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Hydraulink Darwin Triple Crown Promotion

Who Are Hydraulink?

A leading manufacturer and supplier of hose and fittings in Australia and New Zealand, Hydraulink offers a range of hydraulic products and services to assist businesses that work with heavy machinery. All heavy machinery relies on quality hydraulic systems, and Hydraulink ensures these systems operate smoothly and effectively, allowing businesses to benefit from reliable and efficient machinery. 

The Brief and Campaign Objectives:

Recently, the team at RGC has had the pleasure of working with Hydraulink to bring to life a marketing initiative that will work towards an increase in sales, greater brand awareness, and an improvement in brand sentiment. Hydraulink devised a 3-way promotional program aiming to achieve each of the following objectives:

  • Improve Network Sales Performance 
  • Encourage Greater Customer Sales
  • Incentivise Staff

Our expert team creative team was called upon to produce the marketing collateral for this campaign, making sure the initiative was publicised with customised and visually appealing designs. 

Our Strategy:

To achieve these objectives, the RGC team provided the creative elements required for the 3-month campaign that will run from the 1st of February to the 30th of April. The competition is centred around incentivising Hydraulink network partners to achieve greater sales targets and will encourage customers to complete purchases. During the promotional period, the highest performing network partners will compete to earn an all-expenses paid 5-day trip to The Darwin Triple Crown motorsport event, with a range of fantastic activities and experiences. With 10 trips up for grabs, customers are also eligible to win this fantastic experience by completing a unique purchase of up to $50 and registering their details with Hydraulink. 

To publicise this initiative to internal network partners and to customers of Hydraulink, our team has assisted in the delivery of an extensive social media campaign centring around Instagram and Facebook. A variety of soft copy marketing collateral has been provided, including both Network Partner Marketing Collateral, and a Local Area Marketing Kit for Participating Hydraulink Dealers. 

The Network Partner Marketing Collateral is focused on promoting the campaign internally across Hydraulink’s extensive network. This centres around a 4-page flyer explaining the campaign, and our team has also produced an EDM headline, an individualised Facebook cover, and a possible email signature to be used throughout the campaign. 

The Local Area Marketing Kit for Participating Hydraulink Dealers is to be used throughout the end-user promotional arm of the campaign, working to spread awareness of the campaign to customers. This has seen the RGC team produce customised social media tile images, editable Facebook cover images, and a range of quality shop posters publicising the initiative.

Our team has called on their extensive digital marketing expertise to produce quality marketing collateral that aligns with Hydraulink’s unique persona and style of communication. This will ensure Hydraulink communicates messages that will resonate with their customers and assist them in achieving the specified campaigned goals, contributing to an increase in their ROI and an improvement in the performance of their network partners. 

The Outcome:

While the results of the campaign are yet to be seen, we’re looking forward to seeing the positive impact that it will have on Hydraulink’s overall operation. With its extensive network of franchisees striving towards an improvement in their operation, and customers forming new relationships and connections with a brand, we’re confident that Hydraulink will benefit from a more prosperous future.

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