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By Kieran Frank

ChatGPT: The Transformative AI System Changing The World of SEO

An Introduction to ChatGPT

A software program with the ability to produce a range of different texts within seconds, each tailored to the context you operate in and the challenges you face. While this might sound like you’re reading about the plot of a science fiction film, you’re not. These are the possibilities brought to life by a new software program developed by OpenAI called ChatGPT.

A revolutionary form of technology with the ability to produce human-like content and sustain responsive conversations, ChatGPT is changing what it means to produce quality content. Having captured the attention of some of the world’s biggest names and most influential thought leaders, it’s fair to say that its introduction sent shockwaves throughout the world. 

Proliferation of ChatGPT

A Rapidly Growing Platform


Nevertheless, this software is in its infancy, and despite its fantastic qualities and great potential, it does hold a number of disadvantages that make its sole use an unwise decision. However, when the readily available information and instant communication of this software work alongside the societal knowledge and emotional intuitiveness of an expert writer, you’ve got the makings of a fantastic partnership. When its abilities are harnessed in the right ways by industry experts, ChatGPT has the potential to transform the future of writing, allowing us to produce first-class articles quickly. 

This automated system has the ability to carry out a huge variety of tasks, and while it does have its limitations, it can simplify and assist the work of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) specialists in a way that has never been seen before. Despite this, it’s important to remember that software is highly specialised and has a very uncertain future. To maximise its potential and ensure your business is not penalised for unethical practices, it’s best to let the experts in the field work with this software. 

Elon Musk Opinion

ChatGPT Has Captured The World’s Attention


How Does ChatGPT Work?

The newly introduced large language model works on a conversational basis in a way that the world has never seen before. Combining the responsiveness of voice-automated search assistants with the conversational memory of a human, ChatGPT can produce tailored answers to the specific queries of the user. Simply type in a question, and ChatGPT will offer a specific answer, and may even encourage you to provide greater context to allow for a more customised response. In essence, this system takes the anonymity and guesswork away from an online search, making sure you receive the answer you’re looking for. 

For example, if you were the owner of an artisan bakery and wanted to create a social media post, you could ask ChatGPT to write a post for you to get some inspiration. 

ChatGPT Potential

AI Generated Social Media Post


Alternatively, you could ask ChatGPT for some possible ideas and select the most appropriate idea from the list that best suits your business, and then write the content in your own unique way that your customers are familiar with. 

An Idea Generating Platform

An Idea Generating Platform


Following an extensive learning and development process, the system was launched in late November 2022, calling on a large set of data to generate answers. However, in its current state, the system is not connected to the internet and works on a predictive basis. When ChatGPT generates text, it simply selects the next word that is most likely to appear within its data set, and it is not conscious of the words that it is writing or the ways in which they fit together. However, it must be recognised that the system is still in its infancy, and it acknowledges that further developments and improvements are required in the future. 


What Can ChatGPT Do?

The most widely recognised benefit of ChatGPT is its ability to generate text in a variety of formats to suit the needs of the user. Rather than simply generating generic content like that within traditional search platforms, ChatGPT can generate social media posts, essays, reports, blog articles, and a whole range of other text formats.

The system can carry out keyword research for them, offer advice on why a code may be inaccurate, and even help them with tricky maths equations. 

However, one of the most unique characteristics of ChatGPT is its ability to have an in-depth conversation on a very specific topic. For instance, if you wanted some fashion advice, you could ask ChatGPT for some ideas, and its responses would incorporate what you’d previously mentioned.

ChatGPT's Conversational Capabilities

ChatGPT’s Conversational Capabilities


The great versatility of this system has captured the imagination of the world, but as a result, it has been met with scepticism and uncertainty within our digital marketing community. 


