a distinctively different approach to that of alternative SEO services, Lead Generation practices work to encourage website visitors to register their details with your business.

While your business may already encounter a high number of clicks and have significant web traffic, these metrics become irrelevant if customers cannot register their interest in your business and gain access to the personalised information they need to complete a purchase. Creating customised landing pages as a straightforward directive to your website visitors, Lead Generation SEO works to simplify this process for your customers.

Working to organically provide your business with a consistent stream of new inquiries and potential customers to cater to, these practices require carefully devised activities. Taking into account your website’s metadata, design, current user experience, and the quality of your content, our team ensures every part of your website is optimised, encouraging customers to lodge their information for a follow-up. When carried out by RGC’s devoted specialists, Lead Generation SEO vastly reduces your customer acquisition costs and increases your free time, working to increase your sales and profits in the long run.

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It can be very difficult to grasp the concept of SEO and understand its value, so it’s always helpful to simplify the process and consider what it specifically seeks to achieve. As the premier SEO agency for companies in Brisbane, it’s our task to break down what your business would like to communicate in simple terms and ensure these messages are read by the right people in the form of high-quality and informative content that is meaningful to your customers, whether existing or potential.

Our SEO campaigns aren’t necessarily designed to increase demand within the industry but instead will help you gain access to the full range of demand that’s already out there that you couldn’t access before. We’ll work with you to attract customers that are genuinely interested in your products and services, making sure that the increase in traffic you experience is translated into enormous sales growth and drastically increased profitability.

If you’re interested in how our team can deliver your business these fantastic benefits, get in contact with us now and we’ll gladly arrange your FREE SEO Consultation & Strategy today.

Skilfully Created and Goal-Focused SEO Solutions

We’ve developed a three-step process that helps us optimise each and every aspect of your website, creating an SEO campaign that’s sensitive to your needs and considers every step of your customer’s journey toward a sale.

The process begins with examining the existing content on your website and creating new articles that are both engaging and meaningful to people that are looking for solutions to problems that your business can offer. This content is produced by using our expertly crafted strategies that have proved successful over a number of years while also calling upon industry-leading, cutting-edge strategies that bring your website in line with the current best practices. Central to the process is conducting our meticulous keyword research strategy, incorporating the most relevant keywords into our content to create meaningful website traffic populated by those individuals most interested in the solutions and products offered by your business. Each of these processes plays a part in increasing your search engine ranking and boosting your visibility, making sure we connect your potential customers with the information and solutions that they are looking for.

Once we’ve got the most interested potential customers onto your website, the real challenge of keeping them engaged and making them want to remain on the website and interact with your business begins. The best way to do this is to incentivise them, offering them information that is useful and minimising any potential pain points they may experience. Central to this is providing a high-quality and streamlined user experience, and this can be done following an extensive SEO audit.

These rigorous processes will point out any striking issues that must be called upon, carefully examining all aspects of your website from your content headings, amount and quality of graphics, your text font, and almost anything else you can think of! Taking into account Google’s latest optimisation advice, we’ll be able to give your business a web presence that’s second to none. Creating and regularly maintaining a high-quality website with quality and informative content is pivotal to initiating new and profitable relationships with your website visitors.

Once you’ve engaged the right customers and offered them a great website to interact with, it’s your chance to show why the visitor simply must complete a sale with your business, explaining to them what makes you better and different from your competition. To do this, we call upon our highly-skilled content writers to deliver informative and helpful content that offers solutions and advice to your customers. Importantly, everything they write for your business will incorporate your key differentiating features, explaining why you’re different and why your high-quality products and services are the best solution to the challenges they face. The values and culture of your business will always be at the heart of everything we’ll produce, explaining what makes your business so good! Plus, this ensures you attract the customers you can best serve and that will be most satisfied with what you can offer them, culminating in repeat sales and an improved bottom line.

Expertly Created SEO Strategies

As Brisbane’s favourite SEO provider, we call upon a set of highly effective foundational strategies in each of the SEO campaigns that we deliver. With more than 25 years of experience guiding us, we have the unique benefit of hindsight, allowing us to reflect upon our work and the strategies applied by our competitors, determining which approaches are effective and which fail to generate sustainable and long-term results for our clients. In working towards meeting the expectations of our client’s customers and complying with the most recent guidelines provided by search engine authorities, we carefully select strategies that will align with the overarching strategy that guides your individualised campaign.

