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Elevate the online presence of your Parramatta business with RGC’s top-class SEO solutions. Our team examine each element of your website, from its structure, content, and user experience, to cement your business as a reputable industry leader.

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RGC Digital Marketing is the most preferred SEO agency for businesses local to the Parramatta area, and we call on our experienced team of SEO consultants to create and deliver tailored strategies that are unique to each of our clients needs. Renowned for our ability to consistently deliver top-quality results that offer real financial benefits, we’re committed to getting the best out of your business. No matter what industry you operate in or how recently your business was formed, we know that we can take your entire web presence to the next level. Using a set of carefully refined strategies that are underpinned by years of experience and knowledge, we carve out a unique web presence and voice that distinguishes you from your competitors and helps you dominate your niche.

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SEO Services We Offer

Local SEO

Most effective when implemented by smaller businesses, Local SEO helps businesses gain traction and boost sales from within their local area.


E-Commerce SEO

Centring on the unique properties of your products, customised E-Commerce SEO campaigns translate web traffic into increased sales and profits.


Enterprise SEO

Creating uniform and intuitive user experiences, Enterprise SEO harmonises every page on your platforms, helping businesses yield improved ROIs.


Lead Generation SEO

Creating a stream of new leads and inquiries, Lead Generation SEO saves masses of time and money on customer acquisition.

Lead Generation

As Parramatta’s preferred SEO Agency, we know that we work in a hotly contested industry that has a number of quality SEO agencies. While this is great news for those businesses looking for SEO services, it makes it more difficult for us to showcase our unique qualities. This means we have to work tirelessly each and every day to retain our industry-leading status, constantly considering the effectiveness of our strategies and doubling down on our commitment to delivering top-quality results.

More than 8 billion searches are lodged on various platforms each and every day, so the importance of SEO services in Parramatta, a growing area with many fantastic businesses, just cannot be overestimated. With each of these searches being subject to an algorithmic ranking system, every website is at risk of suffering from limited visibility. In fact, more than 75% of customers don’t scroll past their first page of search results, because it’s usually only the most highly ranked websites that benefit from the widespread belief of their credibility and quality.

However, this great competition does mean that those businesses with the most effective SEO strategies in place will benefit from their investment, and we want to make sure your business is among those lucky few. We’ve worked out a number of unique approaches that have skyrocketed our clients to the forefront of their industry, and we take great pride in our ability to get every single one of our partners ranking.

To consistently offer these fabulous results, we’ve narrowed our focus to consider the most important factors within the process. The first part of this process is ensuring we cater to the requirements of those customers that search for your business, and producing customised, meaningful, and valuable content is the best way to do this. Following this, we focus on the second part of the process, which is optimising every part of your website to ensure it adheres to the latest algorithmic ranking recommendations. What makes us Parramatta’s favourite SEO agency is our unique ability to consistently find a good balance between these two crucial factors, all without sacrificing our ability to communicate the messages of our clients in an individualised manner.

To make this a reality, we rely on the strategies and techniques that we’ve carefully created, as they ensure your website works in compliance with the criteria determining search rankings. At the same time, we make sure all content that we offer communicates your business’s individuality and the unique benefits of your services in a way that is meaningful and helpful for your customers, offering solutions to the various issues they face. While this is a tough task, it’s one that we relish the challenge of each day. We know that by arming ourselves with the most suitable and effective SEO tools, we can deliver top-quality results to every business that we partner with.

While having quality SEO tools at our disposal is important, the most crucial part of our service that has helped us become Parramatta’s favourite agency is our ability to always select the most necessary and effective tools without fail. This process always depends on the requirements of the client, and no two strategies will ever be identical, but our vast experience helps us get this process right every time. The regularity with which our clients return to this and constantly demand our services is owed in large part to our penchant for consistency.

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Local SEO

Reminiscent of traditional SEO campaigns, Local SEO is a commonly used form of strategy that holds a location-based focus. Important in building a presence within a concentrated area, these strategies help businesses increase brand awareness within their community, connecting with those individuals that are most likely to become repeat customers. Centred around the use of location-specific keywords, Local SEO is a hugely important form of strategy, because more than 50% of searches are now lodged with a focus on a specified location.

