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Multiple images of the Gore Trade show stand

The Brief and Campaign Objectives 

For more than 3 decades, Gore’s Medical Products has delivered a range of creative therapeutic solutions to complex medical problems, all with the goal of improving the quality of patients’ lives worldwide. In order to expand its impact and showcase the quality of its products, Gore regularly attends several prestigious events that bring together top surgeons and medical professionals. These events serve as crucial platforms for sharing insights, and knowledge, and accessing top-tier brands, products, and cutting-edge tools that advance the field of medicine.

To effectively display their brand and its various products, Gore called on the creative team at RGC to craft customised trade booths and stands for these high-profile events. The team were tasked with creating highly personalised, eye-catching displays that not only represented Gore’s brand but also captured the essence of their products, their brand, and what sets them apart. To do this, product-specific information was to be promoted in addition to new products, innovations and solutions relating directly to the area of surgery and practitioners in attendance.

Our Strategy 

Whilst Gore required a highly customised product that addressed a number of criteria, our experienced team can cater to a wide range of design requirements. With expertise in both digital and print design across a range of styles, the large-format print artwork required by Gore was well within our repertoire of services. This ability to cater to specific needs is vital because each event requires a new solution as stand designs change. The position of each stand in the event hall can impact the focal point of the booth, and creating a design that is sensitive to location is vital.

Having previously worked on many projects with similar demands where attracting large crowds and accommodating high-traffic scenarios were paramount, our expertise allowed us to design an exceptionally engaging end product. This saw us produce designs that effectively conveyed all critical information about Gore’s products in a clear and concise manner, leaving a lasting impression on event attendees.

To accompany these efforts and ensure Gore’s visitors left these events with physical reminders of their products, we also produced a range of additional print designs. Ranging from simple handouts to informative booklets, we ensured Gore’s products were assisted with supplemental materials. Our creative team ensured that these materials created a consistent look and feel with the larger trade show stands, making sure Gore’s unique branding and experience were maintained across all touchpoints. 

Our team’s broad skill set also gives us the ability to build on these physical resources with tailored digital integrations, including but not limited to landing pages, forms and product data sheets. These digital materials assisted Gore in taking their bespoke branding and unique experiences into the online world, giving medical professionals uninterrupted access to the product information they need. 

Moving Forward

With a robust strategy and a track record of success, RGC’s creative team are ready to continue supporting Gore’s mission to improve the lives of patients through innovative medical solutions. Our collaborative approach blends creativity, design expertise, and digital integration, ensuring that Gore remains at the forefront of the medical profession’s collective consciousness. As we move forward, we remain committed to delivering creative solutions that not only meet but exceed the evolving needs of Gore and the wider community of medical professionals.

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