We all know how quickly digital technologies are changing and especially how consumers are incorporating these technologies into their everyday lives. So how can brands ensure they have a solid online strategy to stay connected to their consumers for longer?

It is easy to see why these online advancements may seem very challenging for brands to not only adopt, but to also grasp the idea of how to effectively incorporate them into their advertising and marketing plans. And even though the online world is providing tremendous opportunities, with it comes an array of implementation dilemmas that may make brands to want to throw their hands in the air with defeat.

That being said, the fundamentals for a successful advertising or marketing campaign have not changed, but the opportunities available to brands today are well worth exploring especially when the ability for data analysis is readily available like never before.

So what types of strategies must brands implement to ensure they remain connected with their consumers in the online world?

  • Social media marketing strategy
  • Online advertising strategy
  • Website strategy
  • Brand strategy
  • Competitor analysis strategy
  • Consumer insights strategy

Social media marketing strategy – Posting random content on social media platforms will not increase brand awareness as consumers utilise a variety social media applications in their everyday lives and their ability to connect with a brand relies heavily on the content they receive. Brands that deliver engaging content will connect with their consumers more effectively, and this will ultimately save their brand time and money.

Online advertising strategy – Gone are the days of spending thousands of dollars on advertising, which can’t be evaluated. Today, online advertising enables brands to strategically place their advertisements on websites, which effectively deliver key benefits to their consumers more effectively. Online advertising has seen tremendous growth over the last few years, because now brands don’t need to pray and spray with their online advertising budgets.

Website strategy – A website is an extension of your brand and it must represent a core message and offering, to make it unique. When developing a website strategy, it is important to determine every aspect of what makes a great website, some of which include, user-friendly content managements systems, design, imagery, content, opportunities for consumer lead acquisitions, responsive technology, social connectivity, search engine optimisation, Google analytical tracking and more. However the other most important aspects in a website strategy are timings and budgets.

Brand strategy – Your brand is your guarantee to your customers. It’s what people rely upon when they purchase your products and services. Your brand is what makes you unique and relevant in competitive markets and your brand strategy is an extension of how you should deliver your brand message to your customers and even where you plan to advertise your brand.

Competitor analysis strategy – Competition is what makes brands strive for excellence. The ability to look deep within your brand is essential in seeing where opportunities for growth may arise, and the first place to start is by looking at the competition. By evaluating the competition, enables brands to see how much of the market their competitors share with them. Looking at their strengths and weaknesses also helps brands analyse how they can improve their own brands.

Consumer insights strategy – Striving to better understand your customers is paramount in ensuring your advertising and marketing dollar goes further. It is vital for brands to prioritise the most effective mediums with which to engage their best customers to ensure they receive the highest return on their investments. It is now possible for brands to learn more in-depth knowledge of consumer lifestyles, behaviours, shopping habits and tastes, and this information is critical in formulating strategic road maps on how to best target the right audiences more effectively.

So where to now?

There is no doubt that the majority of brands already have strategies to ensure their consumers are staying connected to their brands, but as technology keeps moving forward, so too must brands learn more about how their brand fares in the online advertising and marketing landscape.

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