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RGC was extremely excited about our collaboration with Pirtek Fishing for their 2021 Fishing Challenge!

Running for the 13th year, The Pirtek Fishing Challenge is Australia’s largest national fishing tournament! The main aim of the Challenge is designed to raise funding for medical research. In particular, for 2021, the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia and the Peter Duncan Neurosciences Research Unit were the two sponsored organisations, with the proceeds shared between each.

Open to all ages and all skill levels, from mothers, fathers, children, and grandparents. The tournament encourages participants to get the family and a few friends together to have a wonderful day fishing, raise money for charity and perhaps win some prizes from the massive $240,000 prize pool!

RGC Digital Marketing was appointed to design and distribute the campaign’s national social media advertising to facilitate online sign-ups for the tournament.


Campaign Approach

As a Facebook Marketing Agency, RGC first established a detailed snapshot of the Pirtek Fishing audience to develop a comprehensive media strategy encompassing a multi-channel experience.

Our strategy factored in audience data segmentation, which is a marketing technique that finds subgroups within a target demographic to deliver more tailored messaging for stronger connections. A Facebook advertising agency can use geographic location, gender identity, age, ethnicity, wealth, or amount of formal education to divide users into subgroups.

In addition, our content marketing agency strategists analysed online consumer behaviours to highlight individuals interested in fishing, boating, travel, and charity events, to name a few, as the campaign’s ideal customer.

Social media advertising services for Pirtek included custom advertising copy and creative imagery for Facebook and Instagram display ads. RGC launched three types of ads, one carousel ad and two static ads, which all ran from Monday 1st March to Sunday 10th April 2021.

Even when the foundations of a campaign are set in place, our digital marketing experts don’t stop here. During the entire campaign run, RGC staff check the progress of the live advertisements to review their hour-by-hour performance, optimising the content and campaign targeting when necessary.

What’s the difference between static and carousel Facebook ads?

A static-style Facebook ad is the basic ad design that displays a single image with a single headline and text. Whereas a carousel-style allows marketers to display 2-10 photos, multiple headlines, links, and calls to action in a single ad unit.

Although the static ads display less content, we found this ad type to be much more successful in converting users to click on the website link for this particular campaign.

Campaign Results

Considering the client’s budget and objectives, our digital marketing strategy successfully achieved the following campaign results:

  • Achieved highest campaign sales to date!
  • Facebook Ads succeeded over 1.1 Million Impressions with 25,000 Clicks, 2.14% CTR, over 7,700 users and 555 Facebook Transactions.
  • The campaign website accomplished over 2,300 transactions and 55,724 sessions.
  • Increased new users to the website by over 32,000 individuals.

Our client was ecstatic with the campaign results we delivered, thanks, Pirtek Fishing, for being such incredible collaborators!

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