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Bakery Boss Campaign

Brand Awareness and Subscription Campaign

Bakery Boss Bench Mixer Campaign

Breville is an Australian manufacturer of innovative small kitchen appliances. They created the original sandwich toaster, and the Breville name has become synonymous with such devices around the world.

Recently, Breville launched their premium Bakery Boss Bench Mixer, which is ideal for baking bread, cakes, pastries, biscuits and more. In view of RGC Digital Marketing’s place as an award winning digital media agency and our extensive experience in digital marketing. RGC was recruited to execute a campaign, which would go on to achieve the following:

  • Raise awareness of the Breville Bakery Boss Bench Mixer amongst its competitors
  • Create a permanent section on the Food Thinkers for Baking lovers
  • Encourage Baking lovers to continuously engage with the Baking section
  • Drive new subscriptions and downloads of the Bakery Boss eBook
  • Increase website traffic to the Food Thinkers Website
  • Drive referral traffic from the Baking section to the Breville website so consumers can learn more about the product

The campaign was divided into two separate parts and the first part was to create a unique baking experience for baking lovers within the Breville Foodthinkers website, by adding a Baking category of its own.

This baking microsite was designed to include a variety of different components for the serious baker, which include but are not limited to recipes, baking videos, E-Book downloads, etc. This effective initiative was to encourage fellow bakers to share in their ongoing passion for baking on the Food Thinkers website.

RGC Digital Marketing is a web design agency in Sydney that places a lot of emphasis on user experience. Following the completion of the Baking Microsite, the incentive campaign was soon ready to follow.

About the Incentive Promotion

The consumer incentive promotion required consumers to first download the Bakery Boss Recipe E-book and sign up to the Breville Bakery Club.

Secondly, consumers were asked to answer a question, with the answer being provided within a video. The video was that of an extremely popular specialist bakery called the Bourke Street Bakery in Sydney. This video highlighted numerous key benefits of the Breville Bakery Boss Bench Mixer, and it was imperative for consumers to find out why the mixer was perfect for all the baking needs.

Breville Bakery Boss Campaign

By answering the question correctly within a form field function on the Baking with Breville landing page, consumers automatically went in the draw to win 1 of 4 Breville Bakery Boss Bench Mixers.

Digital Campaign Results

The campaign was operative for two months. In this time the brand awareness and subscription promotion proved to be a great success surpassing all campaign expectations and target KPI’s, which demonstrated the outstanding results below:

Facebook Advertising Statistics:

  • Link Clicks – 42,939
  • People Reached – 1,429,909
  • Post Reaction – 4,535
  • Post Shares – 880
  • Post Comments – 976

E-book Downloads/New Subscribers/Competition Entrees:

  • 26,884 Entries to The Competition
  • 22,833 New Subscribers
  • 2,177 Bakery Boss E-Book Downloads

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