With little to no warning, the Covid-19 pandemic has compelled many businesses to rationalise and automate their operations in order to associate and connect with clients and consumers through the use of technology. The way in which consumers associated with numerous brands launched a variety of marketing innovations to adapt rapidly. We are now moving in the direction of an even more innovative, interactive and automated digital space. The reliance on technology has been higher than ever.

Covid-19 has created several digital marketing trends. Most of these new trends have become a fundamental point and have acted as a brand new benchmark that customers have come to expect. In order for businesses to stay competitive within the market, it is vital to have the capability to adjust to continual changes in technology. Even though the days of quarantine and lockdowns may be behind us, these post-pandemic digital marketing trends are here to stay and transform into a staple within digital marketing services.

Social Media Presence

In today’s market, a solid online presence is absolutely necessary. Social media has grown at its fastest rate ever over the last 2.5 years. Businesses have come face to face with new challenges to enhance their reach on various platforms, appeal to more users and create a name for their business within such networks. Hence, digital marketing trends post-pandemic are distinguished by the advancement of social media networks for entertainment.

It isn’t just about the number of likes and followers you get anymore. It’s more about purposeful engagement. Nowadays, individuals don’t want to just follow a brand, but they want to connect with them on a more deeper level. Keeping up with the numerous platforms can be difficult; however, it should not be disregarded. Sometimes it can be easy to fold back to former habits, but in times like this, new approaches are crucial to thriving within the post-pandemic world.

As a reputable digital marketing agency, RGC’s digital marketing services can improve your brand’s digital position. Australians are some of the highest users of social media in the world, and in saying that, RGC invests a lot of time and resources to ensure we are up to date with the most popular social platforms.

Mobile-Friendly Websites

During Covid, the web became a large aspect of everyday life. Particularly within the early days of lockdown and quarantine, individuals stuck at home found themselves depending on the web as a virtual space for work as well as a platform to socialise with family and friends.

In March 2020, data from a global survey showed that 70% of internet users worldwide utilised their mobile phones more as a direct result of the coronavirus outbreak. Mobile phone usage had increased greater than that of tablets, laptops and desktops. The likelihood of this increase was due to the ability to do so much on such a single small device – from searching the web to video chatting and texting.

With a global increase in mobile phone usage and universal time spent online, it has never been more important enough for businesses to ensure that their websites are mobile-friendly. Not only does a website need to be accessed from a mobile browser, but it also needs to be entirely mobile-compatible, with all features running efficiently and all images displaying correctly without being distorted.


You have probably heard time and time again about how important SEO is when it comes to digital marketing services. Although why is it so crucial post-pandemic? During covid, when many businesses were shut down and incapable of operating, many of them took up the opportunity to focus on constructing their websites and growing their online presence.

SEO is a digital marketing technique that helps websites rank higher in search results on search engine landing pages, through non-branded search terms and without paid advertising. Higher traffic to your website can ultimately convert visitors to customers. 

SEO is more than simply searching for the right keywords. It is a comprehensive process that calls for merging numerous tools and techniques. With the help of a digital marketing agency, you can remain relevant within the online environment through tailored optimisation strategies and outstanding SEO results.

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