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Oracle Touch Campaign

Awareness & Sales Driving Campaign

Breville Oracle Touch Campaign

Breville has become an Australian household name best known for their innovative small kitchen appliances. The brand proudly created the original sandwich toaster and has gone on to develop further quality and original appliances that are loved around the world. Their passion for food and cooking technology is demonstrated through all of their products, including the Oracle® Touch.

Recently, RGC Digital Marketing was engaged to promote the release of the premium Oracle® Touch, a fully automatic espresso machine with its intuitive touch screen, creating café quality coffee at the press of a button, in the comfort of the consumer’s home. The highly experienced team at RGC Digital Marketing devised and implemented an integrated digital marketing strategy that went on to achieve the following:

  • Raise awareness of the Oracle® Touch with consumers to drive in store sales
  • Increase traffic to the Oracle® Touch purpose-built microsite
  • Remarket to consumers who are in the market to purchase a high-end coffee machine
  • Increase the cookie pool of ideal consumers
  • Create a larger audience through increased impressions & awareness within the display network
  • Maximise advertising budgets through ongoing optimisation and weekly reporting

Campaign Approach

In order to achieve the objectives outlined above, RGC Digital Marketing used the client budget to implement search, programmatic display, Facebook, Instagram, video and re-marketing techniques, in order to ensure that consumer awareness amongst key audiences was available at various touch points throughout the customer journey. Such tactics would also ensure that Breville’s Oracle® Touch was at the top of mind for consumers considering purchasing a coffee machine.

In order to successfully achieve these goals, the RGC Digital Marketing team profiled and segmented the ideal audience to guarantee precise targeting and relevancy for the consumer. With the wealth of consumer data available to the team such as demographics, interests, online behaviours and more, the typical coffee lover was able to be identified in order to develop strong campaign creative, messaging as well as target the appropriate online environments.

RGC utilised programmatic display advertising, in order to reach the relevant audience, with the right message at precisely the right time in their customer journey. With the extensive consumer data gathered, the team was able to place advertisements in inventory that the consumer was interested in, therefore ensuring awareness about the product is generated. To support this, RGC implemented tracking pixels and triggers within landing pages to identify the exact stage of the customer journey to deliver retargeting advertisements. Multiple retargeting display advertisements were produced in order to facilitate the utmost relevance to the consumer for every step of their journey.

RGC Digital Marketing also implemented a highly effective search advertising campaign to generate awareness and drive traffic to the Oracle® Touch website. Through the team’s initial research and planning, various key words were identified and supporting content was produced to ensure optimal ranking results and high visibility for prospective customers. Search retargeting was also incorporated to encourage sales. Through retargeting, the RGC team was able to determine the exact stage of the marketing funnel a consumer fits into, and deliver personalised and more specific advertisements to them.

Advertising through social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram was also included in the multifaceted Oracle® Touch campaign. Various videos and visual static and carousel advertisements were promoted through Facebook accompanied by relevant messaging to drive engagement and promote awareness about the product. Electronic direct marketing (eDM’s) were also included to promote the Oracle® Touch to consumers who were already familiar and interested in Breville’s range of exceptional products.

Digital Marketing Campaign Results

The Oracle® Touch awareness & sales driving campaign successfully proceeded over a two-month duration and received a significant amount of engagement on key platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, search, electronic direct marketing, programmatic display, and video. In fact, the expertise and continuous optimisation by the RGC team have resulted in achieving the following phenomenal results:

Total web clicks & impressions:

  • 10,317,858 impressions
  • 39,093 clicks

Search Engine Marketing:

  • 5,168,235 impressions
  • 22,739 clicks

Display Marketing:

  • 3,675,922 impressions
  • 2,367 clicks

Facebook Marketing:

  • 773,191 impressions
  • 7,917 clicks

Instagram Marketing:

  • 700,510 impressions
  • 6,070 clicks

Total video engagement:

  • 340,789 impressions

Facebook Video Advertising:

  • 192,189 impressions

Instagram Video Advertising:

  • 148,600 impressions

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