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A French Couple Redemption Campaign

Since beginning in 1967, Mitsubishi Electric has become a leader, well known for their top performing, well designed and dependable electronic products for Australian homes, businesses and industries. From a large selection of fridges, high quality air conditioners, car audio systems and even the giant screens at the MCG, Mitsubishi Electric constantly provides quality products that satisfies their customer’s requirements.

Therefore, it made sense when the company engaged the fully serviced digital marketing agency, RGC Digital Marketing to implement a digital campaign which would utilise a broad range of integrated services that further demonstrate the company vision. This partnership surpassed Mitsubishi Electric’s expectations by accomplishing the following:

  • Raise awareness about Mitsubishi Electric products and the redemption offer
  • Promote an increase in sales
  • Drive traffic to the ‘A French Couple’ microsite

RGC strategically used the client budget to implement search, programmatic display and Facebook marketing tactics. Such tactics would then increase awareness and drive traffic to the ‘French Couple’ microsite, in order for customers to redeem a Tefal cooking set valued at $699 when they had purchased a selected Japanese French Door Refrigerator.

Campaign Approach

During the two-month time period of February 1st 2017 and March 31st 2017, when retail is generally slow, leading electrical goods company, Mitsubishi Electric wanted to implement a redemption campaign to drive sales and increase consumer awareness.

Programmatic display advertising played a significant role in the campaign to successfully drive consumer awareness. Programmatic advertising allows for precise targeting and can be optimised consistently for the most relevant message and ad placement for the consumer, resulting in higher engagement and the likelihood of conversion. The RGC team, designed and created a series of website banners which appeared in carefully selected web pages to encourage the targeted audience to click and learn more about the products and the offer.

These programmatic display advertisements were engaged with on desktop, tablet and smartphone devices, with news.com.au being the highest performing ad placement that was responsible for the greatest number of page conversions. Consumers in Sydney also had higher engagement rates with the advertisements, followed by Melbourne then Brisbane. Ultimately, incorporating programmatic into the overall strategy allowed RGC to deliver a relevant and strong brand message to consumers and assisted in promoting sales for Mitsubishi Electric.

In addition to programmatic, search was another crucial component of the campaign, which further accelerated the campaign results. To achieve this, a series of strong and relevant keywords were identified to create search advertisements. This enables consumers to easily locate the promotion through the search network when they have searched for one of the identified keywords.

Finally, Facebook advertisements were also implemented to further achieve the campaign objectives and connect the consumers to the brand. Overall, Facebook triggered the most consumer engagements, particularly amongst the 65+ age group.

Campaign Results

The ‘French Couple’ Redemption campaign was in operation for a total of 2 months and was dependant on the combination of various tactics such as programmatic display, Facebook and search. These tactics managed to drive immense awareness for the Mitsubishi Electric brand, as well as contributed to increases in redemption claim submissions in French door refrigerators, which was outlined in the campaign brief as a key objective. In fact, the efforts of the RGC team achieved the following exceptional results:

Facebook Statistics

  • 534,448 impressions
  • 5,681 clicks

Programmatic Display Statistics

  • 1,742,646 impressions
  • 1,114 clicks

Search Statistics

  • 2,145,958 impressions
  • 4,260 clicks

Total Statistics

  • 4,423,052 overall impressions
  • 11,055 clicks to the ‘A French Couple’ microsite
  • 563 redemption claim submissions

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