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Have you been looking for an experienced and reliable SEO Agency in Parramatta? RGC Digital Marketing is an award-winning SEO Agency in Parramatta who guarantees unique SEO strategies, say goodbye to cookie-cutter business approaches! Get ready to crush your business goals with RGC’s award-winning SEO Agency in Parramatta.

RGC Digital Marketing has crafted the best and most effective SEO techniques through 20+ years of experience in digital marketing. Since 1998, our Parramatta SEO agency has achieved award-winning results which drive exceptionally fast and profitable business growth for our clients, through highly intuitive advertising internal processes and digital marketing procedures. Watch your Parramatta business profit with concrete strategies, impressive creative campaigns and explosive digital delivery through the most effective SEO techniques.

What is SEO and Why is SEO Important?

SEO services are a digital marketing technique that helps websites rank higher in Search Results on Search Engine Landing Pages, through non branded search terms and without paid advertising.

When a user searches on the web, there are two forms of results: paid and organic. A paid result is essentially an advertisement – where an owner has paid Google to relate their business to specific keywords. On the other hand, Google ranks organic results according to how relatable a website’s content is to the user’s searched keywords. A website must prove to Google that its content is naturally the most relevant to that particular search.

The closer a website gets to the top of a search engine; the more people see the website and are likely to become customers. With the first five organic search results accounting for 68% of clicks, the competitive search field is more challenging than ever. RGC Digital Marketing is an SEO Agency in Parramatta dedicated to producing innovative and competitive content, allowing businesses to implement consistent and creative SEO strategies, achieving top ranks on Google search pages.

SEO services have the highest Return on Investment than any other Digital Marketing Tactic. RGC Digital Marketing is a leading SEO Agency in Parramatta who provide SEO Services & SEO Techniques, including optimising websites to ensure design and content are aligned with Search Engine Best Practices and match website content with a user’s search query.

Ultimately, effective SEO Campaigns increase a website’s search engine ranking and organic traffic to the website. In addition, maximising the quality of organic traffic, allowing for higher conversions by delivering relevant information to the user online.

These days, SEO services have never been a more critical business tool to invest in, as most of today’s consumers are avoiding physical stores online searches have never been more prevalent. To remain relevant in this online environment, get in contact with our leading SEO Agency in Parramatta and get ranking today!

Why is RGC Digital Marketing the Best SEO Agency in Parramatta?

RGC Digital Marketing delivers the best SEO Parramatta services because our SEO campaigns are launched and managed by our dedicated SEO Agency team who care about the individual success of each one of our clients. Yes, there are SEO agencies in Parramatta that may treat their clients as numbers, but RGC treats our clients as partners. You can be assured our business strategies will be specifically designed for you and not a cookie-cutter approach. Plus your campaigns will be managed by a team here in Parramatta and will not be transferred between a never-ending list of project managers.

At RGC, we create unique and personalised SEO Strategies for small and large businesses throughout Australia and globally; with our top priority of maximising the value of traffic through popular search engine results.

Overall, increasing organic visibility for potential customers via search engines drives revenue for your business through acquiring new loyal customers to deliver consistent market share growth month on month.

RGC is a leading SEO Agency in Parramatta; this is possible due to our ongoing tailor-made optimisation strategies and outstanding SEO results which we achieve for our clients.

20+ Years Experience

Since 1998, we have been a trusted partner for Australia’s leading consumer brands and corporate clients. Offering the full suite of solutions.

Reporting & Accountability

We provide customised, clear and no fuss reporting for each of our clients. You get the information you want with no hidden fees, numbers or confusion.

No Lock-in Contracts

We retain the business we have because of our results, hard work, value and business culture. So you will not be locked in to your ad spend with us.

Our Promise is Your Guarantee

Get your website ranking on Google within 3 months or it's FREE.

We Get SEO Results for our Clients

Our clients all have differing SEO requirements, however, our SEO services all have one common goal, and that is to encourage higher consumer enquiries from their websites, from the SEO initiatives we employ. See our most recent SEO Results!

What is the RGC Digital Marketing SEO Process?

1. SEO Audit

We start our SEO services with an SEO audit. To produce an effective SEO campaign, it is imperative we perform a detailed SEO analysis of your website against the current Google ranking of your competitors. This helps us identify the best SEO opportunities unique to you and ensure your website ranks higher within Google Search results as quickly as possible.