We have our team to thank for helping us become a leading SEO agency for Brisbane-based companies, as it’s their devotion to constantly improving their work that drives the development of new strategies and methods following research into the most cutting-edge SEO techniques used within the industry. The way in which we work is regularly subject to change, and we recognise that adapting to the online environment that we serve is absolutely critical to the success of our clients as well as ourselves.

Despite all the success we’ve encountered, we refuse to stagnate, and we’re always looking to improve our work and adopt the most effective strategies that will meet the needs of each of our clients. We embrace change, and we know that to implement SEO tactics that will endure the test of time, we must continue to learn and evolve every day.

Before our team begin to implement their SEO strategies for your business, it’s important that we develop an understanding of your business’s current online presence, determining which of its elements will require the most attention and improvement. To do this, we carry out a highly detailed SEO audit, a very broad-reaching process that helps us develop a set of advice and recommendations to build our strategy for your individualised campaign. These will be shared with you, as our SEO evaluations are important in ensuring our clients understand the processes we will take and the reasons behind their adoption.

These SEO audits see our team analyse every part of your website and pinpoint any issues we identify, no matter how big or small. Some of these issues may include structural issues with the content on your website, specialised and technical SEO issues, problems that detract from your user experience, or a lack of crucial information in your on-page content. Among many other potential issues, our team will develop a list of priorities, determining which SEO tools and services we can use to improve your existing content and get your business ranking.

While we make a great effort to ensure each SEO campaign we produce is customised to tackle the unique challenges our client’s face, our audits are also important in analysing the strategies and techniques used by your highest-performing competitors. This helps us to create a campaign that directly addresses the threat posed by your competitors, offering your customers a better solution to problems they face.

Regardless of your objectives and the challenges you face, you can be sure that RGC will develop a campaign that is entirely personalised to your specifications. Our SEO audits are vital in mapping out your campaign and ensuring it addresses and eliminates the problems your business encounters.

The content writing specialists at RGC are extremely devoted, producing only the highest quality of work for each of our clients to ensure they provide truly valuable information that helps them resolve the problems they face. To do this, they call upon a set of specialised strategies that have been honed over a number of years whilst also working closely alongside each of our clients to produce work that is entirely unique and customised.

The voice of our clients is always central to each piece of content that is written, involving them in every step of the process to ensure their business’s key selling points are at the forefront of the customer’s mind. As the best SEO agency for businesses in Brisbane, we’ve worked tirelessly to devise the best strategies for writing effective content for both off-page and on-page environments, ensuring that our clients attain the best possible results. It is our commitment to addressing the most pressing issues within our client’s industries that make our content engaging, interesting, and of great value to customers. Leaving them wanting more information, our talented team creates significant traffic, directing readers to your website.

Simultaneously, their ability to consistently integrate your most vital keywords into their content in a manner that is not intrusive or obstructive enhances its readability and ensures your business will rank highly, enhancing your organic growth. With a strategic focus on creating content that is shareable, we produce backlinks of high quality that support a vast increase in your business’s visibility, increasing the volume of sales and profits that your business generates over the long term.

A major factor in our journey to becoming Brisbane’s favoured SEO agency is the consistent tracking and reporting our team undergoes each month, developing in-depth reports on a regular basis to ensure our client’s campaigns are performing to a high standard. Delivering each of our clients high-quality results each month is of great importance to our team, and we use our bespoke intuitive reporting system to meticulously analyse the results our SEO campaigns yield from end to end.

While this method of systematic reporting is important in ensuring our services meet the standard we set out to achieve, it also serves as a key learning and development tool for our team to consistently upskill and further develop their knowledge of SEO. By tracking the most recent trends and potential opportunities for growth within the industry, our team continually works towards optimising their own services, a product of their commitment to delivering exceptional results to each of our clients.