An integral part of Local SEO campaigns is often the creation, maintenance, and optimisation of Google My Business accounts which customers regularly rely on as a quick, accurate and convenient source of information. Detailing your business’s opening hours, location within the community, and the different products or services you offer, these online platforms are crucial in developing brand awareness. These efforts help your business showcase its most unique and favourable elements, capturing the attention of the local community and helping your business develop a strong reputation.

Typically favoured by smaller businesses that have a physical presence, these strategies can be influential for newly established businesses that suffer from a lack of awareness, or can be effective in newly developed areas without an existing commercial landscape. Regardless of your needs, the team at RGC, Parramatta’s favourite SEO agency, is always ready to produce a bespoke Local SEO solution that will maximise your awareness, leads, and sales in the long run.

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E-Commerce SEO

Crucial for any business looking to effectively operate an online selling platform, E-Commerce SEO helps to highlight the unique quality of your business’s products or services and offers a fantastic user experience. Just as any brick-and-mortar business looks to secure a prime location with masses of foot traffic and easy access, an E-Commerce website should always aim to occupy a prime online location. Rather than an attractive curb appeal and an easily accessible location, this translates into a high search engine ranking that can be generated as a result of offering an unparalleled user experience.

To secure a high search engine ranking, the team at RGC makes sure your website benefits from clear and concise product descriptions, easy page navigation, and clear images among a range of other optimisation strategies. In developing a bespoke online selling platform that your customers can easily engage with and identify as your own, our team looks to customise every touchpoint of your website. To do these, we call on our expert content writers to produce top-quality text that is communicated in your own unique manner, and our top-class web developers also ensure your website does not suffer from duplicate content, error-ridden code, or faulty links that can detract from a streamlined experience.

By ensuring your E-Commerce website has a truly individualised build and is optimised to ensure a quality user experience for each customer, our team will maximise the effectiveness of your operation. Without the ability to satisfy your customers in person, it’s crucial that every interaction your customers have with your business is first-class and without any issues, and our team can make that a reality.

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Enterprise SEO

As your business expands and diversifies, you’ll be able to offer your customers a greater depth of services or products, which should be reflected in the scope of your website. For this process to be effective, consistency is key. One of the most significant challenges with a large-scale operation, particularly for large businesses that operate in a number of languages, is an inconsistent user experience across your range of website pages. Consequently, Enterprise SEO strategies are hugely important in delivering a uniform experience for your customers across the broad range of pages you offer on your website, making sure they can benefit from an intuitive and individualised experience that is unique to your business.

As a large business with a number of customers, it’s imperative that you call on the most expert SEO agency in Parramatta to carry out a totally customised Enterprise SEO strategy. Our team of SEO specialists have delivered a number of Enterprise SEO campaigns that have transformed the online effectiveness of a range of businesses, bringing the quality of their physical operations into the online world. To offer your business the most value and produce the most effective solution, we call on all units of our diverse team, including Web Developers, Web Designers, and Content Marketing specialists.

Each of these teams combines to bring a multitude of experience and knowledge, making sure your website is effective on a number of different levels, ensuring we address all considerations whether related to coding, design, or content. To make sure your business offers a consistent user experience across your various website pages, it’s imperative that you secure the services of Parramatta’s favourite SEO agency, as our diverse team can create a top-quality solution that is customised to your needs.

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Lead Generation SEO

Lead Generation SEO is a hugely important form of SEO that ensures your business’s online presence is translated into favourable financial results. While all types of SEO strategies are important in helping businesses benefit from a higher search engine ranking and hence greater visibility, Lead Generation SEO makes sure increased web traffic and readership have a tangible impact on your bottom line. Centring around the development of a sustainable pipeline of leads, these strategies actively encourage your web visitors to provide their contact details and leave comments or questions.

By registering their details and interest in your business, these potential customers provide your business with a captive audience that all new developments or important features can be shared with. Central to this is the creation of customised and user-friendly landing pages that make it easy to provide their contact information for later reference. These direct calls to action help your web visitors develop a greater understanding of what your business offers and how you can satisfy their demands, ensuring you generate a sustainable level of revenue in the long run.

