Who would have thought that in 2020 we would have seen such significant changes to our lives, almost overnight? These changes have seen many businesses heavily impacted by lockdowns across the globe.

With large cities and communities of people staying at home, limited foot traffic to retail stores has meant many businesses have shifted their focus to online shopping and delivery services.

With these big increases in online activities, it is now more important than ever that SEO Services remain the constant in your online marketing initiatives. To ensure your business’ organic rankings continue to rank highly within search results, it is our responsibility as an SEO Agency to ensure we fight even harder for every one of our clients’ keywords in this highly competitive online environment.

Online shopping is ever-increasing in popularity with most businesses choosing to capture shoppers online as well as in store. However, with in-store shopping at record lows, increasing traffic to online stores is a primary goal of many businesses. Establishing your brand online with SEO Services or Online Marketing Services, should be the foundation for promoting your business online. An experienced SEO Agency can design a lasting and effective SEO Strategy to increase your search traffic and direct sales to your website.

Effective SEO Services from a leading SEO Agency is an extremely important long-term marketing tool which provides a wide range of benefits for businesses looking to be noticed online.

Some key points to consider in your online marketing plan, include using SEO to:

  • Attract New Customers
  • Target Long-Term Growth
  • Build Trust & Recognition
  • Provide Informative Content
  • Win New Customers Locally
  • Further Understand your Customers

Use SEO to attract new customers

Organic traffic fluctuations have been quite turbulent so far in 2020. Our SEO Agency has seen steep increases and severe declines across a range of industries, for no rational reasons on a daily-basis. With these huge fluctuations, we have also noticed that these drops in keyword rankings have also provided us with additional opportunities to implement   SEO Strategies, which have seen these keywords come back even higher in a very short period of time. This is a time to capitalise on keyword fluctuations as they are happening across the board. By taking advantage of these SEO opportunities, you will be able to edge ahead of your competitors, both now and in the future.

The benefits of a long-term SEO strategy

SEO is also integral to positive returns in your brands long-term growth online. Capturing the potential customers who search for products and services online can be highly competitive and holding the top spots on search engines will go a long way to securing valuable visibility online and a steady flow of FREE or Unpaid enquiries to your business.

To earn a top spot on search engines you will be competing against other businesses fighting for the limited spaces available for keywords being actively searched. Gaining a prominent place involves a smart SEO Strategy, which includes making design and content tweaks to your website, to ensure it adheres to SEO best practices. SEO Agencies can provide you with key advice and objectives to get you ranking highly online. Businesses who take these SEO opportunities during this Covid-19 Lockdown, will see tremendous benefits and will set a foundation for substantial growth, long after the lockdowns will eventually end.

SEO builds trust & recognition

During hardships such as the Covid-19 lockdown, earning trust from your customer base is key. Having trust from consumers will ensure that your products and services are considered by shoppers.

Operating a business which is recognised online as genuine and trustworthy involves some key elements which can be targeted with an effective SEO Strategy from an experienced SEO Agency. For example, many internet users only check the first couple of search result pages when searching online, having your site listed on those pages is vital. Additionally, consumers read Google reviews and check for business listings when making purchasing decisions. Having a highly visible and reputable business online plays an integral role in how your products and services are to be perceived.

Why content is so important with SEO

A great way to lead more traffic to your website is to provide meaningful and useful content.

If potential customers find your site organically when looking for answers online, search engines will reward your SEO efforts, for providing informative content. Encouraging visitors to your website with blog posts, news articles and even email newsletters, will provide new ways to increase traffic to your website. This increased traffic is highly valuable because people looking for information on topics related to your business will be much more likely to be interested in products that your business provides. These people can often be converted into customers using the right SEO strategy. This is a great way for you to combine effective content writing and aesthetically pleasing web design elements, to funnel interested consumers to your website.

Win New Customers Locally with SEO

With most people confined to their homes during this difficult time, it is a great chance to win new business locally. A strategy from your SEO agency which specifically targets your local area can be highly effective. Search engines often see people looking for products and services with their region or suburb included as keywords. If you can ensure that your business ranks highly for area-specific keywords you will see a rise in local traffic, which is important with most people only shopping within their immediate area during lockdown periods.

Alternatively, if you run a business across a-number-of locations, a Metropolitan-wide SEO strategy, or one which focuses on the areas in which you operate can achieve significant results, especially for businesses relying on local pickup and delivery.

Using SEO to understand your customers

Getting a greater understanding of the types of customers who look for and purchase your products and services is very helpful in creating an SEO strategy, in order-to find similar consumers. Noticing what keywords are popular through your SEO services will provide valuable insights which can be used to refine your SEO strategy. Interestingly, you can also see what web pages are getting the most traffic and adjusting your website to take advantage of what is working well on those pages. This information can provide you with goals and direction for perfecting your long-term online marketing strategy.