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What’s in it Garth Campaign

Consumer Incentive Promotion

What’s in it Garth

For more than 45 years, Kambrook has been synonymous with affordable, quality appliances that incorporate far more features than you would expect at the price. Today, Kambrook’s ever-expanding product range encompasses appliances for the kitchen, from slow cookers to kettles to frypans, as well as those for the living room, laundry and bedroom, such as irons, vacuums, heaters, electric blankets and fans.

RGC was engaged to promote the introduction of Garth, as their in-house chef, who would deliver inspiring winter recipes using Kambrook appliances.

This campaign had the following objectives:

  • Increase traffic to a perfect pantry website
  • Increase new fans to the Kambrook Facebook Page
  • Promote engagement and fan interaction with the brand and website
  • Increase subscriptions to the Kambrook database

Campaign Approach

The campaign duration was 8 weeks in winter 2015 and it involved Garth posting one recipe each week over 8 weeks. Each week Garth would post a new recipe along with a set of 12 ingredients. However in each dish Garth had only used 9 ingredients, and it was up to the consumer to guess which ingredients he used. Only when the person had guessed the correct ingredients, would they be automatically directed to the next page, which enabled them to provide their contact details along with a short comment about the dish.

The whole promotion was initially conducted in Facebook to ensure Kambrook could collect additional likes from new fans to the brand. From there fans were directed to the website where the game could collect their consumer information. By adopting this strategy, Kambrook saw big increases in fan interaction as the game worked in a mobile environment, hence enabling Kambrook to capture a wider audience no matter which device fans wished to utilise.

At the end of each week, Kambrook would choose a winner and the consumers details were posted on the Kambrook Facebook page for all to see, along with a post from Garth with the correct recipe and cooking instructions for all fans to download. This proved to be very successful as fans were constantly engaged throughout the 8 week period, and it also gave them multiple chances to win.

The campaign was promoted through Facebook Advertisements with a combination of video advertisements across all mobile devices, to raise additional awareness to the brand. These advertisements saw big increases in engagement as Kambrook understood the majority of their fans viewed posts and advertisements from mobile devices.

Campaign Results

  • 3,789 New fans to Kambrook Facebook Page
  • 1,703 Entries to the competition
  • 1,135 New Subscribers to the Kambrook Database
  • 121,146 People reached over 8 weeks
  • 7,717 Mobile views of Video Advertisements
  • 10,724 Unique Visits to the landing pages of the website
  • 44,220 Page views to the website
  • Lower costs per click performance as a result from ongoing retargeting

Moving Forward

Kambrook was able to identify their consumers device of choice but more importantly increased engagement from fan interaction on their website, as fans were able to continually access additional content from the website long after the campaign had concluded. Each month the website and Facebook traffic continues to improve and this style of consumer incentive promotion enables fans to be constantly involved with the Kambrook brand.

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