While your business may already have significant web traffic, high search rankings and a strong click-through rate, a quality Lead Generation SEO campaign can make sure these favourable metrics are supported by improved financial performance. Developing a number of qualified leads is important for businesses in all industries and ensures a prosperous future is ahead, helping you plan your immediate and long-term goals and objectives and forecast your future. Organically developing these leads also saves your business time and money in generating these leads independently, helping you invest your time more wisely into what your business does best.

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Even though it has been a hugely influential component of digital marketing for several years, SEO remains a largely misunderstood service. At RGC, we understand that our clients may not have the greatest knowledge of our services and the initiatives we use, and that’s why we break the process down to its most simple elements. As your chosen SEO agency in Parramatta, our task is to simply communicate what you would like to say to your customers in a concise, clear, and easily accessible manner. Importantly, we need to ensure these messages reach the right customers that are most interested in your business and what you can offer. This can be viewed more simply as a matching process, where we lead the right people to the information, products, and services that they’re searching for.

Rather than helping your business encourage new customers into your industry, our services are geared towards making existing customers favour your business. We give you access to those invested customers from within the industry that you simply could not access or effectively service beforehand. When we employ the right techniques and strategies and engage the right groups of customers, your business will be able to encounter limitless success.

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Carefully-Devised, Results-Oriented SEO

To make sure our strategies provide your business with the greatest potential for success, we build our SEO solutions around a three-step process that optimises every element of your web presence.

To kickstart the process, quality content must be written that is unique to your business and captures the attention of your most interested customers. By writing both off-page and on-page content that is centred around the most relevant keywords that your potential and existing customers associate with your business, we make sure your business piques the interest of those individuals who are most likely to benefit from your offerings. We have vast experience in producing individualised content that encompasses your business’s unique voice and manner of communication, and this allows us to develop relationships with your customers. No longer is it enough to simply offer clear and concise content, because this does not secure great visibility for your business, your website, and its content. Therefore, we make sure your quality content can be easily accessed by your potential customers, making sure we can connect your business with interested customers that can bolster your bottom line.

Regardless of how much web traffic your business generates, a sub-optimal user experience remains the biggest barrier to customers adequately engaging with your business and completing purchases. This means that once you attract the right people to your website, you must impress them with a fantastic user experience. To do this, we carefully examine your customers and build an understanding of their preferences, and then conduct an extensive SEO audit of your existing website. This process allows us to pinpoint any major issues with your web presence and main customer touchpoints, and take corrective action to resolve them. Central to this is our great attention to detail, making sure we critically evaluate every single part of your website, from its image clarity and page navigation to text size and everything in between. Importantly, this will make sure Google’s search bots love your website, while also ensuring your customers can easily access all the most important information on your web page.

Carving out a unique and individual personality is undoubtedly one of the most crucial factors in convincing customers to offer your business their custom. Once we have a solid understanding of your industry, the needs of your customers, and your unique way of conducting business, we create content that uniquely meets your customer’s expectations while also adhering to Google’s latest search requirements. Crucially, every piece of content that we produce keeps your voice and your preferences at its core, making sure we gain the attention of those customers that you can best satisfy and offer a fantastic service.

Expertly Created SEO Strategies

As Parramatta’s preferred SEO agency, we’ve developed a range of very successful guiding strategies that we adopt in each of our customised SEO solutions. Benefitting from 25 years worth of experience, we now have the unique advantage of hindsight. As one of the original digital marketing agencies in Parramatta, we’ve seen a whole host of different innovations and new approaches become common within the industry, but only a select few have truly made an enduring impact and remain relevant today.

We’ve watched the fads of the industry chop and change, and along the way, our approach to SEO has been finely tuned. Our commitment to generating positive long-term results is hugely aided by our ability to now call on tired and tested overarching strategies, and then tailor them to meet the specific requirements of our partners and their customers. Importantly, our great history has also shed light on the ways that search ranking algorithms have changed, and it has provided us with insight into the approaches that are most likely to be favoured by these powerful ranking programs.

