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Did you know that more than 13 million Australians use the Internet every single day and 98% use Google as their preferred method to search for products and services?

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Our Google accredited Ads Specialists understand the importance of being able to connect with consumers through highly relevant text ads which relate to the consumer’s specific search queries.

Relevance is the key to the success of your Google Advertising Campaign. Our Google Ads Management Specialists will uncover every opportunity in your campaign, to ensure you will only be paying for keywords that match your user searches. This will result in more enquiries for your business in the most cost-effective way possible.

At RGC, we are not interested in how many clicks your Google Ads Campaign achieves, we are only interested in attracting new customers to your business. Our Digital Marketing Strategists will provide realistic Google AdWords Budgets for your campaigns, to ensure your business has the ability to fight for the top positions on Google Search Results.

Does Google Ads Work?

There is absolutely no doubt that Google Ads work! We have been producing Google Ads Campaigns for many years, and during this time, we have seen our clients go from strength to strength. There is no other form of marketing that speaks directly to a potential customer who is searching for your products and services. We call this when people are in “The Consideration Phase”. Imagine being able to have your ads in front of people who are actually ready to buy. Well, this is possible if you are running a well-planned Google Marketing Campaign with an Expert Google AdWords Agency.

RGC has an in-house team of Google Accredited professionals, graphic designers, web & app developers, digital marketers and expert content creators, who will ensure you dominate your competition.

What do we charge for Google Ads Management Services?

RGC does not have a set price for Google Ads Management. We do not charge on a sliding scale of your budget spend, and we are certainly not trying to be the cheapest, just to pick up your business.

RGC charges competitive Google Ads Management Fees which are affordable and in line with the amount of work we will need to produce, to make your Google Ads Campaign succeed. Each Google Ad Campaign is itemised for our clients, so they can see exactly what budget goes to Google and what fees RGC charges for our services.

RGC also has a dedicated team of Content Writers and Digital Marketing Strategists who work together to create text ads that resonate with their target market.

How long does Google Ads take to work?

Google Ads usually takes around a week for our team to start seeing results from our Google AdWords Campaigns. But as we say to our clients, you will need to allow one month to see substantial results. In the first month, our teams collect analytical data, refine and test search copy, optimise spending and really test the waters, so by the second month, we have a very well optimised Google AdWords Campaign which is delivering results.

How do you know if your Google Ads are working?

You will know if your Google AdWords Campaign is working because you will either be receiving more enquiries or sales to your business. It’s as simple as that! Our goals are to drive the right potential buyers to your website, which will then give your business additional opportunities for them to purchase your products or services.

When we won't manage a client's Google AdWords Campaign

As much as we encourage clients to market their business on Google, we will not under any circumstances manage a Google Advertising campaign, if the clients’ website is not going to be able to support the advertising copy. This means that if we feel a website needs more work to get it to a level that will give the Google Ads any chance of success, we will inform the client from the beginning, and we will then provide a Website Strategy & Quote, to showcase what they could achieve. Under no circumstances should you advertise if your Digital Marketing Resources are not up to scratch!

Why RGC Digital Marketing for Google AdWords Management?

Our Google AdWords Strategies commence with a vigorous competitor, consumer insight and brand analysis investigation, to determine opportunities for success and our ongoing optimisation efforts ensure that our results are strengthened every step of the way. RGC is not your typical Digital Marketing Agency that churns and burns. Our Google AdWords Management Team, optimise our clients’ Google AdWords Campaigns on a daily basis and they are constantly checking every opportunity, no matter how small it might be, to improve our clients’ results.

RGC Digital Marketing is a Google Partner and is very proud to be able to provide the very best Google Certified Teams for our clients to partner with. More importantly, our reporting is second-to-none. We give our clients direct access to our 24/7 reporting software, which showcases detailed spending, and conversion tracking & data.

RGC is very serious about the Google Ads Management Services we provide our clients, and they include:

Expert Google AdWords provider
to all business models and sizes
20+ years as one of Sydney's
leading Digital Marketing Agencies
Transparent & regular reporting,
honesty and accountability
No lock in contracts
Fixed pricing

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Our work has been highly regarded and awarded for many international awards. From Award Winning WebDesign in Sydney to Interactive Mobile Applications, we have won across multiple categories, which include “Best Consumer Goods Mobile Application” for Mitsubishi Electric, through to “Best Website User Experience” for Breville.

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