Exposure to the strategies and methods employed by our SEO competitors provides a greater perspective to our work and, quite often, helps to vindicate the decisions of our clients in opting to work with RGC in optimising their web presence. Nonetheless, many of our competitors work to innovate and develop new strategies that make us consider the effectiveness of our work, ensuring we continually refine our SEO methods. By working each day to analyse the effectiveness of our campaigns and strategies, we’re better placed to fulfil our commitment to delivering the exceptional results that each of our clients deserves to achieve.

A great benefit of partnering with RGC to produce a bespoke SEO campaign is the transparency, honesty, and respect that you will be offered, with each of our clients being provided full access to each of the reports we produce at regular intervals. By providing our clients with insight into the most current figures their campaign is producing, we’re able to offer data-driven insights that help to explain the steps we will take to further improve your campaign. We always keep our clients informed because we recognise the importance of co-creating an effective SEO campaign, truly partnering with our clients to ensure our services achieve their desired impact.

By regularly tracking and sharing the progress of our SEO campaigns, we make sure our clients are as informed as any of our team, helping them see the value we add to their business. Our systematic reporting helps us to continue bringing our services forward, making sure that we expand our impact on our client’s businesses and retain our status as an agency that provides quality SEO services for Brisbane businesses.

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Clients We’ve Assisted

Since 1998, we’ve successfully created unique, meaningful, and effective SEO campaigns from the ground up for a variety of clients. Partnering with some of Australia’s biggest household names as well as small local businesses, your brand is in the best possible hands with RGC.

To become yet another success story of Brisbane’s trusted SEO partner, call RGC Digital Marketing today on 1300 770 985.

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See how we have been connecting consumers to Australia's best-known brands.

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What Makes RGC Different?

Unfortunately, SEO is a notoriously competitive industry, and by nature, it’s hugely unpredictable. However, it’s a crucial service that works to increase the visibility of businesses in an environment where more than 1.75 billion websites are vying for the attention of those browsing the internet. With SEO being such an important service and so many SEO agencies in Brisbane ready to offer you their services, how can you be sure that RGC is the right company to optimise your website?

Well, you can take great comfort in the fact that RGC devotes itself to developing your business’s organic growth in a manner that is entirely customised to meet your individual needs, backed by a team of talented and committed professionals with vast experience. Supported by a history of nearly 25 years of satisfying our client’s requirements and fortifying their futures, we offer a truly bespoke and unrivalled SEO service that has seen us become Brisbane’s preferred SEO agency.

Contract Flexibility


Rigorous SEO Reporting


Individualised SEO Campaigns


The RGC Guarantee


Contract Flexibility

As specialists in our field, we commit ourselves to offer nothing less than the best. Offering the highest quality services that are individualised in every way possible, we make sure we meet the needs of each of our clients, with no detail being too specific. It gives us great pleasure to provide our clients with peace of mind from the knowledge that their website is being improved by the best SEO team, and we know that we can always achieve the results we promise. This belief in our ability is reflected duly in the contract flexibility that we offer each of our clients, helping them get the most out of their marketing budget.

When you partner with RGC, you’ll never be forced to sign a long-term contract, and we’ll never railroad you into investing handsomely into a service that you don’t believe fits your needs. SEO is a crucial service, but it’s also a significant investment decision that we want to ensure our clients make after careful consideration and with knowledge of the devotion, strategies, and results they can expect our team to deliver them.

There are no hidden success factors that have helped us become Brisbane’s most preferred SEO agency. We simply work to the best of our ability to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients, ensuring their needs and recommendations are central to the work we complete. Bringing their individuality and specialised expertise into the online world is what we promise to deliver, helping your business prosper in the short term and long term. We trust that our clients will return to us of their own accord, happy with the services we deliver and ready to tackle the ongoing challenges that SEO provides.

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Rigorous SEO Reporting

At RGC, we’re hoping to make SEO a less daunting experience for our clients, ensuring they’re kept in the loop every step of the way in enhancing their website and overall online presence. By regularly providing them with detailed and highly relevant progress reports, we offer our clients full access to our reporting systems and deliver easy-to-understand summations of their campaign’s real-time performance. This helps us to co-create the SEO experience with our customers and allows us to offer them valuable insight into their campaigns and provide them with a clearer vision for the future.