The great success we’ve encountered has been in large part due to the commitment of our team, as their commitment to refining our strategies and offering the best SEO services in Parramatta has been a driving force in our success. Continual research and development of new and improved strategic approaches have allowed us to hone new ranking methods, helping us deliver truly customised SEO solutions that embrace the change that is unavoidable within the SEO landscape.

Even though we have a rich history of success that’s helped us become Parramatta’s favourite SEO agency, we’re hell-bent on continuing to improve and progress. We recognise that if we don’t change and evolve with the industry, we will be left behind. That’s why we never produce the same SEO solutions twice, and we’re constantly monitoring the industry to offer the most effective strategies.

Before we begin carrying out a customised SEO solution, we first conduct a very comprehensive process of SEO auditing. This is the first step in the process for each client that we work with, and it’s important in offering us insight into their business and their existing web presence. Whether or not your business has previously implemented an SEO strategy, these audits give us a sound understanding of your website and how it compares to the best industry practices. By method of comparison, we’re also able to identify any particular problems that your website is suffering from, and any elements of your website that are contributing to a poor user experience.

While these close examinations are always valuable in offering insight into your website’s visual appeal, they also pick up on any technical problem that cannot be diagnosed by the naked eye. Our team has a wide range of expertise, and this allows us to identify a range of issues such as the clarity of your images, structural and navigational issues, and any glaring gaps in your content that fail to address key components of your service.

Nevertheless, these initial audits also offer us insight into the strategies utilised by your most effective competitor, giving us an opportunity to adopt their most effective strategies or alternatively fill the gaps in their content and web services. Beyond this, our SEO evaluation will also indicate to us the most effective components of your existing web presence, giving us a solid foundation from which to build your customised SEO solution.

Once these evaluations are complete, our team will devise a set of actionable and specialised recommendations that will form the basis of your SEO solution. This process is pivotal in helping us design individualised campaigns that are unique to each of our partners. While these campaigns are customised according to the specific needs of the individual business, they are always aligned with our overarching foundational strategies to ensure SEO success is encountered regardless of the approach that is taken.

Following the completion of our rigorous SEO audit, our team conducts their ritualised process of keyword research. This is important in helping us produce content that addresses the preferences and desires of your customers as it offers insight into the way that they perceive your offerings and the words they use to find them.

Similarly, keyword research is absolutely essential to ensuring your content is put in front of the right people that are interested in your products or services. By producing content that is rich in your most relevant keywords, our team will be able to secure your website higher rankings on meaningful search terms. This process is important in making sure your website not only benefits from great visibility but also ensures it is present in the most important searches that are lodged by ready-to-buy customers.

While keyword research is a widely used strategy within the SEO world, this process is unique at RGC. Most significantly, our keyword research is particularly effective as it has very few limitations placed upon its scope. While single-word searches are often utilised as keywords by our Parramatta counterparts, our team uses an all-encompassing research process that takes into account long tail keywords, being those searches that are centred around phrases of multiple words. This allows us to capture a broader range of web searchers, giving your business a greater chance of achieving high search engine rankings on a wider range of search terms. This is vital in ensuring your business develops greater authority and is seen before your competitors every time.

Most crucially, our rigorous SEO keyword research process is a product of our commitment to offering long-term success to every one of our partners. At RGC, we don’t believe in the easiest solution. Instead, we always work to produce the best solution that is sustainable and conducive to long-term success. Keyword research is just one of many ways that we ensure we take a measured approach, as it allows us to produce highly specific, relevant, and meaningful content that matters to your customers.

At RGC, we have a team of expert content writers that take great pride in the text they produce for each of our clients. They accept nothing less than the best content that any SEO agency in Parramatta can offer, and challenge themselves every day to take their writing to the next level. To consistently produce top-quality content, they call on our specialised writing techniques and methods and closely work with our partners to understand their requirements and adopt their unique method of communication.

Central to all content that they write are the preferences of our partners, keeping their thoughts and feelings at the heart of all content they publish. To do this, we keep our partners heavily involved in every step of the writing process, ensuring everything we produce meets their expectations and reflects their business’s individuality. Whether on-page blog articles or website content is required, or off-page authority-boosting content is needed, you can be sure that we’ll adopt our tried and tested writing strategies that communicate all your most vital information with great clarity.

