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What is E-Commerce SEO?

E Commerce SEO Services differ from Local SEO or Enterprise SEO Services, as it is not designed around physical Bricks and Mortar location-based businesses. E Commerce SEO techniques are designed to sell more products through E Commerce Websites.

RGC is a highly-experienced E Commerce SEO Agency in Sydney, who understands what it takes to promote Online Shopping Websites for brands of all sizes.

There are many benefits to implementing E Commerce SEO Campaigns, as generally the cost of doing business online can be quite expensive when you take into account the following:

Website content management
platform fees
Agency fees for management
of e-commerce websites
Online advertising costs to
drive shop traffic
E-Commerce website merchant
Delivery fees & packaging
costs for sold products
Cost of stocking products for
an E-Commerce websites
Other expenses including staff,
maintenance & rent

Many people have the impression that setting up an online shop or an E Commerce Website is straightforward and will just start making money from the outset. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as when you start adding up these expenses, it is quite easy to over capitalise.

That is why RGC loves showcasing how E Commerce SEO is one of the most effective Digital Marketing Initiatives, for brands that want to sell online.

An E Commerce SEO Campaign still follows the same type of SEO strategy, but it focuses primarily on the nature of the products that are sold online. For example, if you have an E Commerce Website and you are selling “shoes”, then your strategy would not be dictated by localised searches as your website has the ability to sell products anywhere you can deliver them to.

Your E Commerce SEO Strategy would focus on keywords which would include gender, style, Branded, Unbranded & Seasonal keywords. For Example: “Ladies Shoes”, “Men’s Shoes”, “Kids Shoes”, “Ladies Casual Shoes”, “Men’s Winter Leather Shoes”, “Women’s Nike Shoes” and the list goes on.

The Benefits of E-Commerce SEO

E Commerce SEO Services are designed to take the load off paid marketing. As highlighted in the costs of running an online store, a successful E Commerce SEO Campaign, will ultimately provide a steady stream of visitors to your website and more importantly lead to an increase in online sales. When we compare the “Cost Per Acquisition” of an E Commerce SEO Campaign vs. a Paid Marketing Campaign, an E Commerce SEO campaign will be able to achieve more favourable results, and these results include:

Ability to drive relevant traffic to the website with a lower bounce rate
Much lower cost per acquisition vs. paid campaigns
Drives free traffic more regularly, which can be used for remarketing purposes
Ultimately takes some of the market share from your competitors
Raises significantly more brand awareness for your products online
Online shoppers often trust organic listings over paid advertising
The best long-term marketing strategy to fill your pipeline with potential customers

How do you improve your E-Commerce SEO?

An effective E Commerce Strategy would include the following:

Highly relevant Meta Data which depicts your products accurately
Optimse your website to ensure your website loads quickly
Specific product information which can be easily located by search engines
Careful keyword selection which mirror the products on your website
Create good-quality back links which point to valuable content on your website
Keep up to date and ongoing article and directory submissions
Keeping the website constantly updated with new and fresh content
Creating a User-Experience which can keep the web visitor online for longer

Please note, that there are many more SEO Techniques you will need to apply, regardless of the SEO Campaign you are implementing. For example, you may wish to work on:

  • Mobile friendly responsive design
  • Quick loading content
  • Reliable and fast Web Hosting
  • Well Written Meta Data, and more…

How much does E-Commerce SEO cost?

RGC is an E Commerce SEO Agency in Sydney, who has been achieving tremendous results for their E Commerce Clients for years.

There is no standard price for this service, and like other SEO Services that we provide to our clients, E Commerce SEO is dictated by the following factors:

How many products need to be promoted on the website?
How many web pages need to be promoted?
How detailed is each product with information?
How many competitors are fighting for the top spots within organic search results?
How much fresh content needs to be written on a monthly-basis?
Is the E-Commerce Website good enough to achieve the desired results?

As you can see, an E Commerce SEO Campaign can take up a fair part of your Digital Marketing Budget, but if done properly, then it can be the best investment out of all your marketing initiatives.

How do you measure E-Commerce SEO results?

When evaluating E Commerce SEO Results, you would need to consider the following:

Are your sales increasing as a result of increased organic traffic?
At what positions do your keywords rank for in online search results?
Track your organic traffic & compare it to your paid or direct traffic
The time it has taken to get your keywords ranking on search engines
Has your Cost Per Acquisition reduced since implementing E-Commerce SEO?

Why RGC advertising for E-Commerce SEO Services?

RGC is an E Commerce SEO Agency in Sydney who has been providing professional E Commerce SEO Services for our clients for many years. We understand what it takes to sell more products online, but more importantly, we are able to easily identify areas for improvement in our client’s E Commerce Websites. Our E Commerce experience is highly regarded by our clients, and we are constantly setting new benchmarks for E Commerce SEO Success.

If you are looking for an E Commerce SEO Agency who has proven techniques to take your E Commerce website sales to a whole new level, then you might want to check out some of our results, by visiting the
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