Every brand big or small require advertising and marketing strategies to promote their products and services in order to raise awareness and opportunities for sales. However, how well has your brand incorporated modern marketing leverage opportunities, to compete in this brave new world?

There are so many things to consider when promoting a brand and there is no “One size fits all approach” for any business. The most common challenge for a brand is to determine the following:

Which lead generation initiatives will create the most leverage? and how should advertising and marketing budgets be better spent to incorporate these new initiatives?

Traditionally, in the consumer space, brands most commonly utilised the following advertising and marketing mediums:

  • Print Advertising
  • Incentive consumer campaigns
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Public Relations
  • Point of Sale and In Store Promotions
  • Consumer surveys

and now most brands are investigating

  • Online Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing and Advertising

Today, consumers are much better informed than ever before. Consumers now have the ability to do their research on products and services well before they go to the store and purchase, and they generally know the benefits of the products or services well in advance.

Consumers are also very quick to write a review online or share a product/service with their friends through social media.

With this in mind it is extremely important that brands now adjust their marketing leverage to incorporate online and social media marketing and advertising initiatives which, provide a direct line of communication with consumers, to ensure brands are there at the time when consumers are ready to make a decision about a particular product or service.

Brands should take these opportunities and diversify their advertising and marketing budgets to incorporate online and social media marketing and advertising. The playing field has changed and now brands have the ability to reach their consumers in a very cost effective manner, which can also be evaluated and adjusted in real time.

By incorporating traditional advertising and marketing initiatives with online and social mediums, brands will increase their marketing leverage. Brands will be able to introduce additional funnels to capture consumer information and also learn more about their customers in a much shorter amount of time, than ever before.

Marketing leverage for brands means that they will be able to utilise additional marketing initiatives to better promote consumer lead generation. Brands will also be able to deploy their unique selling proposition more efficiently and in a variety of ways, which will drive their advertising and marketing dollar further.

By staying in touch with consumers through regular online communications, brands are now able to ensure their target market is frequently being reached. And furthermore, brands now have additional opportunities to drive consumers to store.

This brave new world of online advertising and marketing poses tremendous advantages for brands. However brands need to investigate segmenting their budgets, to incorporate traditional mediums with online and social platforms, to ensure they reach their target market accordingly.

This ultimately means increases in sales opportunities and bigger profits for brands, in a highly competitive environment.

These are very exciting times, and we relish the opportunities that arise from connecting consumers to brands, through online and social media advertising and marketing.

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