As Parramatta’s top SEO agency, we recognise that shareability is a crucial objective that we always seek to achieve in our content. This is because when your business offers important content that resonates with the reader, they’ll be encouraged to spread positive sentiment about your business, maximising the impact of your content. You can take comfort in the fact that we always address the most pressing issues and concerns within your industry, encouraging your readers to share your content and leaving them wanting more information and solutions that you can offer them.

Our content writers also ensure that your website will be able to achieve satisfactory search engine rankings by ensuring your web page is rich in keywords. However, this never comes at the expense of its readability and meaningfulness, as our team has the ability to carefully integrate keywords in a non-disruptive manner. Instead, keywords are only used to enhance the quality of the content, adding value to it rather than detracting from its meaning. This, in essence, is the fine line that our content writers have mastered, having the ability to produce meaningful and informative content that simultaneously satisfies the algorithmic ranking advice of search engines.

A crucial factor in our rise to becoming Parramatta’s preferred SEO agency is the extensive tracking and reporting that we undertake for each of our SEO campaigns. With our results being analysed and reports being produced on a weekly and monthly basis, we make sure that we understand the reasons behind each of the results we yield, and we’re able to give our clients unrestricted access to the progress of their individualised campaigns.

Central to this process is the use of our intuitive reporting platform which has been designed to simplify our reporting process and produce only the most relevant metrics. Nonetheless, this remains a meticulous process for each campaign we deliver, ensuring we deliver fantastic results for every one of our partners. We live and die by the results and opportunities we provide our partners with, and constant monitoring and alterations are necessary tasks in this process. By carrying out regular progress tracking and comparing the outcomes to their forecasted progression, we’re able to produce a set of recommendations that help steer each campaign in the direction of success.

Transparency, openness, and honesty are hallmarks of the SEO experience at RGC, and our reporting platforms are crucial to this process. You’ll never be left in the dark, and we’ll offer you regular and on-demand updates on the progress of your SEO campaign. This way, you’ll understand the reasons behind any changes that we may make, and you’ll be the first to celebrate your successes. We know that the success of our clients is our own success, and that’s why we’re committed to offering a true partnership experience where we ensure your goals become our own.

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Since 1998, we’ve successfully created unique, meaningful, and effective SEO campaigns from the ground up for a variety of clients. Partnering with some of Australia’s biggest household names as well as small local businesses, your brand is in the best possible hands with RGC.

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The RGC Difference

We know that as a business owner looking to implement an individualised SEO campaign, you have a range of reputable SEO agencies in Parramatta to work with. However, we know that at RGC, we offer a truly unparalleled level of service, with more than 25 years of devotion to our clients and exposure to the best digital marketing practices helping us consistently deliver quality results. We never take a cookie-cutter approach and deliver standardised solutions, and we have a diversely-skilled and highly talented team of specialists that help us deliver a wide range of services. This ensures we offer a bespoke approach to each and every client, helping them address the unique challenges that they face and achieve the goals they have set.

No Lock-in Contracts

No Lock-in

Consistent SEO Reporting


Unique SEO Solutions Every Time


Personalised SEO Services Backed By Experience


No Lock-in Contracts

Even though SEO is a strategy that is most effective when implemented with a long-term focus, you won’t be locked into a long-term relationship with RGC. In our experience, we have found flexibility and freedom to be among the most preferred elements of our service, and that’s why we’re committed to giving our clients the ability to choose the duration of our partnership. A hefty financial commitment should only be made with great certainty, and we make sure this comes as a direct result of client-initiated communication. Rather than forcing our services upon our clients, we rely on our attention to detail, customised approach, and great customer service to encourage them to return to us.

We don’t believe that there can ever be any secrets to success. Instead, we’ve recognised that a recipe to prosperity can only be achieved as a result of collaboration, both within our diverse team and with our clients who offer insight into their services and their customer’s needs. The success that we’ve encountered has come as a direct result of our hard work and commitment to carving out a unique personality and web presence for each of our partners. This is always most effective when it is delivered over an extended period, and we believe our clients will recognise the value of our services on their accord.

