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OZ Design Furniture E-Commerce Campaign

Since opening it’s first store in Sydney in 1979, OZ Design Furniture has developed an enviable reputation as one of the leading aspirational furniture and homeware brands. Specialising in fabric and leather sofas, dining tables, entertainment units, accessories and more, OZ Design Furniture continually brings their modern designs and comfort into Australian living and dining rooms through their 28 bricks and mortar establishments and online store.

RGC Digital Marketing was appointed to utilise various marketing and advertising services to facilitate online purchases for OZ Design Furniture. Prior to commencement of the project, the RGC team developed and implemented a strategy that would go on to achieve the following digital marketing services:

  • Introduce in-market advertising (search) to capture consumers looking to buy furniture
  • Increase online sales of website
  • Increase the eCommerce conversion rate
  • Implement display retargeting
  • Maximise advertising budgets through ongoing optimisation and weekly reporting

Campaign Approach

In order to achieve the above objectives, the RGC team firstly established a detailed snapshot of the OZ Design Furniture audience, to then develop a comprehensive media strategy that encompassed a multi channel experience. This strategy would factor in audience data segmentation, including online consumer behaviour, interests and demography of the ideal OZ Design Furniture customer.

Firstly, the RGC team consisting of accredited search engine marketers, recognised the importance of search advertising for the client. Search advertising played a pivotal role in the digital marketing strategy to position the brand in front of consumers who were already in the market to purchase furniture.

Search retargeting was also identified as a crucial strategy to ensure the brand remained in the mind of the consumer, influencing an online sale. Creative text and picture search retargeting advertisements were developed, and were consistently optimised according to their conversions, and ensured that OZ Design Furniture constantly remained top of mind, when looking to purchase furniture.

Campaign Results

Taking into account the client’s budget and objectives, this foundational digital marketing strategy successfully achieved the following:

  • Increased new users to the website by 40%
  • Achieved highest online sales to date
  • Demonstrated the ideal time and day to connect with consumers
  • Delivered a return on investment up to 126% on ad spend
  • Showcased which consumer geographical locations were the most engaged

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