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Hillrom Blood Pressure Awareness Campaign

Hillrom is a company that draws on a combined heritage of more than 450 years of innovation and excellence with our Hillrom, Liko, Trumpf Medical, Welch Allyn, Aspen and Allen product brands, to provide solutions that enhance outcomes for patients and their caregivers.

Their roots were in the ideas first set forth in 1929 by our founder William A. Hillenbrand, who had a dream to “bring the home into the hospital.” Since that time, Hillrom has become an industry leader and a trusted partner to health care providers, caregivers, and patients around the world. They bring passion, dedication and innovation that matters in making a difference in the lives of those they touch.

Hillrom is a leading global medical technology company whose products, services and more than 10,000 employees worldwide help people get better care inside and outside the hospital. Our innovations in five core areas – Advancing Mobility, Wound Care and Prevention, Patient Monitoring and Diagnostics, Surgical Safety and Efficiency, and Respiratory Health – improve clinical and economic outcomes and ensure caregivers in more than 100 countries have the products they need to protect patients, speed up recoveries and manage conditions. Every day, around the world, we enhance outcomes for patients and their caregivers.

RGC Digital Marketing has been working with Hillrom for many years, providing marketing solutions to promote their range of medical and diagnostic equipment products. But in more recent times, the team at RGC Digital Marketing has been engaged to deliver advertising and marketing campaigns in a digital environment, to promote diagnostic equipment specifically for General Practitioners, hospitals and nursing staff across Australia.

However, the most recent brief was to deliver an Awareness and Online Sales Promotion, to sell Blood Pressure Devices both to General practitioners and consumers. This campaign was to be in conjunction with “May Measurement Month” which was a worldwide public screening initiative to highlight the need for increased awareness around high blood pressure.

As Hillrom sell their Blood Pressure devices through a-number- of distributors and direct to general Practitioners, it was essential that our digital advertising campaign included the following:

  • Create a branded Microsite outlining the key benefits of the offering
  • The Microsite would also provide direct opportunities for online purchase
  • Provide the ability to collect consumer and practitioner data
  • Implement Digital Advertising through Google Advertising
  • Place advertisements on General practitioner interest sites Programmatically

The campaign was promoted over a three-month period and delivered the following results:

  • Showcased which distributors received the most engagements and purchases
  • Provided a wealth of analytical data across all best performing channels
  • Gave an insight into the numbers of people interested in measuring their Blood Pressure at home
  • Showed which Blood Pressure Products were the most popular with Consumers & General practitioners

Click here to view the Blood Pressure Device Campaign Website

RGC Digital Marketing is delighted to have a strong partnership with Hillrom and to be able to highlight which digital advertising channels and initiatives can be best implemented for future campaigns, to deliver more of these favourable results for the brand.

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