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Continuous SEO Tracking

At RGC, we’re conscious that SEO can be difficult to grasp if you’re not well-versed in its processes and goals, and it can seem like a fruitless endeavour to the untrained eye. As a consequence, we’re committed to generating real results, regularly translating these results into easy-to-understand terminology and datasets. Continuously tracking the progress of each of our SEO campaigns and producing accompanying reports, we keep track of how the results we yield compare to what our clients aim to achieve. Importantly, we always share these results with our clients, making sure they’re as well informed as any member of our team, offering them insight into what we’ve achieved and what they can expect in the future.

There’s no secrets at RGC. We’re an open book, and we know our clients appreciate this. While keeping tabs on the progress of each SEO solution is important in measuring our performance, it’s also vital to ensuring we stay on the path to success, allowing us to capture any issues our campaign faces and implement specialised measures to get our client’s campaigns back on track. SEO is a results-based profession, and the first-class SEO services we offer have allowed us to achieve sensational results, skyrocketing us to the plateau of the Gold Coast’s best SEO agency.

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Consistent SEO Reporting

At RGC, we recognise that investing in an SEO campaign can be a daunting experience and may feel like a financial risk. To minimise these concerns, we’re committed to keeping you up to date with the latest developments relating to your SEO campaign, making sure no major changes occur without your knowledge. We offer reports at regular intervals to each of our clients, giving them real-time information in easily accessible terminology. While we always keep up with all the most important tracking metrics, we customise our reporting to your needs, giving you as much detail as you require.

By conducting our reporting regularly and tracking your SEO solution’s progress consistently, we’re able to identify any future problems that may occur and address them as early as possible. This also gives our clients insight into what they can expect in the future and makes sure we stay on the right path to success. SEO is a results-based business, and we’re only as successful as our most recent results, and that’s why we never neglect the importance of constant tracking and reporting.

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Personalised SEO Services Backed By Experience

When you’re looking to implement an SEO campaign, there’s no reason to accept anything less than the best. When you give a Parramatta-based SEO agency the responsibility of optimising your web presence, it’s important to make sure a personalised approach will be taken that can achieve the individual objectives you have set. At RGC, we always produce campaigns that are specifically geared towards achieving the unique challenges your business faces, and we always incorporate the individuality of your business at all levels of our campaigns. With a rich history of conducting SEO services for a whole host of different businesses, we understand that incorporating the nuances and intricacies of your service is essential in creating a unique web presence.

In our many years of delivering SEO campaigns, we’ve recognised that the most important factor in delivering SEO success is offering a unique approach that is specifically geared to the unique personality of the business. For your SEO solution to be effective in the long run, your business’s online platforms must be a reflection of what you can offer your customers in person. No business is ever exactly identical to another, and that means a standardised and repeated campaign will simply never garner sustainable results and long-term success.

Importantly, every SEO campaign that we deliver is always subject to change and will be able to evolve and adapt alongside your business. When we devise each campaign and optimise your website, we always produce scalable products that can grow with your business, ensuring you have a campaign that can meet your goals today and adapt to meet your goals in the future. We know that all SEO campaigns are most effective when they merely aid the communication process between the business and its customers. Therefore, your thoughts, opinions, and suggestions will always remain at the heart of our SEO solutions, making sure a customised approach is consistently adopted.

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Awards & Reviews We’ve Earned

The hard work and dedication our SEO specialists display in each campaign hasn’t gone unnoticed, with the excellence of RGC’s work seeing the company achieve both national and international recognition.

From Award Winning Web Design in Sydney to Interactive Mobile Applications, our dedication and quality have secured awards across several categories, which include “Best Website User Experience” following our work with Breville, and “Best Consumer Goods Mobile Application” in our work with Mitsubishi Electric.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let us answer some of the common questions new clients ask

How will you get my business ranking on Google?

Unfortunately, there is no one standard way to get your business and its website ranking on Google. If there were, SEO simply would not be such an important and hugely contested industry with so many providers in Parramatta. At RGC, we take an individual and personalised approach to each of our client campaigns, because we know that the range of practices required to get their website ranking will never be identical to that of another client.

