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Mitsubishi Electric is one of the world’s leading names in the manufacture and sales, of electrical and electronic products – for the home, business and industry. You’ll find Mitsubishi Electric wherever you go – from the fridge in your home, to the air conditioner in your office, or the audio system in your car.

RGC was engaged to promote the new Bonus Cash Card Campaign, which encouraged consumers to purchase a new Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Split or Ducted Systems and be eligible to receive a $400 Bonus Eftpos Cash Card. 

This campaign had the following objectives:

  • Raise Awareness of the new range of Split or Ducted System Air Conditioners
  • Drive consumers to store to purchase to redeem offer
  • Increase subscriptions to the Mitsubishi Electric database

Campaign approach

After the success of an awareness raising campaign we conducted in early 2015, Mitsubishi Electric wished to utilise the learnings gathered and promote their new range of Split System Air Conditioners to encourage consumers to purchase.

This 8 week campaign was an integrated campaign which included TV Advertising and a combination of search and display advertising. The learnings we gathered from the previous awareness raising campaign enabled us to accurately identify Mitsubishi Electric’s ideal consumer to deliver them very targeted online advertisements across relevant websites where we knew their audience would consume content. We created a host of online static and animated banner advertisements as well as incorporating YouTube videos from the supplied TVC. This campaign was also heavily promoted through search advertising across the Google and Bing networks.

Mitsubishi Electric Gift Card Promotion

The media strategy was developed on the basis of using programmatic buying techniques across multiple channels: Display and Video in order to deliver a high volume of traffic to the microsite (pre-qualified based on their purchase intent, interests and demographic profile).

Our aim was to direct consumers to their nearest store to purchase and this was conducted through a purpose built micro site, which included all relevant information for consumers to learn more about the product to redeem their offer.

Online campaign results

  • 851,265 unique users reached
  • 8,433 unique clicks on advertisements
  • 5,997 page visits to the landing page
  • 1,533 conversions (to the bonus cash card promotion)
  • 3.13 average frequency of advertisements displayed

Moving forward

Mitsubishi Electric received the largest of volume of traffic conversions and sales to date, and as a result this advertising tactic proved to be extremely viable for the Mitsubishi Electric brand to continue this integrated advertising approach well into 2015/16 financial years for all their consumer products.

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