ChatGPT Has Disrupted The Digital Marketing World

While ChatGPT has disrupted the entire digital marketing ecosystem, it’s important to remember that it does not have the ability to replicate the work carried out by digital marketing specialists, particularly those completed by content writers. Instead, the system can only mimic these capabilities, as it relies on the information it is provided to generate content, simply carrying out tasks that it has been instructed to complete. While many have speculated about the potential redundancy of content writers and the end of SEO as we know it, we recognise that these fears are formed without knowledge of the intricacies of the system. It’s important to remember that this platform cannot produce work of the same quality as human SEO specialists, and it even admits that it does not have the required capacity to replace the human content marketer. 

ChatGPT As A Tool

ChatGPT As A Tool


The fear that ChatGPT has instigated is not new in our society, though. Just as the introduction of computers initially appeared to threaten the redundancy of all automated roles, this new system has the appearance of threatening the jobs of many content-reliant professionals. While this is an interesting and transformative development within the SEO world, we believe that is all it is. 

The team at RGC always stays well-versed in the latest industry trends and constantly works towards new ways of improving our work and our processes. The introduction of ChatGPT is no exception to this because we recognise that change is the only constant within our industry. Embracing all forms of AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the most effective way to ensure we stay ahead of the competition and deliver the best results for our clients, and that’s why we’ve conducted extensive analysis into ChatGPT. We’ve developed a sound understanding of the system, its benefits, and its drawbacks, and this has helped us map out a clearer and improved method of content production that will deliver untold value to each of our clients. 


There Are Downsides

While this tool has captured our attention and has been lauded for its huge potential, it does have a number of significant problems that make its independent use a very unwise decision. 

Lack of Customisation

One of the most significant drawbacks of the system is that it cannot produce truly unique and customised content in the way that a content specialist can. While ChatGPT can produce a variety of content forms at breakneck speed, it is based on learned patterns and structures that restrict its creativity significantly. The generic information it produces holds a discernible lack of character, and it reinforces the old adage of “quality over quantity”.  

Quality SEO is always highly unique and geared towards the desires and character of the business and its owners, keeping their preferences and personality at its core. However, Open AI’s new software is simply unable to produce content that can resonate with potential customers on a personal level, and in a manner that is unique to your business. It is instead dependent on the information that it is provided, and cannot undertake independent research and analysis. 

A Generic Information Tool

A Generic Information Tool


Reinforces Existing Knowledge

It’s also important to recognise that ChatGPT fails to offer alternative viewpoints, and instead reinforces existing ideas and concepts. The system cannot identify gaps in existing information and deliver new, original, and meaningful content to customers. Without consciousness and the ability to monitor the content and ideas that your competitors are addressing, you won’t be able to address new queries held by your customers or offer them any greater value than that of your competitors. 

Can Be Inaccurate

While ChatGPT can offer great insight into even the most specific and highly specialised fields, a generic request or query can often be met with a hugely inaccurate answer. As a large language system not currently linked with internet services, all queries lodged by the user are met by a previously generated answer that calls on an existing data set. What’s particularly worrying about ChatGPT is its ability to be coerced, as we have found it is possible to alter its perception of reality. In these instances, instead of offering insightful and educative experiences, ChatGPT has the potential to uphold existing misconceptions and see your business release misleading and false information. 

Inaccuracies Are Common

Inaccuracies Are Common


An Outdated System

Beyond its great inaccuracies, ChatGPT is also held back by its inability to call on any information or events that have occurred since 2021. As a stagnant information tool, the system can’t address the most recent queries and concerns of customers, meaning much of the content it produces is likely to be outdated and potentially irrelevant. Throughout the first three years of this tumultuous decade, we’ve all seen how quickly things can change, and that has meant addressing the most pressing matters, and the latest developments have become key to truly resonating with your customers. 

ChatGPT Calls On Outdated Information

ChatGPT Calls On Outdated Information


How We’re Embracing ChatGPT At RGC

Nevertheless, it’s not all doom and gloom, because we recognise ChatGPT still does hold great potential to transform our content production process. We believe that the shortcomings of the system can be compensated for by our expertise and experience, and ChatGPT can become an invaluable tool within our content writing armoury, albeit in a research-based capacity. RGC’s ability to quickly adopt the latest industry technologies in an effective manner has helped us consistently stay ahead of the curve, and we believe that embracing AI will be another chapter in our success. With that said, ChatGPT will remain a tool only, because we know that no software program can truly replicate the quality, reliability, and consistency of thought-provoking work that is created with a human touch.  

