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Easter Egg Hunt Campaign

Consumer Engagement Campaign

Easter Egg Hunt Campaign

Australians have relied on Kambrook appliances to perfect an early morning coffee and delight the family with freshly baked goods, creating excitement and joy in our homes for over 45 years. Their range of affordable, yet high quality small appliances have become a household name and an essential accessory to every Australian kitchen.

Kambrook’s desire to be at the forefront of fun and exciting experiences was further reinforced this Easter in which they recruited digital marketing agency, RGC Digital Marketing to engage consumers over the festive season. In accordance with Kambrook’s vision, the RGC team successfully executed the following objectives:

  • Added more than 1000 new fans
  • Increased traffic to the ‘A Perfect Pantry‘ website
  • Secured over 1200 new subscribers

RGC strategically divided the campaign into two components – a major and minor promotion. The major campaign worked within the ‘A Perfect Pantry’ website to collect and engage existing and new fans. The second part of the campaign was conducted within Facebook and acted as a reminder to encourage further participation for more chances to win.


Campaign Approach

Over a 3 week period during Easter 2017, the RGC team rolled out Facebook advertisements which encouraged users to visit the ‘A Perfect Pantry’ website. In order to create a truly memorable experience that reflects the Kambrook brand and their products, fans were prompted to participate in an online Easter egg hunt, with the eggs scattered amongst the delicious, unique and all time favourite Easter recipes, across the ‘A Perfect Pantry’ website.

Kambrook Easter Egg Hunt Campaign

Once an egg had been discovered, Kambrook consumers needed to click on them in order to fill their basket. Once the final egg had been located, participants were automatically diverted to a new page, in which they were congratulated, asked to fill out their personal details and required to answer a short question to go into the draw to be one of two customers to win a major prize. This strategy strongly promoted customer engagement while simultaneously attracting new leads through promoting the Kambrook brand. This proved to be a success with over 80% of the accounted web traffic being attributed to new visitors.

In addition to these efforts, a smaller Facebook campaign was also running on the Kambrook page which gave current entrants another chance to win a prize by finding a bonus egg within the website. This opportunity was promoted through a range of Facebook posts which followed a similar process to the major competition, for smaller weekly prizes. By adopting this strategy, consumer engagement was heightened as a result of providing consumers with multiple possibilities to win. This also created a unique brand experience around a major holiday, while reflecting the Kambrook brand.

While a component of this campaign was to increase brand awareness and expand the number of Kambrook’s Facebook fans, our team was sure to include the existing Kambrook consumers. An EDM was sent to these individuals to inform them of the competition and allow for their participation with the Easter campaign.

Digital Marketing Campaign Results

Through a strong integration of Facebook and the ‘A perfect pantry’ website, Kambrook was able to attract new consumers and use intuitive features to increase engagement within the various recipe pages on the ‘a perfect pantry’ website. The RGC team exceeded the client’s expectations and verified that small budgets and limited time does not equate to insignificant and minuscule outcomes. In fact, through this campaign the RGC team managed to achieve the following outstanding results:

  • 187,643 consumers reached demonstrating excellent brand awareness
  • 5,966 clicks to the ‘A Perfect Pantry’ website
  • 4,466 unique website sessions
  • New customers made up 88.23% of the web traffic
  • 1,296 competition entrants

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