2. Keyword Research

Next, our SEO Agency team will conduct in-depth keyword research. These keywords are how potential customers find your business online. The SEO Parramatta team will develop a custom list of keywords, develop a keyword strategy that best relates to your company and then optimise your website to relate to popular search terms on Google.

RGC’s leading SEO Services in Parramatta go beyond the standard keyword research given by other SEO agencies in Parramatta. RGC concentrates both on popular long-tail keywords and phrases instead of individual words alone. Also, we focus on out-ranking competitor keywords and altering SEO strategies according to web search updates. Google or Bing, as well as, other industry changes such as upgrades to voice-to-text SEO systems like Siri and Ok Google are regularly in flux.

3. On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO Techniques

Our SEO Agency specialists in Parramatta employ a combination of On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO Techniques, working closely with the RGC Website Developers, Website Designers, Digital Analysts and Content Writers, to ensure that every aspect of the SEO Process is adopted correctly.

On-page SEO services refer to the activity that drives traffic to your website from other websites.

For example the quality of the text, the user experience (UX), images and other technical web design aspects such as site speed and mobile compatibility. At RGC we focus on continually producing new content as part of our SEO services in Parramatta. As fresh content like text and images are highly favoured by Google, for example, updating your old blog posts can increase organic traffic by as much as 106%.

Off-page SEO services refer to the SEO efforts taken externally from your website, such as social media accounts, guest blogging, link building and any other content sharing of images, videos and articles to third party websites. Quality backlinks from authoritative sites are the main focus here, as Google’s algorithm favours websites with valuable backlinks. Websites without backlinks are 91% less likely to get organic traffic from Google.

4. Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a digital marketing initiative that focuses on providing consumers with information about a brand and its industry. RGC is an experienced Content Marketing Agency in Parramatta, who understands that powerful storytelling is imperative in engaging consumers.

Google favours brands that consistently produce fresh content on their websites, and as a result, rewards brands by improving their organic search rankings and SEO. Whether it be through user-friendly websites, informative and entertaining blog posts, engaging EDM’s or intriguing social content, RGC’s goal is to design creative ways to convey your stories and engage with customers online.

5. SEO Reporting & Tracking to Identify Opportunities

RGC Digital Marketing is a leading SEO Agency in Parramatta who values the significance of SEO reporting and tracking. The RGC team lives and dies by the SEO results we achieve for our clients, and that is why every SEO Campaign is analysed via our intuitive Reporting Platforms. These platforms help support SEO Growth and help our SEO Agency specialists identify SEO opportunities as they become available.

What SEO Services Does RGC Provide?

RGC Digital Marketing is an SEO Agency in Parramatta who offers various SEO services that will allow you to achieve your business goals—providing SEO Services for businesses with multiple locations across Metropolitan, National and International areas.

Local SEO, National SEO and International SEO target clients by location and is best for businesses who sell brick and mortar products and services. Local SEO services are most important as it targets people geographically close to your business; this type of SEO will immediately generate more conversions and promote higher organic traffic to your website. Specifically, any type of location-based SEO, optimise your website, Google My Business profile, social media profiles and directory listing to link up. As a result, Google relates your product availability, phone number, opening hours, address and everything else together under one business name.

E Commerce SEO is best for businesses who only sell online. E Commerce SEO services target online shoppers who are actively searching for non branded products that relate to your business. An E Commerce SEO Campaign still follows the same type of SEO strategy, but focuses primarily on the nature of the products, in this case, sold online. For example, if you have an E Commerce Website selling “shoes”, then your strategy would not be dictated by localised searches, as your website has the ability to sell products anywhere you can deliver them to.

Enterprise SEO refers to SEO Services for large business websites, often with thousands of pages and a complex hierarchical organisation structure. When it comes to providing Enterprise SEO services, basic SEO campaigns won’t work, RGC delivers unique and sophisticated campaigns to optimise the extensive scale of such business. Ultimately improving the enterprise bottom line, returning impressive ROI’s and adding further credibility to your branding.

Lead Generation SEO converts website traffic into loyal, paying customers. Specifically, focusing on collecting consumer information from visitors to your website, including name, email, phone number, postcode, and any other details relevant for a Lead Generation Campaign. For someone to voluntarily leave their personal information on a website, they are expecting return contact. Therefore the chances of turning that inquiry into a sale are much higher than standard awareness-raising campaigns.

What else can we do?

If you require SEO Agency Services, then you may also be interested to know that we also provide additional services to complement your SEO Campaign.

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