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What Makes Husqvarna Campaign

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What Makes Husqvarna

Husqvarna began trading over 325 years ago in Sweden. It commenced producing muskats for the Swedish army and over the years produced many of the world’s greatest innovations, which are still utilised today. The expansion continues with a number of household appliances, such as the first electric Husqvarna stove, dishwasher, sewing machine and washing machine. Today, Husqvarna is renown for their high quality outdoor power equipment and also the world’s first fully robotic lawnmower, running on nothing but solar power.

After a highly competitive national pitch, RGC was selected to promote the Husqvarna brand in the new digital environment. One of the first promotions to kick off was a consumer sales promotion leading into Spring 2014.

This online campaign was the first of it kind for Husqvarna in Australia and New Zealand and it needed to showcase Husqvarna products as market leaders.

The timing was perfect for Husqvarna as they were celebrating their 325 years in business and the campaign had to embody those celebrations, whilst also showcasing Husqvarna as the innovative brand that it is known for today.

The campaign involved the design and development of a purpose built micro site along with unique domain names, which were easy for consumers to remember when they either saw the promotions in store or on television commercials.

We promoted the campaign through a combination of search and display advertising in line with TVC promotions. This integrated campaign was conducted throughout the three months of Spring and it encouraged consumers to purchase Husqvarna products from authorised retailers in Australia and New Zealand. As the campaign was an international promotion, we needed to create two versions of the micro sites for both regions. This also included varying domain names, terms and conditions, permits and database collection functions.

Consumers were able to locate their nearest store for purchase via the landing page of the micro sites, and from doing this Husqvarna were also able to identify key geographical locations of consumers who were more likely to purchase Husqvarna products. This was also later utilised to optimise advertising budgets for future campaigns, which led to further cost savings in advertising spends.

Static and animated banner advertisements were designed and placed on relevant websites, which were aimed at consumers in both metropolitan and regional areas and our media buying strategy was successful in identifying and reaching those consumers respectively.

What Makes Husqvarna Campaign

The campaign was a major success for Husqvarna and the results saw us delivering over 2,667,904 impressions, 19,650 page arrivals to the micro site, 7,926 clicks to the dealer locator page and 296 purchase/registrations of Husqvarna products, all as a result from the search and display advertising we conducted. With an average purchase of over $350 this resulted in a sales driven consumer promotion, which exceeded all expectations and this has led to additional promotions with similar objectives in mind.

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