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By Kayla Croser

Local SEO Statistics Of 2023 Across 5 Unique Industries

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, the importance of local search cannot be underestimated. It’s a game-changer that shapes the success of businesses across various industries. 

At RGC Digital Marketing, we understand the significance of local SEO and the impact it has on connecting businesses with their target audience. Through our own extensive research, we have delved into the local SEO statistics of 2023, examining five distinct industries: digital marketing, mortgage brokers, solicitors and conveyancers, physiotherapy, and criminal lawyers. 

Join us on this captivating journey as we uncover the remarkable insights and trends that will redefine the way businesses approach local search in the year ahead.

Local SEO

61% of all traffic to service businesses in the digital marketing industry comes from local search

As we explore the intricacies of digital marketing in 2023, one trend stands out – the dominance of local search. A comprehensive study of SEO statistics in 2023 by RGC Digital Marketing reveals a noteworthy insight: a whopping 61% of all traffic to businesses in the digital marketing industry comes from local search. This local-centric approach isn’t just country-wide but drills down to the cores of our cities, becoming the beating heart of digital marketing strategies.

In a world where digital connection surpasses geographical constraints, the SEO ranking factors in 2023 have taken a decisive local turn. With a trend as pronounced as this, it’s no longer an option but a necessity to pay attention to local search.

Localised Marketing & Australian Perspective

The trend of localised search doesn’t stop at the shores of any particular country. Our local SEO statistics from Australia, for instance, showcase the undeniable importance of a localised approach in the digital marketing industry. Businesses that understand their local market’s culture, trends, and consumer behaviours are the ones that thrive. Localised marketing statistics have demonstrated this time and again.

Let’s consider a scenario. If you’re a small business based in Sydney, offering bespoke digital marketing services, your services will likely be more relevant to someone in your locality than an international client. According to small business SEO stats, local search is the bridge that makes this connection viable, directing relevant traffic to your doorstep. 

The importance of local SEO extends to other areas of digital marketing, including localised content creation, SEO strategies, and targeted advertising.

The Rise of ‘Near Me’ Searches

As we delve deeper into 2023, we witness an interesting development in local SEO – the rise of ‘near me’ searches. Our ‘near me’ searches statistics highlight how users increasingly prefer businesses in their vicinity, further underscoring the importance of a localised approach. These statistics echo what we discovered in our local SEO stats in 2022: the trend of local search is not just a passing phase; it is here to stay.

Local SEO: The Future of Digital Marketing

The local SEO statistics in 2023 indicate a clear trajectory for the future of digital marketing. Localised search queries, both countrywide and city-specific, are becoming the norm. Digital marketing businesses that successfully ride this wave will enjoy unparalleled success. It’s a potent tool that fosters connections, drives traffic, and fuels growth.

The Future of Digital Marketing

96% of all website traffic to mortgage broker businesses can be attributed to local search

The mortgage broking industry is witnessing a profound transformation driven by the influence of local search. Recent research conducted by RGC Digtial Marketing has revealed that an overwhelming 96% of all website traffic to mortgage broker businesses can be attributed to local search. This finding showcases the immense influence that local search has on driving online engagement and generating leads within the mortgage broker industry.

The Significance of Local Search and the Power of Proximity

The mortgage journey is often an intricate and location-specific process. Potential clients seeking mortgage services tend to gravitate toward local brokers who possess in-depth knowledge of regional market trends, regulations, and lending practices. This desire for localised expertise has propelled the significance of local search, as individuals leverage search engines to find mortgage brokers who can cater to their specific needs within their local area.

The dominance of local search in generating website traffic for mortgage broker businesses stems from the inherent trust and convenience associated with local proximity. When potential clients conduct online searches, they are more likely to trust and engage with brokers who are geographically closer to them. The ability to have face-to-face meetings, visit offices, and establish a personal connection fosters a sense of trust and confidence in the mortgage process. As a result, local search has become the go-to resource for individuals seeking reliable and accessible mortgage brokerage services.

The Rise of ‘Near Me’ Searches in the Mortgage Broker Industry

Within the mortgage broker industry, there has been a notable rise in the prevalence of ‘near me’ searches. As individuals increasingly rely on their mobile devices to find local services, they are utilising search terms like ‘mortgage brokers near me’ to quickly identify and connect with brokers in their immediate vicinity. 

This trend highlights the importance of optimising local search strategies for mortgage brokers, ensuring they appear prominently in search results when potential clients are actively seeking nearby mortgage services. By recognising and capitalising on the rise of ‘near me’ searches, brokers can effectively tap into a growing pool of local prospects and drive higher engagement and conversion rates.

Mortgage Broker Industry Data

Only 34% of individuals seeking legal services rely on local searches to find solicitors and conveyancers within their vicinity

In the realm of legal services, local searches play a more limited role compared to other industries. Our recent research reveals that only 34% of individuals seeking legal services rely on local searches to find solicitors and conveyancers within their area. This statistic sheds light on the distinctive nature of the legal services landscape and highlights the need for alternative strategies to connect with potential clients.

The Unique Nature of the Legal Services Landscape

Unlike industries such as digital marketing, the legal services industry exhibits a different pattern when it comes to local search usage. Potential clients seeking legal assistance may have diverse motivations, requiring specialised knowledge, expertise, and specific legal representation. While local search plays a vital role in certain legal areas, such as family law or personal injury cases, it is not the primary avenue through which individuals seek legal services.

