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What is Local SEO?

Local SEO Services are extremely important for businesses that need to be visible in their local area. Local SEO enables businesses to be very prominent in Search Results as either a business listing or local search result listings.

Local search results provide businesses with the ability to connect with consumer searches in their local area, very effectively, and it is quite beneficial for brands to be recognised as the go-to business in their local geographical location.

Consumers rely on Google My Business or map listings for quick and efficient business information, to locate the closest products and services. Google My Business listings also provide information on Business Trading hours, Contact Phone Numbers and most importantly Google Reviews. It is so important that businesses have a local presence and the advantages of a Local SEO Campaign provide tremendous opportunities for businesses to secure additional enquiries from their local community.

Local SEO Services are quite different from regular SEO Services, as the main focus is location-based. When a person enters their search with a suburb included in the keyword, for example, “Lawnmower Service Sydney”, search engines will look for websites that contain keywords with the location included in the keyword. More than 50% of searches are location-based searches, so it is vital that businesses who wish-to-be located in their local area, engage an SEO Agency who can provide Local SEO Services.

How to improve your Local SEO?

There are many factors to consider when creating an effective Local SEO Strategy, and they are as follows:

Create a well optimised Google
My Business listing
Try to encourage your clients to
post Rave Reviews
Create content which includes
local geographical locations
Use local keywords as part of
your keyword strategy
Write Blog articles which
contain local news and stories
Subscribe to local business
High-quality back links to point
to your website

Please note, that there are many more SEO Techniques you will need to apply, regardless of the SEO Campaign you are implementing. For example, you may be able to try these options to assist in your local SEO efforts:

  • Mobile friendly responsive design
  • Quick loading content
  • Reliable and fast Web Hosting
  • Well Written Meta Data, and more…

How much does Local SEO cost?

RGC is an SEO Agency in Sydney, who provides Local SEO Services for businesses of all sizes and we do not have a one-size-fits-all approach to our SEO Campaigns. When we take on new Local SEO Clients, we evaluate the following:

How effective is the clients'
website for Local SEO?
Do we have to re-write content
which contains Local SEO search
How competitive is the segment, in
their local geographical location?
How many keywords will we need
to promote for the Local SEO
Campaign to succeed?
What are the clients' SEO goals &
lead/traffic expectations?
How many hours per month we
will need to effectively promote
their campaign?

RGC is not like a lot of other SEO Agencies who take on thousands of SEO clients in the same market space and have them compete against one another, at very cheap rates. Needless to say, we are not expensive, when considering the results that we achieve for our valued clients.

How do you measure Local SEO results?

It is very important to set some clear objectives from the outset when creating a Local SEO Campaign. At RGC Digital Marketing we provide Local SEO Services in Sydney and are transparent about what our clients can expect to achieve from their Local SEO Campaigns.

Some of the KPI’s we measure are as follows:

See where your business listing
ranks on local search engine
What positions do your keywords
rank in online search results?
Track how much traffic is achieved
organically compared to paid or
See if you are well placed in
Google My Business listings in
your local area
The time it has taken to get your
keywords ranking on search
How many enquiries are you
receiving as-a-result of your Local
SEO Campaign?

Why RGC Digital Marketing for Local SEO Services?

RGC is a Local SEO Agency in Sydney who takes great pride in seeing our clients achieve online, through their Local SEO Campaigns. There is nothing more exciting for our SEO Experts than to see our clients receiving numerous enquiries as a direct result of our Local SEO Campaigns.

We don’t rest once we have achieved great results! Our Digital Marketing Professionals, continue to work tirelessly to get our clients to the top of search results, and then they work even harder to keep them there.

If you are looking for a Local SEO Agency who can help you smash your competitors online, then you might want to check out some of our results, by visiting the SEO Services section of the website!

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