Did you know that consumers are exposed to over 5000 marketing messages every single day? Think about how many of these 5000 messages that you can recall. In a loud and overwhelming marketing environment, how can your brand stand out?

Due to the unprecedented rise of the digital age and the popularity of web technologies such as social media, blogging and video sharing, marketing has evolved and advanced significantly over the past few years. This has undoubtedly created unique challenges for your brand and business, as traditional marketing methods are simply not engaging their intended audiences.

In fact, research conducted by Mashable in recent times discovered that 44% of direct mail is never opened, 86% of consumers skip television advertisements and over 200 million people use ad blockers. It’s statistics such as these that clearly demonstrate that traditional marketing methods are proving difficult to convert leads. Therefore it makes sense that content marketing is becoming the strategic and practical solution to engaging your consumers, and has a significant ROI. So how can your team implement a captivating and engaging content marketing strategy, and why does content marketing work?

Content marketing is referred to the creation and distribution of online material and can take many forms such as blogging, videos, social media posts, quizzes, newsletters and much more. Compared to traditional marketing messages, however, content marketing involves communicating with your customers without selling, rather involves disseminating relevant and quality knowledge in order to be transparent and more personalised with your consumers. This also demonstrates how content marketing helps with your brands SEO as more keywords allows your brand to more discoverable. It is these ideas that attract new and existing consumers, with studies showing that transparency and sharing of knowledge and ideas result in brand awareness, recall and loyalty in the long term. Such techniques encourage consumers to take action to engage with your brand.

For example, the team here at RGC Digital Marketing recently worked with Breville, to raise awareness for their new product by executing solutions that encouraged consumers to visit the website, subscribe and make a purchase. The content marketing example, which can be viewed here, exceeded expectations and had a total reach of over 1 million people. Through the relevant information shared throughout the customer journey, this content marketing example clearly demonstrates why content marketing helps brand awareness. It also confirms why good quality content is important, as the brand becomes more personable and transparent, therefore building a meaningful customer relationship, brand loyalty and creating repeat consumers.

Content marketing is a highly beneficial component of an overall digital marketing strategy. The ability to generate content that tells an authentic brand story can have a positive effect on SEO and consumer relationships.

At RGC Digital Marketing, we are a content marketing agency dedicated to providing online solutions to help you stand out amongst the 5000 other messages that your customers hear. For more information on our content marketing services, please contact Richard on (02) 8883 2988 or email richard@rgcadvertising.com.au