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Autolux Brand Launch

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Autolux Retail Brand Launch

From humble beginnings as a small family business, and with over 20 years of experience in auto styling, Autolux is a collective of specialist tradespeople who love bringing their clients dreams to reality. Creating comfortable, luxurious, and aesthetically pleasing driving and riding experiences, is the driving force behind the Autolux brand.

Stocking only the finest quality products and materials as you would see in the worlds’ most expensive luxury and high-performance cars.

RGC Digital Marketing was approached by Autolux, who at the time was trading under a different name and was part of another Car Styling Franchise. Autolux was seeking to create a new Car Styling Brand, consisting of two stores in Sydney to kick off with. After pitching against two other agencies for the business, RGC Digital Marketing was successful and then commissioned to deliver the following advertising and marketing services for Autolux:

  • Establish a new brand name
  • Design a new logo
  • Create a brand style guide
  • Design Exterior signage for Showroom locations
  • Design and Develop a new fully interactive website
  • Copy Write all content for website and advertising
  • Translate website into Chinese
  • Advertise the new brand through Google Advertising
  • Implement a Search Engine Optimisation Strategy & Campaign

Once the name was agreed upon, the design commenced. Quickly a new logo was designed and the branding started taking shape. The website strategy was devised and the web design was created to showcase all the Autolux car styling services they provide their clients. The website strategy was crucial in displaying the products and services that their audience would be more likely to search for within search engines, as this would catapult their organic rankings very quickly from launch.

Click here to visit the Autolux website

However, as their audience had a very strong Chinese following in the aftermarket car sector, it was imperative that the website be translated into Mandarin. Fortunately, at RGC, we have a great cross-section of nationalities and cultures, and having the ability to translate into Chinese was not a problem. Our content writers are able, to write content in a variety of languages (and we don’t use Google Translate), to provide every opportunity for our clients to connect with their audiences.

Prior to the website going live, RGC created a Digital Advertising and Marketing Strategy, that would ensure Autolux received New Customer Enquiries immediately. From the first day that the new website went live, enquiries started flooding in, to the delight of the owner. The Search Engine Optimisation Campaign also kicked off and the website was enjoying organic enquiries from the outset, and the future is bright for Autolux.

Autolux is now consistently receiving ongoing enquiries and we look very forward to forging a long-standing partnership to help raise enough awareness of the brand, to make it become a household name amongst car or bike enthusiasts, for years to come.

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