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RGC Digital Marketing is a Programmatic Advertising Agency in Sydney who has access to a range of quality and reliable ad tech partners and acts as a trading desk for Programmatic Digital Media Buying Services.

The Trading Desk Technology we utilise at RGC Digital Marketing gives us the ability to purchase the most effective advertising placements on our client’s behalf, across a variety of publishers’ inventory, specific to where our clients’ customers consume content.

We also ensure that our clients enjoy very cost-effective CPM Rates across a wide range of Programmatic Display and Programmatic Video Advertising Placements.

Due to having our very own trading desks, we are able to service our clients with a range of media buying options, including Programmatic Guaranteed, Direct and Open Auctions to suit all levels of consumer engagement to satisfy campaign objectives.

The automated and match-based process also guarantees that our clients remain in brand-aligned spaces, protecting our client’s image and holding brand safety as a top priority.

RGC is one of the most experienced Programmatic Media Buying Agencies in Australia and regularly monitors and optimises our Direct Programmatic Deals, giving our clients the confidence that campaign KPI’s are exceeded every time.

Why RGC for Programmatic Media Buying Services?

RGC has an In-House team of Programmatic Media Buying Specialists who are well-Equipped to purchase the most appropriate inventory placements for our client Programmatic Advertising Campaigns. Their experience doesn’t just start and end there, as they also know which advertising publishers perform better than others. This experience is extremely viable for our clients, as they can expect their campaigns to perform tremendously well from day one, hence reducing optimisation periods.

RGC is also quite different from other Programmatic Media Buying Agencies, as we don’t have a minimum spend for our clients to use our Programmatic Media Buying Services. We will advise our clients on the most-appropriate budgets from the outset, and we are very nimble in the fact that we can push or pull media placements depending on their performance.

Not only can we advise on the best-performing platforms, but we can also promote our client Programmatic Advertising Campaigns, in a wide range of languages, for a number of ethnic and cultural audience segments.

If you are looking for the Most Experienced Programmatic Advertising Agency in Australia who can provide Unrivalled Programmatic Media Buying Services, then call us on 1300 770 985.

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Our Awards

Our work has been highly regarded and awarded for many international awards. From Award Winning WebDesign in Sydney to Interactive Mobile Applications, we have won across multiple categories, which include “Best Consumer Goods Mobile Application” for Mitsubishi Electric, through to “Best Website User Experience” for Breville.

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