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Expand your digital presence, secure profitable conversions and watch your business scale its industry with RGC Digital Marketing, an award-winning Digital Marketing Agency in Sydney.

No matter the industry, size or type of business, RGC’s Digital Marketing services can improve your brand’s digital position. RGC drives exceptionally fast and profitable business growth for our clients, through custom marketing tactics and interconnected digital advertising services.

Since 1998, our Digital Marketing Agency, based in Sydney, has delivered explosive and award-winning results. Our clients benefit from RGC’s skilled and talented team, with over 20 years of experience in the digital marketing industry.

We are a Digital Marketing Agency who delivers on our promises every time. Providing quality delivery and creative campaigns through EDMs, Social Media, Programmatic Advertising services, SEO services and Google Advertising Services to some of Australia’s leading consumer brands. Trust us – and we will exceed your expectations.

RGC is a Digital Marketing Agency that Gets Results!

We create Digital Marketing strategies, which are tailor-made for each of our clients. We use vigorous consumer insights and brand analysis techniques to establish the best solutions to your Digital Marketing requirements.

We are with you every step of the way. See some examples of our work below.

What is Meant by Digital Marketing Services?

Digital Marketing Services exclusively encompasses marketing on digital platforms, electronic devices and the internet; this includes email, social media, search engines and mobile. As marketers, our job is to connect ideal consumers to your brand, and in today’s fast-paced and digitalised society, all consumers are online.

All marketing should target digital platforms in order to get noticed by the largest number of consumers. In fact, Digital Marketing Services generates leads three times more and costs 62% less than traditional marketing. Digital Marketing Services reach a greater audience with less money, allowing your target audience to continuously connect with you through various Digital Marketing channels.

At the core, Digital Marketing Services attract, engage, and retain clients through creative and informative content, which is easily accessible to ideal consumers in relatively cost-effective ways. Some examples of Digital Marketing Services include SEO services, Pay-Per-Click Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and Programmatic Advertising services.

In today’s market, a solid online presence is absolutely necessary. Think about how you got to this webpage today; if you are reading this, you most likely searched Google with “Digital Marketing Agency Sydney”. As an expert Digital Marketing Agency, we know where to advertise in order to connect you with people like us.

Unlike traditional marketing, Digital Marketing Services are much more targeted, measurable and interactive forms of marketing. Technological advancements have made Digital Marketing Campaigns more efficient to measure, providing much more accurate reporting and tracking, with comprehensive data analysis.

An experienced Digital Marketing Agency can provide accurate campaign reporting, which shows what types of users are engaging and their behaviour towards a Digital Marketing Campaign. With such high-quality reporting, potential opportunities can be highlighted, allowing for easier optimisation of future campaign results.

For example, it is possible to target a very specific audience when running a digital campaign, such as women aged 20-40. With more precise audience targeting, your campaigns will produce better engagement and results, allowing your ideal customers to see your products faster than ever.

What is a Digital Marketing Evaluation?

RGC Digital Marketing will analyse your existing Google Ads, SEO, Website and overall web presence and provide a Digital Marketing strategy to get you better value and success with your digital marketing initiatives. Our Digital Agency Sydney will encourage increased conversions and enquiries to your business. Clients of RGC Digital Marketing enjoy knowing that our Digital Marketing services are extremely effective and in line with realistic expectations to drive growth.

Are Digital Marketing Services Expensive?

There are endless factors that affect Digital Marketing prices and budgets, from your company’s size, the complexity of your project, the targeted objectives, and many factors based on specific timing and trends.

Digital Marketing Services are much cheaper than traditional marketing efforts and yield a more significant return on investment. As a much more effective form of marketing, online marketing returns an endless number of benefits for your business.

It is also important to remember all marketing – whether digital or traditional – is an investment! The Digital Marketing Services you pay for is what you get.