Nevertheless, there is a process that we follow and tweak where required for each of our SEO campaigns to make sure our clients benefit from improved rankings on Google. For each campaign, we conduct a rigorous SEO audit before producing your SEO strategy. This makes sure we develop a sound understanding of your business, your competitors, the industry that you operate in, and your current web presence.

Following this, we conduct an in-depth SEO keyword research process that makes sure your content targets the right keywords and ensures your business connects with those web visitors that are searching for what you can offer. We also always call on our expert content writers to produce unique content that keeps your thoughts, feelings, and recommendations at its core, giving your business a unique style of communication that your customers can resonate with. Finally, every campaign we undertake is subject to an extensive reporting and tracking process that is regularly repeated, as this ensures our strategies yield the results our clients expect and deserve.

Do your strategies change over time?

While each SEO strategy that we deliver seeks to achieve a set of objectives from its outset, we never offer a strategy that can’t be altered to meet your evolving needs and the challenges of our dynamic industry. Within SEO, the one constant factor that we can rely on is change, and that’s why an adaptable approach is always important.

While consistency is often important in SEO, and a long-term focus is always best to produce sustained success long into the future, we always adapt to the evolving demands of our clients. Our regular tracking and reporting processes have the ability to highlight any part of our strategies that are not proving effective, and we can tweak these components to provide our clients with greater success in the future.

Offering an SEO strategy that cannot adapt and evolve will only provide our clients with success in the short term, and at RGC, we’re not in the business of providing shortcuts and quick fixes. The best SEO solutions in Parramatta are those that offer businesses a prosperous future, arming them against the challenges of the ever-evolving online marketplace. The challenges we are faced with and the ranking criteria used by search engine algorithms will always change, and so too must our strategies. If we do not adapt at the same pace as the industry, our clients will always remain behind their competitors. Nevertheless, proactive changes and adaptions make sure our clients are rewarded with industry-leading status, keeping them at the forefront of their industry and ahead of their competitors.

Can you help me with off-page SEO?

At RGC, our team of SEO specialists has great experience across a range of different strategies, and they can help with any of your SEO needs. Off-page SEO is a crucial part of the services that we offer at RGC, and we deliver off-page SEO practices to a number of our clients each and every day.

Whether your business is looking to increase its domain authority and requires us to produce a number of quality backlinks, we can deliver these with ease. Alternatively, if you’d like to publish off-page articles demonstrating your expertise in a non-branded manner, we can produce these texts with links back to your website, helping to improve your credibility and trustworthiness within your niche. Regardless of what form of off-page SEO you’re looking for, our team can deliver a specialised solution specific to your needs that will offer you great success.

Off-page SEO is a crucial part of SEO that we take very seriously at RGC, as we look to maximise the online effectiveness of our clients in any way possible. While these practices are not easily observed and can go unnoticed by the casual web visitor without SEO knowledge, we recognise the importance of these strategies as they can make a huge difference to your page authority and your search engine rankings.

What SEO practices does Google penalise?

Google penalises several different unethical SEO practices, and that’s why it always pays to partner with an ethical and sustainable SEO Agency in Parramatta that’s committed to delivering your business long-term success. It is often strategies that fail to consider the long-term future of the client that are penalised, and Google’s most recent developments within the previous 5 years have also signified a focus on the user experience. Therefore, to avoid being penalised by Google, it’s imperative for your SEO provider to carry out SEO campaigns that prioritise search engine algorithmic criteria and the needs of your customers.

Nevertheless, keyword stuffing in particular is a commonly penalised unethical SEO practice that does not go unnoticed by Google. Placing an unnecessary volume of keywords into a text often comprises its quality, readability, and value to the web visitor, and in the past, this was able to artificially boost the rankings of a website. These strategies are however no longer effective and are very unsustainable. Often referred to as a form of Black Hat SEO, these practices, in essence, fail to consider the user experience and the long-term viability of the business.

Along with keyword stuffing, Cloaking is also a commonly used black hat SEO practice which shows one form of content to search engines, but a different web page is displayed to customers. This helps a business gain high search engine rankings but not for relevant keywords, making for a worsened user experience. As a general rule, any form of SEO practice that sounds unsustainable, unethical, or impractical is most likely to be penalised by Google and will not benefit the business in the long run.

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