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Giving Husqvarna Dealers a Voice

Dealer Website Development Rollout
Husqvarna Dealer Website Rollout

Giving Husqvarna Dealers a Voice

Husqvarna began trading over 325 years ago in Sweden. It commenced producing muskats for the Swedish army and over the years produced many of the world’s greatest innovations, which are still utilised today. The expansion continues with a number of household appliances, such as the first electric Husqvarna stove, dishwasher, sewing machines and washing machine. Today, Husqvarna is renown for their high quality outdoor power equipment and also the world’s first fully robotic lawnmower, running on nothing but solar power.

RGC Digital Marketing was invited to give a key-note speech to over 675 authorised Husqvarna retailers at their Trans Tasman conference in Port Douglas in 2014. Our key-note speech highlighted digital advertising and marketing initiatives, which Husqvarna was planning to roll out over the next two years.  

What began as a key-note address to dealers, ended up providing Husqvarna a wealth of information on what the dealers expected from the brand. Over the three-day conference RGC Digital Marketing listened to the needs of dealers in relation to how they could better promote their own franchise brands, and then formulated a strategy to help Husqvarna support their dealers in their advertising and marketing initiatives.

The vast majority of dealers either didn’t have a website nor did they know how to implement digital marketing to promote themselves more effectively.

As a result RGC Digital Marketing, provided a solution to Husqvarna by recommending the brand to invest in developing a responsive website platform which could be delivered to dealers who wished to utilise the platform.

The strategy was welcomed and RGC designed and developed a website system, which not only gave dealers a presence online, but it also ensured that the thousands of Husqvarna products and accessories be automatically distributed via a central website management system, to the hundreds of websites for the future.

The outcome for Husqvarna ensured that dealers were able to have an online presence but more importantly ensured that every dealer website had the same branded content, as this was extremely important in ensuring the Husqvarna brand was consistent in its delivery of their products online. Each dealer website has a multitude of features ranging from blog components through to product search and social media connectivity.

Authorised Husqvarna dealers saw this is as a tremendous opportunity as now they do not have to worry about having to find designers or developers to constantly update their website with ongoing product and accessory changes.

The new dealer websites are rolling out rapidly and each website enables dealers to add their own personalised marketing content to stay in touch with their local customers. RGC Digital Marketing provides dealers with ongoing support and maintenance, and as every new dealer adopts this technology created by RGC Digital Marketing, they can enjoy knowing that their website will be linked to the main Husqvarna website, which promotes ongoing awareness of their respective brands.

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