The Research Capacity of ChatGPT

One of the most significant benefits of ChatGPT is its ability to conduct research into existing content far more quickly than an SEO specialist can. Similarly, we’ve recognised its huge research potential can be extended to include keyword research, a process that was previously very resource-intensive and time-consuming at RGC. The system can carry out highly detailed and specific keyword research in seconds, making it the undisputed leading tool for keyword research in the industry. 

Keyword Research Capacity

Keyword Research Capacity


By recognising this and working with the system to identify a larger pool of keywords, we can then verify the value of a broader range of keywords through existing platforms, and then select the most relevant keywords for your business. This ensures we capture the keywords with the greatest potential to drive traffic to your website, and despite this verification process, our research process is still shortened significantly. Nonetheless, verifying the accuracy of ChatGPT’s information is pivotal in overcoming its lack of ability to call on real-time data and information. This potential for inaccuracy highlights the great importance of using the system only as a tool, rather than solely relying on the system to generate meaningful work. 


The Future of AI In SEO

Like much of the digital marketing industry and SEO more specifically, the future of AI is uncertain, but what we do know is that it has the ability to be an invaluable tool in the arsenal of SEO specialists. ChatGPT, however, will not be the only AI platform at our fingertips, and despite the lack of acceptance it has encountered, a bright future is ahead when these systems are used in the right way. 

Competition Is Coming

While ChatGPT has caught the world by surprise and appears to be the first AI tool of its kind, competitors are not far behind. The introduction of a powerful equivalent, Google LaMDA, is likely to follow hot on the heels of ChatGPT, with its imminent launch set to send shockwaves throughout the digital marketing world.

Competition Is Closing In

Competition Is Closing In


The introduction of a Google-based platform could result in a major shift in their search engine ranking algorithms, and this could penalise content produced by ChatGPT. Existing platforms are able to detect whether a text has been written by AI or humans, and these forms of software are likely to be used in Google’s ranking systems. 

Google Are Responding

Google Are Responding


To harness the potential of the new AI developments awaiting their launch, it’s important to keep up to date with all the latest industry developments. In future, digital marketing experts and content production specialists alike will benefit from a whole host of different SEO tools. By understanding the potential uses and assistance that these systems can provide, our team will have a huge variety of tools at their disposal, and this will only improve our services as we move into a new age of SEO.

Lack of Academic Adoption

The huge impact that ChatGPT has made on the digital marketing world has also been felt in a big way in many other industries. The great versatility of the system and its ability to quickly generate content in a number of different formats has struck fear in educators and academics in particular. As a result, the system has been banned in the academic world, with universities swiftly recognising the potential of ChatGPT to undermine student learning and the process of examination. Schools have similarly prohibited the use of the system, as they have recognised that it must only be used by skilled professionals who understand the destructive potential of using AI-generated content as their own.

ChatGPT's Poor Academic Reception

ChatGPT’s Poor Academic Reception


The Way Forward

The great lack of acceptance of the large language model within key tenets of our society is unlikely to benefit ChatGPT and could result in serious consequences being imposed on those who use its services in an unmonitored manner. As such, we highly recommend a measured and cautious approach to using these systems, as the future impact of using these systems extensively is yet to be seen. 

Nevertheless, ChatGPT and other specialised AI tools are set to take the centre stage in the future of SEO and content creation. Keyword research will be a primary function of these systems in the future as they develop the ability to keep pace with the SEO world, and technical SEO specialists will be assisted by these systems in their content development. The digital marketing world is undergoing a transformation that will impact each of its various specialties. Nevertheless, the key takeaway from these developments is that ChatGPT, in particular, will assist, rather than replace, expert SEO and content production specialists.

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