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Effective audience targeting and campaign success are the results of a thorough understanding of the audience. Programmatic Data and Analytics provide valuable insights into the audience creating the ability to make tactical, effective and informed decisions on our clients’ Programmatic Advertising Campaigns. This provides us with the ability to understand the customer experience across all touchpoints, and to further develop innovative ways to target them more effectively.

RGC Digital Marketing is a team of experienced Programmatic Data Experts who are passionate to derive value from the insights that are gathered from our Programmatic Campaigns. We are able to access real-time data from our multiple ad tech platforms, therefore allowing our team to confidently recommend and implement superior creative, highly efficient and sophisticated strategic campaigns for our clients, across multiple digital platforms.

The Programmatic Reporting Software we utilise, equips our team with fast and precise research on audiences and their behaviours, in order to improve cross-device Programmatic Advertising Placements. A thorough analysis is undertaken to determine the best way to target these audiences with the right message, resulting in much Higher Conversion rates.

Our Programmatic Data Team has the ability to test, monitor and optimise campaigns consistently, to ensure the best customer experience across multiple devices. This results in our clients receiving noticeably increased conversions across multiple channels. We are also able to determine the best performing platforms, allowing for precise targeting and assisting with the development of original ideas and marketing innovation.

Why RGC for Programmatic Reporting?

Our team has access to advanced and detailed Programmatic Reporting Software that allows us to gather real-time and accurate insights to better understand the customer journey, and reinforce to our clients how the strategy works to benefit their business throughout the entirety of their campaign.

RGC clients can enjoy knowing that we deliver detailed and comprehensive reporting which clearly illustrates the performance of their campaigns. We remain transparent and we fully advise our brands on Key Performance Indicators, Consumer Insights and Daily Campaign Pricing, which ensures our clients have a firm understanding of the activities in which every one of their marketing dollars is utilised, and ultimately how these activities benefit their business.

Furthermore, our clients enjoy 24-hour live access to valuable insights on their engaged audience, as well as detailed metrics and pricing to demonstrate campaign performance. Our Programmatic Advertising Reports feature insights and relevant consumer data that can be transformed into business intelligence to better inform other aspects of their business, as well as outlining opportunities for ongoing improvement. These clear yet meticulous up-to-the-minute reports are provided to our clients on a regular basis, promoting a strong relationship between our agency and the brands that we represent.

If you are looking for a Transparent Programmatic Ad Agency in Australia, who can provide Real-Time Reporting for your Programmatic Advertising Campaigns, then call us on 1300 770 985.

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Our work has been highly regarded and awarded for many international awards. From Award Winning WebDesign in Sydney to Interactive Mobile Applications, we have won across multiple categories, which include “Best Consumer Goods Mobile Application” for Mitsubishi Electric, through to “Best Website User Experience” for Breville.

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