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Mitsubishi Electric Fridge Finder App

World leading brand, Mitsubishi Electric has become a dependable name for consumers looking for superior quality electrical goods. Since 1967, Mitsubishi Electric have provided millions of homes around the globe with a range of top performing and technologically innovative fridges, air conditioners and more to satisfy every customers needs and requirements.

To continue providing customers with exceptional experiences, Mitsubishi Electric approached Sydney based digital advertising agency, RGC Digital Marketing, who are known for winning multiple awards in regards to their outstanding app development and web design services to create an iOS application for their consumers. This app would be a first of it’s kind and used a promotional sales tool for driving brand and product awareness in order to aid Mitsubishi Electrics refrigerator sales.

The creative, innovative and dedicated RGC Digital Marketing team designed and developed an easy to use application that achieves the following goals.

  • Helps the customer easily find a fridge that suits their needs
  • Promotes Mitsubishi Electric refrigerator features
  • Allows the customer to see their chosen fridge in their own kitchen

In order to help consumers who are in the market to purchase a new fridge and find the perfect Mitsubishi Electric refrigerator matched to their own specific needs, consumers are encouraged to tap on prompts. The app asks consumers to select their desired capacity (whether it’s for themselves or a large family), configuration (top mount, bottom mount, upright freezer, multi drawer or French door), finish or colour and type in the available space. Once these selections and preferences have been made, users will be able to browse and save a range of fridges that match these requirements.

Once suitable fridges have been found, the user can see how the fridge will look in their very own kitchen with the virtual reality feature. This creates convenience and offers a unique service to customers. No longer will consumers need to visit stores and measure fridges, the Mitsubishi Electric Fridge Finder App does this for you. Consumers are simply required to take and upload of photo of their kitchen with the space the fridge will fit in, and select one of their perfectly matched fridges. After a few pinches on the screen to map out the fridge space, consumers will be able to view exactly how their desired refrigerator will appear, as well as select other fridges for comparison. This photo is also easily shared amongst friends and family, encouraging opinions in a sometimes stressful situation.

Throughout this process, detailed product information along with high quality imagery and photos are available in order for consumers to make an informed decision for their needs. The final call to action directs consumers to stores and retailers in order to finalise a purchase.

Each of the features incorporated into the app has been well thought out and conceptualised to achieve the outlined goals and create a convenient and innovative solution for consumers. To view the works of the RGC team, the Mitsubishi Electric Fridge Finder App is available for download now.

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