By regularly tracking the progress of all our campaigns and producing comprehensive reports, we can produce actionable recommendations that allow us to build on successful strategies or alter and enhance those strategies that are proving less successful. By keeping our clients updated and informed at all times, we make sure they know what to expect in their immediate future while also allowing us to enjoy their successes with them.

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Individualised SEO Campaigns

As a premier SEO agency that drives success for companies in Brisbane, we take great pride in our ability to offer each of our clients an SEO campaign that is entirely customised to tackle the challenges they face and help them achieve the specific objectives they set out to reach. Informed by your short-term and long-term goals, we create SEO solutions that are geared toward solving the specific problems your customers face whilst offering them insight into the latest trends in your industry. With a history of successfully carrying out SEO campaigns in several industries with different challenges and informational needs, we’ve encountered the challenge of grasping the unique landscape of an industry that’s foreign to us on many occasions.

While every experience has given our team new knowledge to reflect upon and take into their work, we’ve realised that a hallmark of all effective SEO campaigns, regardless of industry or scope, is that their elements are highly individualised to the business. When it comes to SEO, there simply isn’t a single tried and tested approach that proves successful for all businesses. By analysing the issues a business faces, its current goals, vision for the future, and existing web presence, it becomes apparent that there’s great variation between every business we’ve ever partnered with, and creating a campaign that accounts for this has proved integral to our success.

Most significantly, our team realises that the objectives you seek to achieve will never remain unchanged, and we account for this change in developing our plans for each of our client’s SEO efforts. We’re committed to helping your business prosper long into the future, and this is only possible when we create an optimisation strategy that is unique to your business. We also welcome your ongoing advice and recommendations, as this is most helpful when continuing to tailor a campaign that satisfies the unique objectives of your business.

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The RGC Guarantee

While SEO is a hugely important service, many business owners and operators are not well-informed on the topic, and this has led to a situation where low-quality providers offer unattainable promises that never materialise. This has had an adverse impact on the industry and damaged the reputation of many SEO agencies whilst also spending the hard-earned marketing budget of businesses without reward. Regardless of the quality and expertise of the provider, nothing is ever a given in SEO, whether it comes to rankings, specific ROIs, or increases in sales and profits. At RGC, we recognise this, and to avoid disappointment and prevent our clients from being misled, we’re upfront about what to expect from our first contact.

While we can’t offer you the number one rank in your niche overnight, we can promise to do our utmost to navigate your business through the dynamic and ever-evolving industry that is SEO. We promise to devote ourselves to tailoring an SEO solution that is right for YOUR business, and our team of SEO specialists will combine their varied skill sets to optimise every single aspect of your website.

We can promise to produce content that is both informative and engaging for your customers, informed by only the most recent search engine recommendations that will ensure your business meets the mark in the algorithmic requirements for a high-ranking status. We’ll always use data-driven strategies to create high-quality traffic, and we’ll continue to refine our strategies until your bottom line is bolstered, having achieved the objectives you set out to obtain.

With a team of highly talented SEO experts in various disciplines, we can promise to take a holistic approach to optimise your business’s online communication with customers. We always stay true to ourselves as open, honest, and devoted SEO specialists who pride themselves on their humility and transparency.

We won’t ever offer you empty promises. Instead, we let our results do the talking.

If we don’t deliver and get your website ranking on Google within 3 months, you won’t pay a cent.

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Awards & Reviews We’ve Earned

The hard work and dedication our SEO specialists display in each campaign hasn’t gone unnoticed, with the excellence of RGC’s work seeing the company achieve both national and international recognition.

From Award Winning Web Design in Sydney to Interactive Mobile Applications, our dedication and quality have secured awards across several categories, which include “Best Website User Experience” following our work with Breville and “Best Consumer Goods Mobile Application” in our work with Mitsubishi Electric.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let us answer some of the common questions new clients ask

How Much Time Will You Spend On My SEO Campaign?