So, investing in cheap services with a low budget will not secure as profitable outcomes as investing with a large budget and an experienced Digital Marketing Agency. For instance, RGC Digital Marketing has over 20 years of experience in delivering award-winning results for our Digital Marketing clients. Our Digital Agency’s expertise is a crucial factor in setting the costs of our services.

Agencies across Australia vary in their Digital Marketing prices; what makes RGC unique, is that we are one of Australia’s longest-running Digital Marketing Agencies. RGC treats our clients as personal business partners; you can be assured business strategies are not cookie-cutter approaches and will not be transferred between managers.

At RGC, we don’t use account managers, so you talk directly to the person running your business job every time you want to talk. We also have no lock-in contracts, so you have the peace of mind and the flexibility to do whatever you desire.

How Long Should You Commit to Digital Marketing Agency Services?

We get it – you want to see results immediately. Throughout RGC Digital Marketing’s 20+ years of experience in delivering Digital Marketing campaigns, we have tried and tested every theory possible. The reality is, there are no hacks or secrets which achieve authentic and quick results.
Sure, many Digital Marketing Agencies in Sydney use tactics that get temporary results, like black-hat search optimisation and spammy backlinks.

But these get-rich-quick strategies will not generate REAL customers, REAL conversions or REAL revenue. In reality, you will most likely get shadow-banned and penalised by digital platforms.
No matter how much capital is invested, or the number of platforms utilised on, Digital Marketing services require time to show a true Return on Investment (ROI). If the Digital Marketing strategy is correct, then results will soon show.

But as we say to our clients, you will need to allow at least one month to see any beneficial result. In the first month, our teams will collect analytical data on your business’ current Digital Marketing efforts, strategies, online marketing content, and website. The performance of these Digital Marketing practices gives a Digital Marketing Agency a good idea of where your business is sitting against its competition and the overall industry.

A Digital Marketing Agency will then refine the content on your website and investigate the best way to optimise the advertising budget, to really test the waters and ensure the Digital Marketing strategy is concrete. By the second month, we will have a very well-optimised campaign that delivers meaningful results and a robust digital delivery uniquely for your business.

While a business needs to stick with a Digital Marketing strategy for at least two months to show real results, the Digital Marketing process is an ongoing effort in order to establish and maintain results.

Why choose RGC Digital Marketing for your Digital Marketing Services?

RGC Digital Marketing is an experienced Digital Marketing Agency based in Sydney that values our clients and champions their results. We implement specific client goals from the outset and power our efforts towards those targets.

20+ Years Experience

Since 1998, we have been a trusted partner for Australia’s leading consumer brands and corporate clients. Offering the full suite of solutions.

Reporting & Accountability

We provide customised, clear and no fuss reporting for each of our clients. You get the information you want with no hidden fees, numbers or confusion.

No Lock-in Contracts

We retain the business we have because of our results, hard work, value and business culture. So you will not be locked in to your ad spend with us.

How do you evaluate the results of your Digital Marketing Services and Digital Marketing campaigns?

RGC Digital Marketing is a Digital Agency in Sydney, who places tremendous importance on delivering results for our clients.

To ensure our clients receive the results they expect, we implement the following steps:

  • Identify our clients’ Digital Marketing goals and objectives
  • Evaluate our clients’ competitors online
  • Evaluate our clients’ own online presence to see where they sit amongst the competition
  • Outline a clearly defined Digital Marketing strategy that is constantly evaluated to ensure the Digital Marketing results are in line with the objectives
  • Understanding our clients’ required return on investment is key to achieving our goals and objectives. That is how we are ultimately evaluated on our performance

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What Other Marketing Services Does RGC Digital Marketing Offer?

Whether you need a new website or want to advertise the one you already have. Our expert team of Digital Marketing professionals can deliver everything you need for your online presence from concept to reality.

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Our work has been highly regarded and awarded for many international awards. From Award Winning WebDesign in Sydney to Interactive Mobile Applications, we have won across multiple categories, which include “Best Consumer Goods Mobile Application” for Mitsubishi Electric, through to “Best Website User Experience” for Breville.

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