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RGC Hillrom Campaign Wins APAC Best Marketing Material

Hillrom is a leading global manufacturer of medical diagnostic equipment, with a wide range of connected solutions. Drawing on 450 years of innovative heritage, Hillrom partners with several small medical suppliers such as Liko, Trumpf Medical, Welch Allyn, Aspen and Allen. Together they provide industry-leading solutions for patients and caregivers around the world.

RGC Digital Marketing has been delighted to work with Hillrom for many years, providing marketing solutions to promote their range of medical and diagnostic equipment. In more recent times, the RGC team has delivered marketing campaigns in a digital environment, advertising diagnostic equipment specifically for general practitioners, hospitals and nursing staff across Australia.

Through RGC’s digital campaigns, Hillrom boosted sales, increased brand awareness, optimised website traffic with quality marketing streams and won an international marketing award. Specifically, Hillrom won at the APAC Marketing Activation Excellence Awards, with the Star Partner Rebate Campaign created by RGC Digital Marketing.

The Star Partner Rebate Marketing Campaign

The primary aim of the Star Partner Rebate campaign was to drive healthcare professionals to become repeat clients from Star Partner distributors, aiming to increase spending capacity for future Hillrom purchases though the provisions of rebates.

The Star Partner campaign was timed to support Hillrom’s largest sales quarter from April to June in 2020, driving Star Partner sell-in and sell-out sales for the End-of-Financial-Year.

The Hillrom campaign was the first-ever direct to consumer initiative within the Australian and New Zealand markets, which incentivised participating health care professions to purchase Welch Allyn products though the offer of rebates.

RGC Digital Marketing successfully fulfilled the client’s campaign requirements with three main streams of advertising distributions, each embedded with creative marketing techniques.

Electronic Direct Mail

Electronic Direct Marketing (EDM) is an email marketing tool, where timely and relevant information is distributed to a customer database. The database should be a continually expanding list of existing and potential clients, who have the ability to purchase products and services from a business.

This form of digital marketing allows a company to develop a reliable relationship with clients, which is a cost-effective way to encourage repeat business sales.

Apart of Hillrom’s campaign, RGC created and delivered 30 unique EDM’s over six weeks, targeting 41 000 subscribers which included general practitioners, health care workers and frontline medical professionals. The frequently distributed emails featured well-written and compelling content, which accomplished a 35.75% open rate, 900 unique clicks and a 0.26% unique clicks-to-open-rate.

The main focus of the EDM’s was advertising promotional offers and rewards, these cleaver incentives encouraged customers to purchase more products from distributors, achieving buy-ins from 9 participating Star Partner Distributors, equalling a 60% increase in revenue through our distribution channel.

Google Ads and Search Engine Optimisation

Google Ads is pay per click advertising which uses the same structure as metadata, where business-related information is displayed below a website link on a search page. These links are placed above organic results, and therefore have a higher chance to be clicked. Google advertising has been proven to increase website traffic by 300%, further facilitating brand awareness.

At RGC Digital Marketing, we have been producing and managing Google AdWord Campaigns for many years. Google Advertising is one of the most effective forms of advertising, speaking directly to potential customers who are searching for specific products and services.

For the Hillrom campaign, RGC created and managed a variety of Google Advertising campaigns, totalling a 1.89% Click Through Rate (CTR). Calculating CTR effectively measures how well a campaign has worked with Google’s algorithms, compared to the industry average of 1.0%, RGC achieved a fantastic result for our client.

Our digital marketing team achieved 203 119 impressions at an average of $4.06 per click. When compared to the high price points of Hillrom’s diagnostic equipment, the Ads were a cost-efficient marketing strategy which returned a significant increase in brand awareness, leading to higher profits.

Developing a Campaign Microsite

RGC Digital Marketing also created a custom microsite, which took into account useful marketing channels, such as Search Engine Optimisation, Digital Marketing and Programmatic Advertising Services. The website increased the digital footprint for Hillrom and Welch Allyn; this expanded the company’s customer base – creating new buyers and maintaining loyal customers – whilst demonstrating the virtual growth of the businesses within the medical industry.

Particularly the microsite and e-stores achieved the following statistics, which led to the successful digital footprint.

  • 22 578 web visits
  • 1190 web clicks to buy
  • 112 unique claims and 128 product purchases
  • 90 unique subscribers for re-targeting

As part of RGC web design services, we created a seamless User Experience (UX) for Hillrom online claims. The online claims were customised for all digital platforms, from mobile to desktop, featuring well-written content, which maximised engagement within a 1.5 min average completion time.

This exclusive campaign and digital advertising drove active sales to Star Partners e-stores and increased out sales by 25% when compared to the same period last year.

Overall Sales Results

Overall, the Hillrom Star Partner Rebate Campaign is one of RGC’s latest achievements. Not only did the campaign win at the APAC Marketing Activation Excellence Awards, but also achieved some awe-inspiring statistics:

  • Sell-In sales 73% increase from the previous year
  • Sell-out sales 25% increase from the previous year
  • Equalling a 20% Return on Investment

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