As much as we would like to devote all our time to each of our clients, this is simply not possible! The amount of time that we spend on clients’ SEO campaigns is dependent on a number of factors, including their budget, the scope of their campaign, and the number of tasks that must be undertaken to achieve the goals of the campaign. We’re committed to ensuring that each of our clients achieves their objectives, and for this to occur, we must offer adequate time and effort to each of our partners.

However, to ensure that our clients get the best value for their investment, we prioritise those services and activities that are most likely to generate the best possible results. At the beginning of each SEO campaign, we carefully map out our approach, working out the most efficient and effective strategies to take to achieve our client’s goals. We want to maximise the value of your investment in our services, and prioritisation is a large part of helping us achieve this. With this said, it is true that the higher your investment is, the more time we will be able to spend fine-tuning your campaign and maximising its results.

However, regardless of your budget or the size of your campaign, you can rest assured that we will do everything in our power to satisfy your needs and personalise your campaign to address the challenges your business faces. We’re in the business of optimisation, and we’re always willing to go the extra mile to improve all aspects of your business. From the start of your campaign, our team of specialists is only one call away and is always happy to assist with any issues you may have.

What Kind of Guarantees Do You Offer for Your SEO Services?

When securing SEO services for your business, it’s natural to seek a form of guarantee and grasp an understanding of the results you can expect to achieve before investing your hard-earned money. Unfortunately, there’s no standardised set of results that you can expect to achieve, as every SEO campaign is different and bound by individualised goals and objectives.

However, as local SEO experts for Brisbane businesses, we’re committed to ensuring that your SEO campaign achieves the goals that you set out to satisfy. We’ve provided SEO solutions of all different scales to businesses of varying sizes and in many industries, and we’ve been hugely successful in delivering each of the personalised goals they wanted to achieve.

SEO is most effective when carried out over an extended period of time, and as such, we can’t promise to provide you with any specific results immediately. However, when the right tools are selected and quality content is consistently written over a period of time, we’re confident that the quality web traffic we create will result in real and profitable returns over the long run.

With this said, at RGC Digital Marketing, our promise to you is that if we cannot get your website ranking on Google within 3 months, our service to you is completely FREE.

What Do You Mean By On-Page SEO?

When it comes to optimising your web presence, there are two specific types of activities that we can engage in. The first is on-page SEO, which refers to all the different tasks we can undertake to ensure your website is of the highest quality. This might include writing content that includes the most relevant keywords for your business, simplifying the process of navigating through your website, or even changing the structure of your website to make it more user-friendly. We’ll then continue to meticulously examine every aspect of your website, making sure each of its components is optimal. This is absolutely crucial because on-page SEO sets your business up for online success, as all other SEO practices won’t be successful if your website is not of the highest quality.

The second major SEO activity is off-page SEO considerations. Undertaken once your on-page SEO is up to standard, these SEO tasks serve as an expansion of your campaign. Not usually visible to or understood by the causal website visitor, off-page SEO includes things like the building of high-quality backlinks, which makes sure plenty of authoritative links directing traffic to your content are present. Whether a social media campaign is launched or third-party articles are produced, off-page SEO is designed to direct customers to your website, allowing your on-page SEO to come into the limelight and support your business in bolstering its sales and profits.

We carry out both on-page and off-page SEO tasks for many of our clients, but it depends on the scale of the campaign they opt for and the necessity of driving extra traffic to your website. Your business may have sufficient web traffic, but you simply may not be capitalising upon your high visitation with sales, potentially a result of a poorly designed website or low-quality content. In this case, off-page SEO may not be required, but rather, your on-page factors would require a revamp to ensure your web practices are more efficient in generating revenue. Every SEO campaign is different and requires different strategies, but you can be sure that RGC has all the tools and experience to offer you a solution that meets your business’s needs.

Is Paid Advertising Better Than SEO?

When it comes to improving your performance through the use of digital marketing, paid advertising and SEO are two commonly used methods that work to improve your search engine rankings. While both of these methods can prove effective, they often work in direct opposition, with paid advertising catapulting your business high up the search listings artificially, whilst SEO seeks to do this organically.

However, a notable difference between the two is that SEO actively works to improve not only your search rankings, but also your website’s quality. Paid advertisements will boost your ranking, but only for as long as you continue to invest in them. However, an effective SEO campaign will work to optimise each aspect of your website, introducing strategies that seek to improve your web presence over the long term.

