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Did you know that your average fan on Facebook has 257 friends? So, what does this mean for your brand? It means that if you spend $1.00 to encourage a consumer to like your Facebook Page, and they have an average of 257 friends, then your page’s total reach is multiplied 257 times for free.

Over half of the Australian population is on Facebook and it is the number one social media platform globally. Facebook is extremely cost-effective to connect consumers to brands and it provides consumers with the ability to easily share your brand’s message with other consumers.

RGC Digital Marketing is a Facebook Marketing Partner and has been designing and developing Facebook Marketing Campaigns from the very beginning. Our talented Facebook Marketers have produced thousands of Facebook Campaigns to promote a very wide range of products and services.

Digital Marketing Agencies often include Facebook Marketing into their Digital Campaigns, as it has the following benefits:

Very cost-effective way to
engage your ideal group of
Has tremendous reach for
advertisers and brands to raise
Has the ability-to sell products
through E-Commerce stores
Great way to engage potential
customers through groups of
like-minded people
Can promote advertisements in a
large-number of ways using
Has one of the cheapest Cost
Per Clicks over any other
Digital Channels
It has the biggest audience
base in the world and no other
platform comes close
Very fun way to run Digital
Promotions and other
interesting initiatives

Facebook Video Marketing

The ability to promote your video on Facebook through Facebook Video Marketing is a tremendous way to raise awareness of your products or services. Brands use Facebook Video Marketing not only as a sales tool but also as an education tool. With Cost Per View being extremely low and comparable to the cost of YouTube Video Marketing, Facebook Video Marketing enables brands to promote their businesses to vast audiences, but has one tremendous advantage, and this is it gives people the ability to engage with the ad, by way of commenting, liking or sharing.

Facebook Video Engagement extends the life of the ad giving it the ability to go viral, and this would be by far the most exciting benefit for brands to capitalise on.

Whether you wish to market your products and services through video or images, either method has its own advantages, and the beauty of Facebook Marketing gives marketers the ability to create integrated Facebook Marketing Campaigns all in the one platform. It is by far the cheapest way to raise awareness of your brand online!

Why RGC for Facebook Advertising?

RGC Digital Marketing is a Facebook Marketing Agency who has been producing Facebook Marketing Campaigns for Australia’s leading brands for many years, and the successes we have achieved for our clients have resulted in them being top of the class in their market sectors.

Our Digital Marketing Agency designs, develops and produces Facebook Marketing campaigns, which promote brands and connect consumers to brands. We achieve this by not only collecting likes to brand pages but also collecting consumer information including names, addresses and email addresses, that can then be used in Electronic Direct Marketing campaign initiatives.

Our Web Designers and Digital Marketers are experts in ensuring brands learn more about their consumers as Facebook provides a deep analysis into consumer insights. We use this data to deliver our clients’ messages to their specific target market every time, and ultimately this saves our clients time and money.

We provide our clients with the following benefits:

Facebook Partner provider to
clients of any size
20+ years as a leading Digital
Marketing Agency in Sydney
Transparent reporting and
No lock in contracts
Fixed pricing

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Our work has been highly regarded and awarded for many international awards. From Award Winning WebDesign in Sydney to Interactive Mobile Applications, we have won across multiple categories, which include “Best Consumer Goods Mobile Application” for Mitsubishi Electric, through to “Best Website User Experience” for Breville.

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