Mitsubishi Electric is one of the world’s leading names in the manufacture and sales, of electrical and electronic products – for the home, business and industry. You’ll find Mitsubishi Electric wherever you go – from the fridge in your home, to the air conditioner in your office, or the audio system in your car.

With the success we achieved for our global partners, Mitsubishi Electric invited us to pitch for their digital advertising and marketing account. Not only were we successful with winning the digital account, RGC Digital Marketing was also engaged to implement a fresh new look and feel for all their consumer and trade related publications to further promote the Mitsubishi Electric product range in electrical retail stores. 

This promotion was the first of its kind for Mitsubishi Electric as up until then it had only promoted itself with traditional forms of advertising via television and print. Our strategy included a mixture of online advertising in conjunction with existing TV advertising.

Our World is your World Ad

The first promotion we conducted was an online awareness raising campaign to showcase the strengths of the Mitsubishi Electric brand as well as their innovative high quality range of wall mounted air conditioners.

Our strategy consisted of a combination of search and display advertising, where we created static and animated banner advertisements, which all directed back to the Mitsubishi Electric website. We also implemented a good portion of our budget to YouTube Advertising, where we placed the supplied TVC, on the YouTube network through True View Advertising placements.

This integrated campaign performed very well and Mitsubishi Electric were able to identify key demographics of their ideal customer, through the insights we gathered from our analytical data. We also saw a good percentage of consumers who saw the ads click through to the Mitsubishi Electric dealer locations, in order to learn more on where to buy their products.