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By Kieran Frank

Content Creators: Why Their Jobs Are More In Demand Than Ever

Let’s face it. It’s very easy to get carried away by the innovation and previously unseen qualities of new AI platforms, and if you’re reading this article, it’s likely you’ve considered whether content creators truly have a prosperous future ahead of them. 

However, the reality of the situation is that the role of content creators has never been more important, and as a result, they’ve never been more in demand. Even though the various automated systems at our disposal have a number of fantastic qualities, they do suffer from a lack of understanding of society. Specifically, they simply can’t replicate the personal experiences and inherent understanding of the world that an experienced content creator can bring to the table. 

The introduction of ChatGPT in November of 2022 took the digital marketing community by storm, and has turned the heads of thought leaders in all parts of our society. Similarly, the upcoming launch of Google LaMDA has been met with great interest, with these major AI systems having the potential to transform the digital marketing world. 


Nevertheless, it has been recognised by those with the greatest knowledge and expertise that these platforms will merely come into existence to aid the process of content production, rather than take responsibility for it. Instead, human specialists will remain at the heart of the process. Their knowledge, experience, and personal touch are important in crafting effective digital communications within all of the world’s industries. 


What Do Content Creators Really Do?

With a whole host of different Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms at our fingertips, each with the ability to carry out specialised tasks, a bleak picture of SEO’s future has been painted by many within the industry. The job security of content creators has been questioned, and the ability of content specialists to adapt to this fiercely competitive environment has been challenged. However, it’s important to consider what these specialists really do.

When broken down to its most simple description, the job of a content creator is to adequately communicate the thoughts, feelings, and latest developments that a business would like to share with its most important stakeholders. More often than not, this revolves around communication with their customers, and for this to be effective, content creators must consider a number of different factors. 

Image showing collaboration between content creators

The best content creators are those that can communicate the messages of a business in a unique, thought-provoking, and clear manner. It must be in keeping with their unique personality, voice, and style of communication, and crucially, it must resonate with customers and address their concerns. 

This isn’t an easy process, and that’s why content creation has always been a difficult task to master, and why content specialists are so regularly called on. Even though the introduction of hyper-intelligent AI platforms such as ChatGPT have tried to alter the future of content production, they have come across a number of issues that have limited their effectiveness. In truth, these systems have only emphasised the importance of working alongside an expert in the field. 


So, What Can AI Do?

The most prominent AI platform that has attempted to enter the field of content creation is ChatGPT. While its initial launch occurred within its trial period, its many qualities have captured the imagination of many. But just what can this system do?

Visual depiction of AI's best qualities

Clarity and Quality

One of the major benefits of this system is the great clarity of its writing. The system writes to a standard that has never previously been seen within AI, and to the untrained eye, it can be very difficult to detect whether content has been written by the system or a human. 

Great Versatility

Another benefit of ChatGPT is its versatility and ability to adapt to the commands of the user. Instead of operating the same way as free-thinking industry specialists with individual thoughts, feelings, and concerns, ChatGPT works solely to satisfy the user’s demands. It tailors its content to their needs, just as a content writer would after having a conversation with their client. The system can produce blog articles, social media posts, video scripts, song lyrics, and even poetry among a range of other forms of text. It can also have a conversation with the user, helping them get answers to more specific queries that are unique to them.

Screenshot of AI competing with content creators

Extensive Knowledge

The broad knowledge of ChatGPT is undeniably one of its most important benefits. Just as Google is an all-knowing resource that we use to understand topics that we have little knowledge of, ChatGPT calls on a large knowledge base to educate its users. It has completed a thorough training program that has given it great knowledge of just about any topic you could imagine, making it an easily accessible and personalised research tool. 


What Are The Drawbacks of Using AI Instead of Content Creators

Well, while it might sound like ChatGPT is the best thing since sliced bread, there is a huge range of drawbacks to using this system on its own. Significantly, the shortcomings of ChatGPT are centred around issues that simply don’t occur when a human content creator is used. 

AI's 3 biggest drawbacks

Generic Information

While ChatGPT can produce very clear content that is backed by industry-specific knowledge, it can’t produce texts that are truly tailored to a business’s needs. These systems are only effective when they are prompted for information and context, but despite this, they aren’t able to truly adopt the voice of a company. Where a quality content creator helps your business establish a unique style of communication that suits your business, automated AI systems simply cannot offer a customised solution. This makes it extremely difficult for you to offer relevant and meaningful content that resonates with your customers. Even though it may be accurate, it simply won’t be as engaging or valuable as content produced by an industry expert. 

Outdated Content

One of the most important considerations in producing any form of content is offering solutions to the most pressing matters impacting your customers. Regardless of the industry you compete in, the most successful websites are those that offer cutting-edge information and knowledge that can be used today. This is an enduring theme that will remain important in the future. 

However, current AI programs such as ChatGPT cannot provide this real-time information. ChatGPT suffers from a lack of connection to the internet, and its data set only includes information correct as of 2021, leaving a gaping two-year gap in its knowledge. This is a fatal flaw in these systems, because their inability to address trending matters means the content it produces simply may not resonate with customers. 

Chatgpt Content


Uncertain Ranking Performance

Undoubtedly, the main goal of content creation is to drive greater traffic to your website as a result of achieving higher search engine rankings. However, using AI-generated content that has been proofread or edited may not achieve these high rankings. Google’s ranking algorithms have undergone major changes within a short period of time, leaving content producers unsure of the ranking potential of this AI-generated content. Within the last month, Google’s John Meuller has directly stated that AI-generated content will be viewed as spam. 

AI generated content


Based on this information, it would seem that even though ChatGPT may reduce the time and expense of creating content, it will come at some cost. Rather than increasing your website’s visibility and traffic, it could instead see your website be penalised. You may suffer from a higher spam score, a lower level of domain authority, and simply a slimmer chance of being viewed. All of these outcomes would instead undermine the process of content creation. 

However, Google has since published a contradictory opinion on the matter, seeing an additional “E” be included in its famous E-A-T principle. Essentially, Google has said that it will not punish nor favour any particular form of content generation. Instead, they will place greater emphasis on content that showcases “Experience”. 

High quality content matters

While ChatGPT can offer accurate information, it doesn’t benefit from the same real-world experiences that inform the content written by a specialist content writer. As a result, it’s best to add your own personal touch and opinion to the content you write before you share it with the world, rather than simply publishing content that has solely been written by AI. 


The Future of Content Creation (And Content Creators)

Clearly, AI platforms have made a significant impact on the digital marketing and SEO landscapes, but their many shortcomings mean that content creators still have an important role to play in the future. While AI platforms have enormous research potential, their inability to offer personalised information that’s unique to your business makes their sole use an unwise decision. Similarly, they cannot be relied on to address pressing matters and improved your search engine rankings, and this just highlights the benefits of professional content creators. 

By calling on content writing experts, your business will be able to offer information that is highly relevant and meaningful for your customers, all while staying in line with your existing strategy. These individuals are able to adopt a tone of voice and style of communication that is unique to your business. This ensures your business’s individuality remains at the heart of the content you publish. 

Visual depiction of content creators


Importantly, you can also be sure that your content will not be penalised by search engine ranking systems because its organic status will continue to be recognised. Importantly, content experts also have access to the most relevant and trending topics within the industry, and this only further optimises your content for SEO purposes.

Ultimately, human content creators will continue to play an important role in content production. Without their expertise, understanding of society, and contemporary knowledge, no business will be able to carve out a unique online presence and gain outstanding search engine rankings.

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