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Breville Holiday Gift Guide

Consumer Awareness Campaign

Breville Holiday Gift Guide

Through the development of innovative kitchen products, Breville has become an Australian household name. The brand proudly created the original sandwich toaster and has gone on to continuously develop quality and original appliances that can be found in millions of homes in Australia and all around the world. Their passion for food and cooking technology is demonstrated through all of their products including those in the Breville Gift Guide.

Recently, RGC was engaged to raise awareness of various Breville products and position them as the perfect gift for the Christmas and holiday season. The highly experienced team at RGC Digital Marketing devised and implemented various online marketing and advertising services across multiple digital touch points and went on to achieve the following:

  • Raise awareness of Breville products to drive in store sales
  • Position Breville’s products as the ideal holiday gift
  • Increase traffic to the Breville Gift Guide purpose-built microsite
  • Increase the cookie pool of ideal consumers
  • Create a larger audience through increased impressions & awareness within the display network
  • Maximise advertising budgets through ongoing optimisation and weekly reporting

Campaign Approach

The RGC team implemented an 8 week campaign beginning from the 6th of December 2017 to the 31st of January 2018, in order to promote a range of Breville products including coffee machines, wine decanters, blenders, mixers and waffle makers, just to name a few. These products would be positioned as the perfect gift for the holiday season and aim to drive consumers to the Breville Gift Guide microsite where they could learn more about the product and locate their nearest stockist.

In order to drive consumers to the purpose built Breville Gift Guide website, the RGC team developed various creative and copy that reflected the campaign message and these were advertised through programmatic media services, social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram and Google Ads.

Due to RGC’s in-house programmatic trading desk, Breville had access to quality and reliable ad inventory that placed highly relevant and tailored advertisements to the right audience at the right time, ensuring that awareness was raised amongst the right type of consumer. Meanwhile, search advertising captures audiences that are already in market for similar products, therefore positioning the brand at a key phase of the consumer journey is a beneficial awareness raising strategy. Lastly, social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are crucial for awareness campaigns due to the ability to create custom and look-a-like audiences which maximise advertising budgets and attract the ideal target market.

Campaign Results

Through utilising Facebook, Instagram, search, programmatic advertising and the Breville microsite, RGC Digital Marketing was able to successfully attract new consumers, raise awareness and position Breville’s products as the perfect Christmas or holiday gift. In fact, our Digital ad agency based in Sydney surpassed the client’s expectations when the RGC team achieved the following:

  • 10,228,945 impressions across various digital touchpoints such as Search, Programmatic, Facebook and Instagram
  • 90,177 video views on Facebook and Instagram
  • 41,816 website visits recorded from all digital touchpoints
  • 46,246 clicks through all digital touchpoints

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