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What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is a marketing initiative, which focuses on the creation of relevant content, to provide a consumer with information about a brand. Content Marketing services include the following:

Website content
creation services
Social media marketing
content services
Advertising copy
content creation
Long & short form
content writing services
Blog article content
writing services

The way in which consumers gravitate to a brand is dictated by how well that brand tells their story and how well the content of that story resonates with the consumer. Today, consumers are savvy and the brands that succeed with their Content Marketing are ultimately the best storytellers.

RGC is an experienced Content Marketing Agency in Sydney who understands that powerful storytelling is imperative in engaging and captivating consumers. Our talented team of Content Marketing and Copywriting Specialists are passionate about bringing a brand’s message to the forefront. Whether it be through user-friendly websites, informative and entertaining blog posts, engaging EDM’s or intriguing social content, our goal is to design creative ways to convey your stories.

“We create engaging brand stories through relevant content to inform and engage consumers.”

Our Content Writers create compelling and authentic brand stories that originate from a thorough understanding of our client and their audience. This understanding enables us to produce a genuine brand experience that results in brand engagement, awareness, loyalty and brand recall.

Content Writing for SEO

There is a common misconception that SEO and Content Marketing are two independent Digital Marketing strategies. In fact, the two strategies should be integrated and used simultaneously to warrant the best results.

Google favours brands that consistently produce fresh content on their websites, and as a result rewards brands by improving their organic search rankings. RGC is a Content Marketing Agency, that recognises these trends and are dedicated to ensuring that relevant and engaging content is regularly created and shared on a multitude of appropriate channels.

Fresh Content Writing Drives Better Search Results

Fresh content drives better search results on search engines. Today’s consumers are extremely savvy and have access to an abundance of information which is generally relied upon prior to making a purchasing decision. At RGC, we identify that blog post content creation is a great way to help facilitate this process, by providing consumers with engaging information about brands and their products. Such blog posts also improve SEO rankings for organic searches, creating more awareness and brand engagement.

Convert Browsers into Buyers with Powerful Brand Stories

RGC provides Content Marketing Services for a wide range of brands. We understand the importance of having the right content on your website. Our team of Content Writers are highly experienced and have the ability to develop professional website content that will engage readers and convert browsers into buyers.

Our Copywriters ensure that the content created, conveys a genuine and authentic brand voice and uses relevant keywords for SEO best practices. Our Content Creation team can also develop highly engaging visual elements to ensure cohesion and powerful brand storytelling.

Content Writing for Electronic Direct Marketing

Electronic Direct Mail is still a highly effective and targeted Content Marketing Strategy that drives results for many businesses. It allows brands to be more personal with their consumers and fosters a greater relationship between the brand and consumer. Highly imaginative and skilled content creators have the ability and knowledge to create personalised EDM’s, designed to keep your brand in your customer’s minds.

Why RGC Digital Marketing for Content Marketing Services?

RGC is a Content Marketing Agency in Sydney who helps brands tell their stories and it is our job as Content Marketers to ensure our clients’ stories are expressed to their consumers effectively. Brands who are good storytellers have increased opportunities for retaining the attention of their consumers for longer, and this results in raising awareness of brand’s products and services.

With any story, you need a starting point or an emotive headline, to get the attention of the consumer. The headline then leads into the story and that is where professionally written content reinforces the true benefits of the brand.

Whether we are required to tell a story in a few seconds through an animated banner design or whether we need to tell a story through a brand’s website or Social Media Marketing Campaign, the team at RGC Digital Marketing are a cooperative of Designers, Content Marketers and Developers who are all storytellers, in their own right.

See why our Content Marketing Agency services help our clients to tell their brand stories effectively, by visiting the blog section!

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