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The Defenders Brand Launch

The Defenders ReBranding & Advertising Launch

Benjamin Leonardo – The Defenders, are a team of highly regarded, professional and dedicated criminal defence lawyers in Sydney. With a vast range of practice in criminal law and experience defending a variety of criminal offences and traffic matters, their team of solicitors possess a high level of expertise and commitment in-order-to achieve the best results for their clients. Their team has a wealth of experience representing clients in NSW Local, District and Supreme Courts and provides immediate assistance to individuals at police stations and gaols around the state.

Their team of criminal and driving offence lawyers are also proud to hold various industry recognised awards and accreditations which highlight their expertise and commitment to clients. Furthermore, they are honoured to be appointed by the Legal Aid Commission of NSW to be a part of various panels, as well as being involved with The Traffic Offenders Intervention Program as volunteer lecturers.

When RGC Digital Marketing was engaged to promote The Defenders brand, we were excited to say the least. What sets RGC apart from other Digital Marketing Agencies in Sydney, is the fact that we only promote one clients’ brand in any respective industry. So, this was our first Criminal Defence Client in this market sector, other than the odd Commercial Lawyer client we had worked for over the years.

The brief from the client was simple!

“Create a brand for us and let everyone know who we are. We want our phones to ring, as we have been using Digital Marketing Agencies for years, with very poor results, so you need to get us busy. The proof will be in the pudding!”

In-order- to get them busy, we needed to implement the following:

  • Investigate how they were placed online with a Brand Analysis Initiative
  • Complete a thorough Competitor Analysis Profile
  • Do a review on the firms most profitable key services
  • Implement a Digital Advertising Costing and Reach Analysis
  • Create a new brand logo which would be easily recognisable
  • Design and Develop a new Website outlining all their key services
  • Write content to the tune of 75,000 words for their website (over 200 pages)
  • Introduce a new method to track, analyse and report on all advertising and marketing services
  • Create a Google Advertising Campaign to regularly deliver enquiries
  • Implement a Search Engine Optimisation Campaign to get their website ranking

Click here to visit The Defenders website

In the months post the website going live, we saw their keywords started ranking immediately. The website content RGC Content Writers created, incorporated keywords which contained high search volumes from people searching online, but more importantly delivered ongoing enquires to the brand.

Well, we certainly got their phones ringing and delivered a steady stream of enquiries through their website from the outset, and to say The Defenders were pleased, was an understatement.

The Defenders are now enjoying knowing they have a Digital Agency who is constantly maximising their return on investment and able to deliver every aspect of their Digital Marketing requirements, but more importantly they are receiving ongoing enquiries on a daily-basis, and we are happy to deliver on our promises.

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