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Kambrook Blitz2Go Christmas Campaign

For more than 45 years, Kambrook has provided Australian households with essential, affordable and quality appliances that are designed to enhance everyday life. Since inventing the 4-way power board in 1970, Kambrook became a household name, continually delighting consumers with an ever-expanding product range of electrical appliances.

Recently, RGC Digital Marketing developed and executed a brand awareness campaign manifesting as a Christmas competition on behalf of Kambrook, in order to raise awareness and encourage sales for the Blitz2Go Blenders – undoubtedly a perfect Christmas gift. The experienced RGC team devised a 2-month digital campaign that was designed to achieve the following:

  • Increase database of consumers
  • Raise awareness about the Blitz2Go product for Christmas
  • Position Kambrook’s product as an ideal Christmas gift
  • Encourage in-store sales
  • Drive traffic to a purpose-built Kambrook micro-site
  • Maximise advertising budgets through continuous optimisation and reporting

Campaign Approach

Over a 2-month period during the lead up to Christmas, the RGC team implemented a consumer competition promoted through Facebook. The competition was centred around the Blitz2Go product, providing 5 lucky consumers with the chance to win a Blitz2Go prize pack and incorporating the message that the product is the perfect Christmas gift for friends and family. The team developed fun and exciting creative, reflective of the Kambrook persona and the campaign messaging, and presented these as Facebook advertisements. These Facebook posts described the product and competition before directing consumers to a landing page on a Kambrook purpose built micro-site – “A Perfect Pantry”.

From this page, consumers were encouraged to watch a short Kambrook Blitz2Go video and answer a YES or NO question which pertained to the content in the video. Upon answering the question, consumers were asked to provide some personal details to enter the competition, including their email address which would be collected for future promotional EDM’s and remarketing initiatives upon their consent.  Consumers were also encouraged to share the competition amongst friends and family, further creating the ambient Christmas atmosphere the campaign was centred around.

An EDM was also sent to existing Kambrook consumers to encourage and engage their existing loyal fans of the brand about exciting products and promotions.

Campaign Results

Through utilising Facebook and the Kambrook ‘A perfect pantry’ website, RGC was successfully able to attract new consumers and raise awareness about the Blitz2Go product. In fact, this digital promotion and competition surpassed the client’s expectations when the RGC team achieved the following:

  • 79,382 consumers reached, demonstrating excellent brand awareness
  • 4,658 competition entries
  • 2,993 unique sessions on the ‘A Perfect Pantry’ website
  • 2,512 new users to the ‘A Perfect Pantry’ website

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