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Who Are Autobacs?

Autobacs is a major automotive retailer originating in Japan. But they have expanded their business presence internationally and as of 2022 have launched their brand into the Australian market. Selling a variety of automotive parts and accessories, Autobacs aim to create a better society enriched by cars.

Whether you’re looking for added luxury or greater practicality in your driving, Autobacs design their products to enhance your driving experience in your daily commute or across your work day. Catering to private consumers in the retail market as well as industrial customers in the B2B market, Autobacs offer a range of products that can satisfy demand from all branches of the automotive industry.

The Brief and Campaign Objectives:

When Autobacs expanded its operation to Australia, they called on the RGC team to create a new design language which felt fresh and yet familiar. The intention was to extend their globally recognised brand into a new market in a way that resonates with the Australian market and yet is consistent with their brands identity internationally.

Our strategy would be applied to their full product offering, targeting the lifestyle/consumer categories, as well as the industrial or commercial use ranges. Our team was required to collaboratively pool their knowledge and experience to produce a bespoke set of designs that would hold great relevance to the local Australian market and stand out boldly on retail shelves and online stores alike.

Our Strategy:

Our team developed a template styling in order to incorporate a sense of uniformity across the various products before tackling each product line. This was important in creating a consistent style for customers to familiarise themselves with the brand and add Autobacs into consideration against competitors with greater market share in Australia. Importantly, the harmonious style of packaging was designed to allow for a degree of customisation for each category and grade, ensuring each product was able to stand alone and capture the attention of the target audience.

Initially, our team developed a treatment for the Eagle-I range of Autobacs Dash Cams, with its various alternatives each differentiated by details such as colour, images and print finishes. The packaging designs were then applied to a number of knives for box designs, ranging from smaller and more intricate folding designs to larger two-piece boxes, depending on the product size, shape and weight.

A major concern informing our creative strategy was ensuring each Autobacs product remained easily distinguishable from its competitors and from alternative products within the Autobacs range. To achieve this gold, silver, and red spot UV and foiling were applied to offer a truly bespoke design for customers to identify and be drawn towards.

Following this, the consistent Autobacs branding was applied to the various templates, and was subject to adjustments that aligned each product to its category-specific considerations. This process focused on the inclusion of both lifestyle and product imagery to evoke their relevant usage situations and therefore resonate with the intended audience.

Moving Forward:

Whilst our team has already produced some fantastic visual designs to assist with the Australian expansion of the Autobacs brand, we’ve been fortunate enough to continue our work with Autobacs and expand the scope of this project. Further product packaging designs will be created in the future, and we’re excited to display our expertise and creativity within this ongoing project.

The team at RGC is delighted to extend its partnership with Autobacs, and we look forward to offering even more value to an important new contributor within the automotive industry here in Australia.

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