Expanding Reach and Specialised Expertise

Rather than relying heavily on local searches, individuals seeking legal services often prioritise factors such as reputation, expertise, and specialisation when selecting a solicitor or conveyancer. They conduct comprehensive online research, read reviews, and seek recommendations from trusted sources to ensure they engage with legal professionals who possess the necessary skills and experience for their specific legal needs. It’s about finding the right match based on trust and proven results.

The Future of Legal Services

While local search may not currently dominate the legal services industry, legal professionals must adapt their strategies to the evolving landscape and stay informed about the latest SEO ranking factors in 2023. Embracing localised marketing statistics and exploring the potential of localised content creation, SEO strategies, and targeted advertising can provide a competitive edge. 

Consider, for example, the rise of ‘near me’ searches and their significance in specific legal areas. By taking these trends into account, legal professionals can better connect with potential clients actively seeking local representation.

The Future of Legal Services

solicitor near me searches

While only 34% of individuals seeking legal services rely on local searches to find solicitors and conveyancers within their vicinity, the legal services industry presents unique challenges and requires tailored approaches to attract clients. By leveraging alternative marketing strategies, focusing on specialised expertise, and staying ahead of SEO trends, legal professionals can effectively navigate the evolving landscape and position themselves for success in the future of the industry.

An astonishing 98% of patients turn to local search to find the most suitable physiotherapy clinics in their area

In today’s digital age, when individuals seek physiotherapy services, their first instinct is to turn to local search. Astonishingly, our research at RGC uncovered that a staggering 98% of patients rely on local search to find the most suitable physiotherapy clinics in their area. Local search has a tremendous influence in the healthcare realm, with a localised approach being crucial for connecting patients with the right physiotherapy services.

Embracing Localised Strategies for Enhanced Patient Connections

Physiotherapy clinics that embrace localised marketing strategies position themselves for success in today’s competitive landscape. By understanding local SEO statistics specific to their region, clinics can tailor their digital presence to reflect local market dynamics, trends, and patient behaviours. For example, a clinic in Melbourne specialising in chronic pain treatment can improve their chances of ranking highly in search results for localised keywords such as ‘chronic pain physiotherapy Melbourne’, by updating their Google Business Profile for better visibility. This approach ensures that patients actively searching for specialised care in their area easily discover their clinic’s services.

The Rise of Patient-Focused ‘Near Me’ Searches

As we progress into 2023, we witness a significant surge in patient-focused ‘near me’ searches within the physiotherapy industry. Patients are increasingly seeking convenience and proximity when selecting a clinic for their rehabilitation needs. 

Individuals experiencing chronic back pain may search for ‘back pain physiotherapy near me’ to find clinics within their immediate vicinity. Incorporating the insights from near me searches statistics, physiotherapy clinics can optimise their online presence, ensuring they appear prominently in these patient-driven searches and capture the attention of potential clients seeking localised care.

Patient-Focused ‘Near Me’ Searches

The Future of Physiotherapy: Leveraging Local SEO

The future of the physiotherapy industry lies in leveraging the power of local SEO. As shown in our research for local SEO statistics for 2023, it indicates a clear trajectory, with localised search queries becoming the norm. By prioritising local search optimisation strategies, clinics can establish themselves as the top choice for patients in their area. 

78% of individuals seeking legal representation in criminal cases rely on local search

In the realm of legal representation for criminal cases, local search has emerged as a game-changer. An astounding 78% of individuals seeking legal representation in criminal cases rely on local search to find the right criminal lawyers. This statistic sheds light on the profound influence of local search and emphasises its significance in connecting individuals with the most suitable legal professionals in their local communities.

The Importance of Local Expertise and Trust

Criminal cases are inherently localised, with laws varying across jurisdictions. When individuals search for legal representation in criminal matters, they prioritise lawyers who have an intimate understanding of the local legal landscape. 

By engaging with lawyers who are geographically closer, they gain the advantage of face-to-face meetings, personalised consultations, and the ability to build trust through direct interaction. This local connection fosters a sense of confidence in their legal representation, knowing that their lawyer possesses the necessary expertise to navigate the specific intricacies of the local criminal justice system.

Bridging the Gap: Local Search and Personalised Connections

Consider the following scenario: You find yourself in need of legal representation for a criminal case in your city. By utilising local search, you can easily connect with criminal defense attorneys in your vicinity who are well-versed in local criminal laws, court procedures, and have established relationships with relevant legal professionals. Local search acts as the bridge that connects you with legal experts who can offer personalised advice, understand the nuances of your specific situation, and provide the best possible defense tailored to your local jurisdiction.

Staying Ahead in the Dynamic Industry

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, criminal lawyers must remain at the forefront of local SEO trends and SEO ranking factors in 2023. By embracing local SEO as an integral part of their marketing strategy, criminal lawyers can enhance their visibility, connect with a larger pool of potential clients, and establish a reputation as trusted legal advocates in their local communities. Those who recognise the significance of localised searches and adapt their marketing efforts accordingly will position themselves for long-term success in the dynamic and competitive world of criminal law.

Unlock the Potential of Local SEO

Harnessing the power of local search is the secret ingredient to success in the digital era. As we explored the local SEO statistics of 2023 across five unique industries, a clear pattern emerged – businesses that prioritise local SEO enjoy a competitive edge. From digital marketing to legal services, mortgage brokers to physiotherapy clinics, and criminal lawyers, the message is resoundingly clear: embrace local SEO, connect with your target audience, and unlock limitless growth opportunities. The future belongs to those who understand the significance of local search and seize its potential.

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