A further factor to consider is that generally, consumers are wary of the reasons that search engine results are listed more highly than others, particularly when a website ranks highly due to its paid advertisement. Generally, those websites that are listed below advertisements that have organically earned their high rankings are viewed as more trustworthy and authoritative sources and are preferred to websites with paid advertisements. For smaller businesses, it is often more practical and cost-effective to invest in an SEO campaign that is tailored to their individual needs and budget, as this helps to target the right audience and earn their trust over the long run.

Could I Do SEO Myself?

While many online tools and resources are available that would assist you in completing SEO activities for your business, completing these highly specialised tasks yourself often proves an insurmountable task. There’s no hiding the fact that SEO is a highly unpredictable industry that changes and develops very often. This is reflected in the fact that Google changes its search engine algorithms and advice up to 600 times each year, and for the most success, each piece of content and element of your website must be optimised according to the latest advice.

Add to this the fact that SEO is most effective when carried out consistently and over an extended period, and it begins to sound like an incredibly different activity. Conducting your own SEO will inevitably take up much of your valuable time, directing your attention away from the core activities your business provides.

While SEO is hugely important, and this is often reflected in its pricing, it’s always best when undertaken by a team of specialists that have the expertise to deliver the results that you need. With vast experience, a reputable SEO agency in Brisbane will ensure that your campaign remains on the path to success, with prior knowledge and rigorous tracking and reporting methods informing each of their decisions. Importantly, an SEO team also has the time and resources to ensure your SEO campaign is given the care and attention to detail it deserves, ensuring the time AND money you invest are not wasted.

While attempting to complete your own SEO campaign will save you money from an initial investment into an SEO provider, it will restrict the time you can spend earning your business money. Instead, it makes sense to invest in RGC, Brisbane’s best SEO agency, saving yourself a headache and earning you more time to invest in your business, all while the experts in the industry generate more interest and customers for your business to cater to.

How Much Does SEO Cost In Brisbane?

Understanding the cost of SEO services in Brisbane, especially when considering RGC Digital Marketing, requires a comprehensive look at several key factors. The complexity and uniqueness of SEO mean that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all price tag. It largely depends on your business goals, budget constraints, and industry specifics.

At RGC, we believe in offering tailored SEO solutions that align with your specific needs. We understand that every Brisbane-based business is unique, and our pricing reflects this. It’s crucial to balance affordability with quality. While it might be tempting to go for the lowest quote, remember that in SEO, as in many areas, you often get what you pay for.

There are inherent risks associated with choosing low-cost SEO services. The market is crowded with agencies claiming top-notch expertise, yet not all live up to these claims. It’s essential to conduct thorough research to distinguish the genuine experts from those who might offer subpar services at attractively low prices. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

When searching for a reliable SEO agency for your Brisbane business, consider the following:

  • How long has the agency been in the SEO industry, and what is their success rate with similar businesses?
  • Can the agency provide testimonials or references from past clients?
  • Does the agency provide clear, upfront pricing without hidden fees?
  • Assess the agency’s own SEO performance. Are they ranking well for their industry keywords?
  • Check for client reviews on Google and other review platforms to gauge their reputation.

Here at RGC, we understand that choosing the right SEO partner for your Brisbane-based business is a significant decision. We aim to be as transparent and informative as possible, helping you make an educated choice that aligns with your business goals and budget. Remember, investing in high-quality SEO services is an investment in your business’s future.

So, what's next?

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We offer a free consultation to all our potential clients. During this initial conversation, we'll discuss your goals, needs, and expectations in detail, and answer any questions you may have about our services.


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Once we've had a chance to understand your needs and goals, we'll develop a custom-tailored strategy that's designed to help you achieve your desired outcomes. This strategy will be unique to your business, and may involve a range of different approaches depending on your specific needs.


Onboarding Process

After you've approved our strategy, we'll begin the onboarding process. This involves setting up any necessary accounts or tools, establishing communication channels, and creating a project timeline. We'll keep you updated throughout this process, and make sure everything is in place before we move forward with our work.